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  1. Looks your fan is damaged - on the same axle you have the upper unit that cools the motor and lower one that moves the air from the roaster. The mesh is blocking the upper part and the fan - do you have any air flow at all?
  2. Thank you Dave. I will check on mine.
  3. I do have a question related to clearance between drum and front plate: what is the recommended gap? Why am I asking: after 2/3 roasts on my machine, there is a bit of chaff floating into the drum and perhaps widening the gap will solve this.
  4. You will be better buying a small generator. Also no details about electrical load - 1500W peak or average? Quick math shows 2 x 105ah batteries(12Volts) have 2.52 KWh energy at full discharge but you never go deep discharge or else you will buy lots of batteries and they are not cheap. If your load is 1500W - this means 12KWh in 8 hours, your batteries are far from it.
  5. You are right - stupid me... Mine was tight from factory and haven't notice is adjustable. Thanks for this Batian!
  6. The same on mine - took some muscle to release the gun. A good idea will be to polish a bit the nipple.
  7. Unfortunately Porlex(mini or tall) is not espresso capable - it is good for brew only. You should look for Kinu M47 or Feldgrind range if you want a manual grinder.
  8. Oolong, Rooibos, Masala Chai to mention a few
  9. That will be static balancing and you will need to disassemble the unit - not practical. I will go different way with dynamic balancing to check whole unit: motor+cooling propeller+exhaust impeller Don't know if effort will justify the results - Dalian unit is pretty "silent" as it is Sorry for being bit off-topic in Dave thread - also in RC everything(planes/cars/copters)
  10. Well, I am planning to check the balancing on mine at some point when I will get a bit of spare time and I will share the results. From the sound of it, there is room for improvement. Nevertheless you need a lot of patience to do it properly with household tools...
  11. It depends on manufacturer and the cost of the product - on simple cheap fans you will not find it For a good product, manufacturer finds a way to balance the propeller or impeller either by adding weights (similar to car wheels) or removing some weight on the opposite side by polishing or cutting or drilling a bit of material Balancing is extra cost but it pays off - lower noise and less stress/longer life on bearings. Frankly I was a bit surprised to find one on Chinese unit
  12. Quick photo to show the balancing clip on impeller - one "heavy" clean can remove it without noticing something was there
  13. One thing to pay attention when cleaning the fan: the impeller has a balancing part(metal clamp) on one of the fins - it is good not to remove it or better to mark it's position in case you will need to put it back.
  14. If you can get them, I would recommend any of the red ones from wine valley in Romania. Couple of weeks ago I was conducting on-site "research" and time passed too fast:whistle: Random example: http://www.lacertawinery.ro/en/ they might ship abroad
  15. Looking good - really enjoying to see the progress Why only 1 hole? I am assuming it will be for the roaster - how about room ventilation? Or you are planning to share it between the roaster and room ventilation?
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