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  1. We visit Basque Spain regularly. Coffee anywhere we paid for it was good traditional. The bad coffee we had, both in a couple of hotels there and travelling back through France and overnighting at Formula 1 type places, was from self service bean to cup machines. The issue has to be using the cheapest possible beans. In a few places I've been there has been 'generic' Nespresso pods - Switzerland for example - recently roasted with good quality coffee. It's surprisingly good and I can see why it wins on convenience for many people. It's the price of the pods and the volume of unrecyclable waste that i really object to.
  2. Yes, I'd checked the dimensions - the 300 is too big for my undersink space . the 150 cartridges are about the limit. I've found a head unit for £35 on eBay and a C50 cartridge for £25. Looking at the capacitys I reckon the C50 volume should be good for more than 12 months (which is when they advise replacing them whether or not you've hit capacity). Thanks for the advice
  3. Thanks - that one is huge but there are 'bare' heads for about £40 and filter cartridges at good prices. Cheaper than the stuff I was looking at. What is BWT?
  4. I've got a Quick Mill Silvano. I've been running it for over 3 years now using London tap water from our fridge supply. It's gone through a carbon filter but nothing more. The machine is still working fine (I've had to dip the frother tip in vinegar a few times ) but I know I"m really on borrowed time. I figure I need to switch to some kind of softening. the house supply is on a resin bead Ion Exchange water softener (https://www.eastmidlandswater.com/Details.asp?ProductID=423) but the Kitchen cold tap and fridge are unsoftened. What do people recommend? Should I use water from my hot tap (softened on the above) or fit something else to a tap I use to fill the machine? I came across these two options that both look compact and reasonably priced - https://www.uk-water-filters.co.uk/Your_Scale_Centurion_Undersink_Cartridge.html https://www.waterfiltershop.co.uk/ft-line-90-coffee-machine-water-filter-starter-kit.html any thoughts? Or is there something else I should be looking at? People have suggested buying bottled water from Tesco but i really don't want to be buying (and storing) water in plastic bottles
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