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  1. Same issue with me. Not been able to access this forum on tapatalk makes me look more at the new forum from Dave more. Wonder if that will be where we all migrate over eventually.
  2. There was a little leak so did the tex mod with safety nut. It’s cleaned up inside and easy to keep clean. This is the mod. http:// http://www.gaggiausersgroup.com/index.php?topic=394.0 No longer have a classic so not needed. Say £15 plus pnp?
  3. Just having a clear out. Used for adjusting the OPV as my old one was bottomless. Just in case anyone wanted it for similar £5 plus pnp.
  4. As I have a Niche now I am selling my combined Norvin 58mm aluminium dosing and OE dosing funnel. Suitable for 58mm portafillers with additional height of 46mm and width 80mm at the top. Glued together so one unit. £20 plus pnp.
  5. All posted, should arrive tomorrow. Thanks!
  6. 4 x blue/Kokako ACME Evo cappuccino cups 190ml and matching sauces for £20 plus postage. 3 x black/Penguin ACME Evo cappuccino cups 190ml and matching sauces for £15 plus postage. From Acme website: The cappuccino cup features a large surface area which is the ideal canvas for displaying latte art. Our most popular cup, the cappuccino can also be used as a durable teacup or for serving smaller latte and larger flat white. Dishwasher safe. Features of The Evolution: Elegant, dense and durable porcelain Whiter and cleaner looking interior Easier to hold when drin
  7. Ignore I found Forum15 and ordered. Thanks [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Spotted the same thing. Whereabouts are you.
  9. Sorry I don’t want to revert it. If you have a look at Jimbojohns thread on the octopus funnel it’s worth doing. I have done it twice and there is a lot of help available on the forum. I have a spare backing plate somewhere can give for example.
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