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  1. Hello all Sette owners on this great forum I have just purchased a brand new Baratza Sette 270 (non-W).. yes - it is black Friday and I got a nice 20% rebate. This a real long waited for upgrade to my 2012 Rancilio Rocky But but but.. I am quite puzzled, because eventhough i bought it today at a local but well-renowned espresso shop, I am very afraid that the machine is not as new as promised, but some old inventory from one of the first production batches. - it has serial number 1605xx whereas it is my impression that more than half a year ago, all models W/non-W and both 110/220v version started to have serial number in the 170xxx range. I have until this date read through most of the very long Baratza Sette threads both on this and various US-forums.. once in a while someone mentions a serial number and even more seldom, the software version.... however due to various local versions it is hard to compile what to expect when buying a new Sette like I just did today. I really really wanted this grinder even though it is a grinder with a lot of problems especially on the first batches, so to give future buyers the help and structure of serial numbers / software version vs purchase dato, I would like to start out with my purchase and encourage other to add with their own model in this form Purchase date xx-month 201x / Model (W or non-W) / Serial-no (just the first four numbers) / software vers (on display when powered on) / voltage (110/220) / power cord (US, UK, EU etc) / date and version on quick-start guide And maybe a comment line with issues / repairs encountered My sette: Purchase date 24 november 2017 / Model non-W / Serial-no 1605xx / software vers 7.03 / voltage 220 / power cord EU / Quick start guide: 8/16/2016 (V5) comment: just purchased today so no issues yet. There were a little bag with two shims in the package, but those can of course have been added manually.
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