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  1. Yet another great experience with BB, Jordan agreed to check over my ECM, all done between 9 and 3, all back as it should be, excellent. And while you wait you can indulge in all that Coffee paraphernalia! Many thanks
  2. always great, I've been buying from Steve from his very early days, I want to say early '00's? Great service then as it is now.
  3. jerbla

    Kopi Luwak

    I was given some as a gift too, was not impressed. I also had a Thai Elephant version, where I suspect the cruelty element is somewhat lighter or has less impact, however I worry how separating a few beans from the 10's of kilos of other "output" is quite a challenge. Call me boring but ill keep to the conventional roasts.
  4. I can report mine is now working brilliantly now its settled in, much easier to dial, almost clump free. great grinder.
  5. great coffee in my experience, I did a course there and Dan the trainer was superb. They are super passionate and really know their stuff. Im just trying their new guest coffee, but have enjoyed all the other regulars they offer too.
  6. as per OP 3 weeks back "So I am going to keep the setup and start looking for premium beans. I might even upgrade the grinder. Who knows."
  7. If my good intentions, and that of others has failed ( where help and advice was in mine and others opinions required ), then never mind. Lack of bids and comments suggest there is a reluctance, but hey what do I know? I had a grinder listed that was slow to shift and took advice/ comments in the positive way they were intended, I tidied up my machine, reposted and eventually the grinder found a new home.
  8. No intended witch hunt from me, just trying to be helpful and assist in your goal of selling. Assistance over offence was intended. I think the perceived reluctance to appreciate that maybe part of the issue. I personally would have pulled the add and represented with a thanks to others, but we all operate in our own ways.
  9. People are really trying to be helpful and give you good solid advice as to how to sell this thing on at the best price. Re the milk, if you wipe it before it drys on the wand, wet cloth then do the weekly deep clean or as you see fit. Just seen the above posts sorry
  10. @Rob1 yes pricy indeed, I just did the tap then realised how expensive it was, still glad i didn't balk as it was incredible. I am sure they could/ would ship here, but that would just add further to the cost. We need some of our UK roasters to try and get some.
  11. I am running one bean now, but still have some clumping, but sounds like its a use and wearing in thing. great grinder which I am loving, bar the little bit of clumping.
  12. On a recent trip to California I purchased this coffee, El Salvador, Finca Kilimanjaro. Now I am pretty poor at taste analysis, but i would say it was a robust cup with tonnes of fruit, sweet driven flavours, which is my ideal taste. Strong enough to work with Milk, however I am sure some may consider that sacrilege. Anyone know where I could get some more of this in the UK??
  13. Thankyou Mods can you pls mark/ move as SOLD thanks
  14. Sale agreed with @Quenteagle for £130 collected. Mods please note / mark as S O L D
  15. Just to document a recent offer and discussion for the sake and requirement of transparency. in summary and the detail ( when back at my computer should appear ) i have been offered 150 inc shipping. I have declined the shipping offer due to documented issues but have suggested 130 collected. Await final reply and agreement from @Quenteagle on this before we finalise matters through PM. at present this is a provisional agreement subject to final details based on the firm offer made.
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