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  1. Probably worth noting that the Mr Shades PID is now an extra 20%, the website shows exc. vat.
  2. https://www.sageappliances.com/uk/en/home/events-and-demos.html Sign up to a zoom demo and the code below gives 25% off at the mo, you may be able to use the code without the demo.... MasterClass-FIp82Bqn
  3. I use a Feld 47 with a classic, couple of times a day at the moment. Its great, takes less than a minute to grind 18g for espresso. I thought about about the 1zpresso models but preferred to buy something made in Scotland rather than shipped all the way from China. It also worked out cheaper. However, I don't agree with Knocks work ethic at all, as you will read, they have zero customer service, literally zero.
  4. ...£2.12 via topcashback for new customers too.
  5. Random offer just spotted- It may be account specific but if banking with Santander, you may have a 40% cashback offer for Pact accessed via the retailer offers in your account. Worth a check if that your thing 👍
  6. 'Stronghold' sounds like the darkest by description but as mentioned, it may not be overly dark. Worth a try though, they do some lovely stuff.
  7. Im not a rep or anything but 😀.....COFFEE20 Now gives 20% 0ff until Jan 31, free delivery over £15.
  8. You could ask @shodjoe1 if he has a link to the ebay seller, I can't see it on there at the moment.
  9. The stainless plate sold by the espresso shop looks to have the same spec as the brass version (hole number/size). If so, the results are likely to be the same. The alloy version looks more like the original part unless it has changed with the latest iterations.
  10. Kapow has been open in Leeds lately if you venture in to the centre. Some of the other independents have been closed but there's loads to choose from as mentioned when they're open.
  11. Great work, I think a more discreet PID would be great if made available to purchase for the less techy. The usual metal box stuck to the side can have a bit of a 'wallace and grommit' type asthetic...
  12. NYCOFFEE20 gives 20% off at https://www.origincoffee.co.uk/ until Jan 3rd.
  13. The Bolts from Baytown Coffee is probably along the same lines, I much prefer it.
  14. There wasn't a question about 'why' there is a queue .
  15. Queuing for £7m worth of turnover? You've lost me there 😄
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