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  1. As I don't have tiny hands I may have to remove a boiler to access that to disconnect it. Any advice on the best sequence of parts to remove?
  2. I just fired it up to get a photo of the leak and it appears to be the steel part that's leaking. the drips form within in the innner bend of the elbow, which is odd. There's no source of leak above the part, it looks to be contained within that elbow. Maybe a hairline crack has formed? [ATTACH=CONFIG]40145[/ATTACH]
  3. This is from the side with the machine sitting upright as normal. The elbow sits in front of the smaller boiler. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40144[/ATTACH]
  4. I've got a steady drip coming from what I think is the three way solenoid (but could be very wrong in the name of the part). It's enough to create a nice puddle under the machine by the time it's warmed up and there's also a reduced flow through the group. Attached are some pictures, the one with the red circle indicates the part that's leaking, and the one with the arrow indicates where the leak is originating from. It appears to be coming from the brass section itself rather than the connection between the steel and brass parts, although it can be hard to tell precisely because of the position of the leak. Any ideas on a fix @DavecUK and @Paolo_Cortese - it's still under the parts only warranty Thanks [ATTACH=CONFIG]40142[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]40143[/ATTACH]
  5. At £689 brand new with a 2 year warranty (https://www.coffeeitalia.co.uk/compak-e5-essential-on-demand.html) I think you'll be looking at £350-£400 for one of these second hand. With 58mm flat burrs it's got a lot of competition. If the burrs were red speed or something about it was stand out special you'd be looking at more, but 3500 shots since Sept 2018 means it's ex-commercial setting and probably no transferable warranty.
  6. Don't waste your time with confusion over specs then. Your buying decision seems to be based mostly on looks, so just go for the one that fits the look you're after and ignore everything else, otherwise you'll probably end up being torn between a machine with better specs but worse looks than the one your heart is set on.
  7. Yes, but you won't get a dual boiler ECM at the price of the Minima.
  8. I'd say the Minima if I was in your position. ACS have very good build quality and Paolo goes out of his way to help and assist post-sale. Whilst you don't drink milk based rinks at the moment if you consider it a purchase for the next 5 years, if not longer, having a dual boiler gives you future-proofing. If your decision is more based on looks than build quality then just go for the one that makes you feel nice
  9. You'll find that you have to dial in whenever you use different beans. If you buy a cheap(ish) kilo of beans to dial it in then move back to your usual choice of beans you'll still find that your shots are all over the place. It's best to dial in with the beans that you are going to use and try sticking to those, or just accept the fact that you'll be using half a pack of beans to get the dial in right each time you change.
  10. The difficulty for any online business is that negative reviews have a disproportionately harmful effect on their business, so I have sympathy for them repeatedly asking for a review. Most people who are happy with their purchase don't comment on it, whereas unhappy customers post negative reviews. This means that out of 100 customers, maybe only 5 leave a review. if one of those is negative their 1% dissatisfaction rate can look like 20%. It's impossible to please everyone all the time, it's also impossible to avoid having to have reviews (FB forces them on you, Google ascribe value to them in their placement of your business in search terms). Add to that the number of businesses falsely infalting their results by buying favourable reviews and it's a tough marketplace. If you don't like the emails just ignore them, but I'd suggest trying to have a little more consideration for the businesses that are trying to get genuine reviews based on good products and customer service.
  11. Hi @Junglebert Have you seen the 35% discount code for Sage machines in the deals thread? Promo code is [COLOR=#313638][FONT=-apple-system]LCF19Z364P235 valid until the end of the month I think. [/FONT][/COLOR]With your budget you'd be able to get a brand new Oracle for £1000, very handy if you like milk based drinks and can't be faffed learning how to steam the milk - the machine does it for you, or you can get a brand new Sage dual boiler for £780. I think they come with 2 year warranty as well. Might be worth a look: [URL]https://www.sageappliances.com/uk/en/products/espresso.html[/URL] [quote name='Junglebert']I’m happy with my budget thanks.[/QUOTE]
  12. Tsangpa

    Brewista Smart Scale

    V1's will sell for about £40 inc postage, after p&p the seller is only getting about £35 for them. I don't see any sets sitting around on the for sale section, they usually get bought in a week or two
  13. Tsangpa

    Brewista Smart Scale

    V1's usually go for around £40
  14. There's also the Fracino Roastilino. It's a fluid bed roaster with PID that can be converted to be controlled via Artisan roasting software. Frans has written an extensive blog about his journey with it http://kostverlorenvaart.blogspot.com/2014/01/new-pid-plans-for-fracino-roastilino.html You can usually roast a batch of 225g green beans in about 7 minutes and once you've locked in a profile for one bean type you can easily come back to it again and again. Back to back batches mean you can roast 1.5kg - 2kg per hour. It's not ideal for volume roasting but it's great for repeatability and precise control of the roast process, provided it's been modified to work with Artisan. It's only worthwhile as a roaster if you modify it as Frans did, otherwise the control over the process isn't great. HTH
  15. You might want to reconsider your pricing - Wex have a mint condition second hand XT2's at £700 which come with a 12 month warranty, their used lenses are a little cheaper too. https://www.wexphotovideo.com/fujifilm-x-t2-digital-camera-body-used-1697231/
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