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  1. After a month or so of playing about on the Londinium LR it seems I have a shockingly low tolerance to caffeine, I have been using the 15 gm VST 15 gm in 30 gm out, normally drink flat whites. Wondering if the 7 gm basket might be a solution? Anyone with any experience of the 7gm baskets please? Is the coffee extraction as good? Any problems with the tamping process?
  2. Yeah, all fits, just measured it with the vernier gauge and its exactly 58mm, nice well manufactured product.
  3. Yes, I did, arrived promptly, given it a few test runs on the EK, no static, it's the latest version with a continual lip, so you have to use the lever to release it, no snatching it out with the cut out version. But that's fine..
  4. Well I coughed up a whopping £44.00 and I have a very nice Acaia dosing cup in my possession, its a lovely product, is it worth £44.00? Probably not, however it will be the only dosing cup I will buy, I'm telling myself I saved on the Acaia scales by shopping about , so it's cost £10 ish... A complete bargain! However, the scales are yet to arrive..
  5. Actually, it looks pretty good.. £44.00 from Espresso solutions, though let's be honest, it's a bloody lot for a cup!
  6. If its the same Acaia as the scales, I can just imagine what's stopping you.. I will check it out though, that's what the excitement of new kit does to you!
  7. Looking to purchase a decent dosing cup for my Ek, been looking at the Artisan Smith ones, which seem to do the job, but bit of a faff coming from Australia and are made to order apparently, according to their website, with a 2-3 week wait. Is there anything else out there which is worth a look?
  8. Thanks ashcroc! The Acme site must only be wholesale then, judging by the price difference?
  9. Where are people buying Acme mugs? Tried to order from their website, but seems only to be business to business, with the need to open an account. Never known ordering mugs to be so difficult! Also, tried the outlet store but don't have the mugs I'm looking for..
  10. Thank you everyone for your prompt feedback and links, it's always great to hear unbiased opinions of products, favouring the Motta/Rocket style ATM.
  11. I'm gathering a few essentials to start my coffee journey.. Looking at Knock boxes at the moment, looking at Decent ones or the Motta ones any others out there for consideration? Want something durable, so giving plastic a miss, but open to suggestions.
  12. FaceandEdge

    Londinium R

    Thank you to you both for taking the time to show a complete novice how to pull a few shots, it was much appreciated, as was the guinea pig and Shepherds hut tour! After a year of pondering I now have a coffee machine.. All I need now is a grinder and some scales and a tamp and a milk jug!
  13. FaceandEdge

    Londinium R

    Ok, just sent you a private message, but as usual just got wiped out! for some reason, I seem to have a problem on here when i get logged out and lose my post, frustrating!! I'm happy to collect in the next hour, cash on collection is fine.
  14. FaceandEdge

    Londinium R

    Ok MildredM, I'll have it, I can come and pick it up any time convenient to you. I would appreciate a quick how to use lesson If you don't mind?!
  15. FaceandEdge

    Londinium R

    MildredM In the event of the Doozerless not taking your L-R I'll be happy to take it at the asking price, I'm in N.lincs so I can pick up.
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