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  1. Espresso cups and saucers arrived today. Very well packaged, thank you for taking the time to wrap them so well [emoji106]
  2. Can you hear the pressure stat clicking on and off as the heating element comes on and off? What steam pressure are you seeing on the gauge once heated up? Any signs of scale?
  3. @Dartmoor Coffee annoyingly it was the last bit of 8mm rod I had, otherwise I'd have sent you a bit.........sorry. There is a ebay seller search 8mm metal rod. A 100mm lengh is £2.90 delivered.
  4. I roasted a decaf recently and charged at a lower temperature, also tried a soak approach similar to those on gas machines where I ran half power on the element for the first minute and then adjusted power back to full. I struggled to get the roast going and it took 13 mins to hit FC. I've not roasted anymore since, but will be using the normal approach next roast of charge when the roaster starts a + rate of rise again after achieving the required charge temp.
  5. In addition to the above post as promised that i would add pictures. I cannot seem to edit and add them to the post so they are here as a further reply. Large bit is the original dalian k type gland, small bit is the insert that reduced the size to accept a 3mm phidgets k type.
  6. Sorry for the super slow reply. Been on pitch making coffee all morning and only just looked at my phone. Thats a fair price and I will happily take them. Will move to PM thank you.
  7. Phil, Sorry, I will take some pictures when I finish for the day. The picture I already posted shows the original k type gland with my insert in and the new 3mm k type passing through it and the securing bolt at the 8 o clock ish position. Its a very simple design though. I use the original k type bolt into the roaster (gland if you like) I got a piece of round metal (what I call the insert) that fitted the hole of the original part. Drilled that out to 3mm (a touch more from memory maybe 3.2mm) this hole serves the new 3mm k type sensor. To retail the sensor in place I drilled a hole
  8. How much for 4 espresso cups and saucers posted? Where are you located? Just incase you are close by.
  9. Ah right ok. I just drilled my insert and then tapped it out so it also had a thread and then used a longer hex head bolt to secure through. The insert doesn't really need to be tapped out, only have a hole in it for the hex bolt to pass through and make contact with the k type. I had everything I needed here so opted to make it rather than buy something that may not work.
  10. I'd possibly be interested. I generally deal with Falcon and collect as fairly close by, though they have relocated stock up to Vollers in Bury St Edmunds now so won't be as easy to get stock and I will likely shift to ordering for delivery (£80 pallet) so splitting some bags may be a potential for me. Postage would be a issue, its fairly expensive to get a decent service. I actively avoid anything being delivered by Hermes as they are pretty awful in my area with most things going missing, especially if they have any weight to the parcel.
  11. I can't remember what the thread is on the roaster to say that would work or not. If you look carefully at my picture you can see its just a small metal insert that takes the size from 5mm to 3mm, cost pennies to make.
  12. So a couple of years ago I decided to kit the workshop out with a espresso machine and got a second hand Quick Mill Andreja Premium Profiles. I had a issue upon delivery which a quick clean of the group jet solved, it was filthy and pretty gunked up with coffee oils and residue (no visible scale though) My retail coffee buisness took off and the roasting workshop got put on hold so the machine didn't see any use for a while. I went to recommission it the other day and it all heats up etc but when I open the group lever to extract coffee the pump (gear pump) winds up and the display show it
  13. Check out post #81 here https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/48344-artisanroastlogger-and-amazon-dalian/ I fitted the phidgets 3mm probe, think its 11cm but put a bend in to make it fit around better. It was about £16 from a UK seller called Active Robots. Plugged straight into my phidgets TMP1101, vint hub and then the 3060_0 USB isolator to remove ground loops (reducing the risk of damage to my Panasonic toughpad and allowing me to use it plugged in and still read accurately)
  14. To be honest it sounds like you have a EHO that has no idea about coffee roasting so is getting you to do the maximum required, so if it goes wrong he is covered. Rules are hugely different per area. Process like cleaning is easy, keep it clean and use commercial products available at wholesalers like bookers, household products are often a EHO point of change on inspections. If you clean the floor write down how you do it and what you use, a flick through the SFBB will give examples for you to copy and use elsewhere. Same for pest control etc and a waste management system (they don't like c
  15. Have you looked into using the safer food better business handbook instead? Its much easier to use as a small operation. I use this for my mobile coffee van as EHO only requires the SFBB as the HACCP is over the top for my application. My roastery is not required to be checked by EHO as we are classed as production according to EHO. I still run a seperate SFBB though to keep track of where stock has come from, pest control systems, cleaning processes and batch control etc etc. Equally I have to ensure packaging etc meets trading standards and anything with a weight on has been weighed by sca
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