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  1. Hi @centaursailing you wouldn't have to pay 3.4% in fees to Paypal, I'd send the money by the friends and family option so it would be 0% fee. Delivery would be to Plymouth.
  2. If you can accept £300 delivered I'll take it
  3. You could try one of these, assuming the 3mm or 5mm will keep the beans in and let the stones through https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sieve-Stainless-interchangable-Things-Bonsai/dp/B01H2T6O0G?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_1
  4. It appears to be because the forum was sold to Jackson Lockhart Ltd. Glenn is still an admin but doesn't own it anymore. The new owners need to monetise their investment as is the way in business, so the new design is presumably the best way to integrate some form of Google advertising and make it more attractive to new advertisers. For me the whole approach to the transition is very much out of character with the way the forum used to be operated and it seems to have lost more than just some functionality, it seems to have lost some of its heart. Maybe things will improve but I'm inclined to go DFK's way, not that that will be a loss to anyone
  5. I might have missed this during the upgrades but is this the reason for the new style and approach? "Jackson Lockhart Limited, the Operators of this Forum (coffeeforums.co.uk), provide it as a public service to our users."
  6. I read it as a used clever dripper with unused filters, but hey ho.
  7. It's £24 brand new with 100 filters from Amazon so you might want to revise your price
  8. It's in a tight spot to even photograph. The fitting is directly in front of the small boiler, in between it and the front plate of the machine. It's definitely not PTFE tape they've used, there's a little bit of clear dried residue from the fitting that's reminiscent of threadlock/superglue. It'll be a bit of a faff to say the least, but hey ho, what can you do?
  9. I've managed to remove the nut holding the PTFE pipe into the bottom of the fitting, checked and re-fitted it and it was fine. I fired it back up again and the leak recurred. I checked the PTFE and there was no trace of water coming from it, the other side of the steel fitting where it goes into the brass fitting is solid and sealed with something like threadlock. The water is coming from the steel fitting itself. To remove and replace it will require a lot of force as it hasn't budged so far, so I'll have to remove at least the small boiler to get enough room to work on it, potentially the large boiler too. Can @DavecUK or @Paolo_Cortese send me another steel fitting along with any recommended steps for removal of the boilers? I notice they have copper pipes going into the sides of them so any advice on what to be careful of with removing them would also be good. Attached is a photo showing the leak, it's coming from the inner bend part of the steel fitting, the brass side is dry and the PTFE side is dry. Just my luck that it's in the worst place to gain access to replace it. Thanks
  10. As I don't have tiny hands I may have to remove a boiler to access that to disconnect it. Any advice on the best sequence of parts to remove?
  11. I just fired it up to get a photo of the leak and it appears to be the steel part that's leaking. the drips form within in the innner bend of the elbow, which is odd. There's no source of leak above the part, it looks to be contained within that elbow. Maybe a hairline crack has formed?
  12. This is from the side with the machine sitting upright as normal. The elbow sits in front of the smaller boiler.
  13. I've got a steady drip coming from what I think is the three way solenoid (but could be very wrong in the name of the part). It's enough to create a nice puddle under the machine by the time it's warmed up and there's also a reduced flow through the group. Attached are some pictures, the one with the red circle indicates the part that's leaking, and the one with the arrow indicates where the leak is originating from. It appears to be coming from the brass section itself rather than the connection between the steel and brass parts, although it can be hard to tell precisely because of the position of the leak. Any ideas on a fix @DavecUK and @Paolo_Cortese - it's still under the parts only warranty Thanks
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