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  1. I’ll take that at asking. Do you have anything else you’re about to sell?
  2. I live in a v hard water area. Currently use tap water in my Gaggia Classic and descale every month. I also have a kettle with Brita filter in. It gave up the ghost so started looking at a new kettle. Instead of getting a Brita kettle, I was wondering about using mineral water for both kettle and Gaggia. Is Ashbeck 5l OK? Is there a Sainsbury’s or Asda equivalent? Are these ok for normal kettle too?
  3. Why does this happen after a few mins?
  4. Is it exactly 58mm?
  5. Is the light blue an Evo cappuccino ACME cup? If yes. I am interested in that and saucer.
  6. Badgerman

    Hi from NZ

    [email protected] can sort you with a PID kit. Transforms the Gaggia and his kit is easy assembly with great support. I think will post to NZ too.
  7. How much for the Amir type scales alone. I assume it’s 0.1g-5kg?
  8. Yes. Is it ok if a friend collects it for me?
  9. I see you’re in Altringham. I have a friend there who I can ask to collect if you’re ok with that?
  10. What knob pimpage is best for a Gaggia?
  11. My Roborock S50 is ace. £280 from AliEpress on Singles day last year. Mop mode, powerful, map editing with zones and barriers. Gets great reviews
  12. You can watch the first episode for free without sky here. http:// https://www.sky.com/pages/sky-original/chernobyl Highest ever rated show on IMDB 9.7
  13. Just finished Chernobyl, totally amazing.
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