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  1. Thank you for your answer - it has only ever been fed tap water.
  2. I was having a problem with the coffee coming through V E R Y slowly, so I descaled the machine, then descaled it a few more times (3 or so) as it had been a while. Now, when I turn it on, the water flushes through the system as it should, then I press the coffee button and the machine lowers its voice to a whisper, drips out about 5 drops of coffee, and then says that the water tank is empty (it's not). Does anyone have any idea what to do in this situation, please? Is there something I can do or should I send it somewhere (where?) for repairs or should I take it to the dump? Please help. I can attach pictures if that helps.
  3. Also - I see that there is another version of the Sage machine that costs again twice the one that fatboyslim linked to above. What is going on here? Is it twice as good? And why does the bean storage thing let in the light?
  4. Thank you very much for the advice. They were high-roasted beans from a coffee shop in London that has several varieties, and I can't remember exactly what sort they were - it was a promotion. But I change the type of bean frequently. Does this help? The delonghi I got on offer for £250. The sage machine certainly does get good reviews but it is more than twice that price. Does anyone have any idea what sort of life these machines have? My first gaggia seemed to have been built to make coffee, and it failed due to an electrical fault otherwise I got the impression it would have carried on forever. The Gaggia I got to replace it seemed to have been built to make a specific amount of coffees and then die.
  5. For some years I had a gaggia classico espresso machine, which did the job for quite a while, but eventually just stopped working, and couldn't be fixed. I wanted to upgrade to a good bean-to-cup machine to keep the coffee fresher, so bought a DELONGHI MAGNIFICA bean-to-cup espresso which I had heard (where can you road-test these things?) good things about. It made good coffee, but soon developed a fault that, despite my sending it back to the manufacturer two or three times, was never repaired. The grinding heads just didn't catch on the beans, and the machine would whizz and whirr and then produce a thin, barely drinkable coffee, which was a terrible disappointment and a miserable waste of good coffee beans. I had hoped that this was a fault with the specific machine, and accepted a replacement from the vendor, but the brand new machine soon developed exactly the same fault, which appears to be inherent in the design. I get good coffee here and there, but all too often end up with something watery and nasty. Now I want to send it back for a refund, but I want a new, good, espresso machine that will grind and make proper coffee. Is there something in this price range that actually works?
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