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  1. Has anyone got any experience of setting up recipes with the Marco Jet 6? I'm setting up a 1l warming flush, a 5.5l cycle and a 2 or 2.5l cycle. Assuming a coffee does of 60g/l I was wondering if anyone had an idea of best timings to set as a jumping off point? Preferably those with experience of brewing on one of these. Coffee will be a lightish roast Honduras. Thanks
  2. It is an awesome machine. The consistency of the shots from it are incredible. I've set two of them up in coffee bars, one in Edinburgh and one in Plymouth and they do not disappoint. You might want to change the steam tips to these https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/izzo-duetto-steam-tip-set.html as the ones from ACS have a really wide angle on them for when you're steaming a bucket full of milk. I'm surprised you need an external pump though, both ones I've used have been on mains line pressure, anything over 2 bar is good. You will absolutely love it, it's a quick warm up too.
  3. Loving mine - thanks again to @adamkovacs1126 and @DavecUK for sorting this deal out
  4. That looks more of a shipping label printer. Have you thought about having the labels printed? You could have a design with a space for handwriting the type of coffee/roast level/grind level/roast date. If you get the design right the handwritten details will look in keeping with it and the finish of a professionally printed label will usually be higher than the finish you can achieve. It looks to be about £150-£200 for 1,000 labels depending on size. At least that way you get a good look and can scale up to printing your own when the demand requires it. These should give you some ideas: https://label.co.uk/ https://www.handylabels.co.uk/ https://www.fastlabels.co.uk/
  5. I'll take another one so that we can get this deal done @adamkovacs1126 1. Alex_L2. Alder3. Tsangpa4. np123 5. -Mac 6 - Tsangpa
  6. 1. Alex_L 2. Dunk 3. Alder 4. Tsangpa
  7. I've got one and it's a fantastic grinder. Spares are very easy to source, the burrs are held in place with magnets so you get a complete grind path without and screw holes. Its grind is very accurate and even and at the price it's going for it's a great buy, especially when you consider the burrs cost £250 a set. I'd definitely pick it up rather than post though, mine took a battering in the post
  8. Have you got any of these left @joey24dirt? If so I'll take one
  9. I'm back in the market for one of these @garydyke1 if it's still available?
  10. Hi @garydyke1 bit of a longshot but did you sell this one or is it still available?
  11. Hi @centaursailing you wouldn't have to pay 3.4% in fees to Paypal, I'd send the money by the friends and family option so it would be 0% fee. Delivery would be to Plymouth.
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