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  1. I am eagerly waiting delivery of mine now, thanks again Andy:drink:
  2. Hi, I am also considering a Fracino Classico, is the £900 price still current? Delivery to North East England:angel:
  3. Hi, sorry if this is a daft question, but does the Piccino have a hot water tap, to heat cups or make a pot of tea? I have been considering a Fracino Classico as it has the tap I believe and my wife drinks a lot of tea.
  4. Wow, I see the Tango reference now:cool: That really looks well. You've got me looking on ebay for second hand machines now!
  5. So, am seriously thinking of a Fracino Classico. Were putting in a new kitchen and have saved a lump of cash by going to Ikea. Enough to pay for a decent coffee machine. Hadn't considered the grinder though. Have seen the pic of yours before restoration. It looks like a great project. Is there a pic of the finished job?
  6. Thanks mate. By the way, what is a Tango'd Mazzer super jolly? Not a soft drink I suspect?
  7. Hi, just starting to look for my first decent espresso machine. Staggered at the breadth of choice and now... the grinder question. Had no idea the grinder was of any real importance! Just how important is it?
  8. Informative post, thanks. As a newcomer to this I had no idea that people might spend as much or more on their grinder as on their espresso machine!
  9. Hi all, l lurked for two days... am interested in a new espresso machine so ended up here
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