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  1. Teejay

    Lelit Bianca

    Has anyone changed from v1 to v2 of the LCC. Any issues/advantages ? Considering using one of the energy efficient modes and the 60 sec shot completion appeals. Feels like a waste not being able to get LCC reflashed.
  2. Teejay

    Naked on the Nota

    Eventually managed to get along to Tynemouth Coffee Rosters bought a kilo of black midden. So far it’s lovely with a small amount of milk
  3. Teejay

    Black Friday

    Just ordered 2K of Columbian brown ;-D , thanks for the code
  4. I use the aeropress clip on screen can be used two ways for large and small dowe.
  5. I have the Aergrind, bought from Machina Coffee, Edinburgh and I'm very happy with it. Initially was used for espresso and it did an okay job for a beginner. It then moved to my camper van to be used for pour over now it's moved to work. The 47 travel will take its place in the camper.
  6. Putting in a bulk order at coffee compass, previous code hasn't worked. Can any one forward please?
  7. Fixed my problem with the Aergrind. I found the handle was catching the plastic top disc and altering the setting as I used it. Fix was to maximize the gap, so a small washer and some Araldite results:
  8. Probably more than a third (•‿•), but not all were behind tables.
  9. Now how best to put this were you the older chap with the beard and glasses? We came around with my wife and then cane back to buy the Scottish No 4. I was told that someone had visited/done all of them on his motor bike.
  10. Were you there yesterday? If so we've have already met.
  11. We did two cuppings it was very interesting for me as an amateur. Bought a weekend pass but there’s not enough variety to go back for a second day. Wife ended up feeling like she has a hangover, must be the massive coffee intake. If I go to another I’d go for just a single day unless it’s two or three times the size. Still a very enjoyable day, met jeebsy. Bought three bags , a hasbean, machina and Thompson’s with It All Started Here
  12. My wife and I are going, staying in New Lanark so only 45 mins away. I'll pop over and see @jeebsy
  13. Teejay

    Lelit Bianca

    Still loving mine. Had it now for 4 months is on most days. Tend to have one or two cups them it's powered off. I'm just beginning to grind a little finer and use the paddle. Coffee is always good but reckon with practice it will be better.
  14. The o ring is not missing, it all looks in good order. Just wondering if the o ring is catching rather than slipping. Not sure what it's meant to do. ?
  15. Holy thread resurrection, It looks like I’m now having the same problem. Is there a way to apply some food safe grease and or acquire some spare o rings from somewhere. If I stand it in a purly solutions would that resolve it?
  16. We had two flat whites, 1 cappuccino, 1 batch brew, 2 cakes, 2 sandwiches ( pastrami and Italian meats). Every thing was delicious The coffee we thought tasted malty a bit like a dunnage warehouse smells!. To me it had a whisky feel. It was fab, interested in the beans to see if I could match the flavour on my machine. Should have tried the espresso but I have a sweet tooth so would have probably need to add sugar. We might come back on our trip home next week.
  17. where would be the best place to park ? Currently near Dumfries
  18. I'll be in Glasgow next week so we'll have to come and see you.
  19. I don't use tataptalk but is it some kind of kudos. I've seen that used somewhere before but can't think where.
  20. Only use the spouted handle for backflushing with the blind filter. Naked is easier to keep spick and span.
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