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  1. The Titanium Grade 5 TF tamp is CNC machined to 58.55mm with a sharp edge to fit VST, IMS or LM baskets. It's hand finished and polished, a beautifully crafted piece of engineering. The Titanium tamp weighs 35% less than the Inox version. Condition is Excellent £40 plus PnP advertised elsewhere.
  2. I have a couple of mottas 350ml. Looking for next level to get some better definition. Any recommendations or is the jug not really rate limiting?
  3. Badgerman

    58.4 Tamper

    I use a VST with the 58.55. I think the Torrs are designed for these. Especially the trap getting a clean sweep without any suction. Thanks
  4. Badgerman

    58.4 Tamper

    Joeys are lovely, defo go for one if can plump up your budget a bit. I have a couple of Torrs if want something in between. 58.55 TF trap flat base, sharp edges titanium 360gm with I think mahogany handle. In perfect condition. Could do £50 posted Alternatively Torr 58.4 convex titanium 350gm with similar wood handle. for £40 posted.
  5. Ok thanks. Hopefully I’ve not done anything wrong and will pm you.
  6. Any news on this? I am near Saffron today if not gone. Thanks
  7. I’ll take these at asking. Should be able to collect. Although I thought already gone?
  8. Same as this. http:// https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/en/Cafelat-E61-Silicone-Group-Seal-85mm-Blue/m-2590.aspx £5 posted
  9. Just imagine what’s behind the shower plate. Worth doing that at the same time and then back flushing once a week.
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