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  1. Any plans to do this again this year? Feel like I may have a fighting chance to get past the first round after a year of practice!
  2. Posted this morning. All gone now so can archive this mods thank you all!
  3. Blue and yell posted today. Just maroon and larger black left. Thanks
  4. Sorry there is only 1 blue and 1 maroon latte cups left and a black larger 355ml with matching saucers.
  5. Hi both. Yes can do then £5 each plus postage as per a few posts up. I’ll PM you re the yellow one if still want that.
  6. Sorry there are 4 cups and saucers in total. 3 x 280ml (blue, yellow and maroon). 1 x larger 355ml (black) All ACME with saucers.
  7. Blue, maroon and yellow ACME Latte 280ml cups and 14cm saucer in new condition. Black mighty (355ml) cup and 15cm saucer (slight chip in top). £30 delivered
  8. That’s with a broken shoulder in a sling (having been knocked off my bicycle this week)
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