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  1. Guys, Thank you for your detailed responses. I’ve read them a few times to make sure I got all the points. This is what happened this morning... “Our beliefs are inversely proportional to easily available facts” So, here are the facts I gathered this morning. I weighed 18g of beans. I ground them into the doser. I used a brush to get as much out is the spout as I could spinning up the machine a few time. Well I never. 18g came out! What? Then I removed the top of the grinder and carefully brushed out all the retained coffee I could into the doser. See picture below of the retained coffee before I started that. That lot measured just 3g. Not 10g that I stupidly believed. There might be a bit more if I used compressed air. So what would I tell myself now? 1. The beans that go in do come out; 2. How much of that is exchanged? I don’t know but probably not enough to worry about; 3. Get a rubber Lens hood; 4. Worry more about perfecting my technique rather than buying new kit to solve a problem I don’t really have. 5. You guys have saved me a lot of money! Again I would not have worked that out without consulting you guys. Thanks again. Paul PS That 18g tasted lovely!
  2. Ah... Retention and exchange. Thing is, I grind on demand and if I am away for a day or so, there is old coffee in the grinder that will be pushed through (exchanged, yes?) with the new coffee. I want to avoid that. Retention is the coffee that never comes out unless cleaned, yes? I’m not sure about the Lens hood because I have tried an air blower which made a huge mess! And that did not seem like a thorough clean. I should be opened minded and try that - off to Amazon. Tomorrow I will try feeding in coffee and measuring as you describe and will report back. Thanks Paul
  3. Hello everyone, I’ve had my Anfim for over a year now (thank you coffeechap). I have learnt so much from you guys and producing espresso’s that I’m really happy with. Many friends agree. My favourite beans are Monsoon Malabar from Monsoon Coffee Estates. As my learning grows I’ve become focused on retention. Every few days I remove the top and using a brush and vacuum, give it a good clean. I guess there is 10g of coffee sitting in there. Every couple of weeks I take it into the garden and give it a good blast from a compressor. Very messy! It’s a bit of a faff. It’s even got me thinking about a Niche Zero, but something tells me the great and good here might have a solution. I’m open to any modifications and as a Mechanical Engineer, have access to a machine shop so very happy to go for it! For reference, below is a picture of my set up. Looking forward to your views. Thanks Paul
  4. Ah! Good tip. Will buy a lens blower and hopefully my first world will be solved. Thanks Paul
  5. Just wondering, is there a doserless grinder where every bit of the grind comes out? That is, no cleaning out required with a brush. A good quality one. I currently have an Anfin Milano which is great grinder but needs cleaning out after every grind. Thanks Paul
  6. So glad I came across this thread. My Gaggia Classic was second hand. Just cleaned everything as described here. My god did it need a clean or what! Looking forward to my double espresso in the morning. Thanks. Paul
  7. Hello Everyone I’m looking for the above. 20cm wide, minimum 24cm deep and about 10cm high. Circa £30. Is that a reasonable target price? I’m new to this. Thanks Paul
  8. Here are mine. On the train, out and about they are great. My Hifi Man 400s and Noble Mass Drops X sound far better but I do really love the Sony’s. A great buy. By the way no headphone is better than a a serious high end HIFI. Anyway. Paul
  9. I got it! I was wondering, can this Anfim Milano be made doserless? Should I even be thinking of that! Thanks Paul
  10. Another vote for Mr Shades PID albeit from newbie. I fitted mine a week ago and it’s brilliant. In terms of fitting it’s fine so long as you can precisely follow instructions and are comfortable with such tasks. It really does pay to sit and read the instructions before you go near the machine, but as the instructions recognise, there are some who can’t resist but dive in. Don’t be that person! So, super well worth it and thank you Mr Shades! Paul
  11. Sorted! Deal done with Dave the Coffeechap. A great conversation, super informative and a very nice chap. Here she is soon to be mine... Many thanks all. Paul
  12. Oops. I was too excited plus a bit of iPhone autocorrection. Paul
  13. I am honoured to be introduced to the great Coffeechap. Thank you. Coffeechap, if I may, a little birdie said I should direct massage you. Merry Christmas [emoji319] Paul
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