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  1. Hi guys, heading to albufaria in Portugal this week and wondering does anyone have any recommendations for a good coffee spot? Thanks [emoji4]
  2. Perfect, thanks for the reply guys, I will be sure to check them out. Staying very close to the Pantheon @Obnic so they will be ideal.
  3. Jealous. That's a lovely set up you have there! One i hope to have some day
  4. Heading to Rome next weekend for 3 days. Any particular coffee spots that ye would recommend? Going to drink my body weight in espresso!!
  5. Currently playing the classic Grim Fandango, still as good as I remembered it!
  6. Google search, and a great little find it was!
  7. Hi, from Mayo in Ireland. I have been lurking the best few days on here and decided to join! Currently looking to purchase my first espresso machine set up and getting some great ideas and info on here.
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