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  1. I discovered the motor burr chamber mounting screws on my Vario were detached and magnetised to the motor. After discovering them all and screwing them back in, then recalibrating to 3Q, when grinding coffee it made clacking noises as though there was a stone or a screw jumping around inside during the grind. (There isn't of course!). I would only be guessing what could cause this noise - belt tension? alignment way off? (only a small section of upper burr touches when calibrated - maybe 15-20%) something to do with how I've screwed in the mounting screws? (I assumed they should be tight)
  2. While I understand in this modern era patience in want gratification is in very short supply, I remember paying in full for my DE1+V1.0 in the days when it was still vapourware. I can't remember which of 12 or 18 months was the wait for delivery of my version 1.0 machine. But all I can say from my own experience with my DE, is that a 6 month wait would be entirely worth it. I look at the limitations of all those shiny HX and similar machines and am so grateful that I can adjust my machine to the coffee and not always the other way round. I occasionally fire up my old HX to remind myself of how
  3. I'm sure John will explain much much better, but the thing you're missing is that the DE DOES have independent flow control, not via a needle valve, but by variable pump cycles. There are many sensors that measure flow and pressure, including at the grouphead PF area. What you see in the graph is what is picked up by those sensors in pretty much real time. Of course, flow and pressure are related at any given puck density, but I sometimes use pure flow control advanced profiles to achieve the result I want. There is a diagram of the internal workings of the DE available at post #7
  4. Those videos of transparent PF were absolutely mesmerising....and instructive. Can really see what's happening with the puck. I didn't think it was possible. Loved it!
  5. Thanks John. I think your right because my flow is a bit slow 1.5ml-2.0ml. Will try it tomorrow am.
  6. I've been using the Espressoforge dark roast profile since it appeared on my DE1+ and have really appreciated the reduction in bitterness and richer flavour of my darker, locally grown roast. Temp drop isn't occurring as it should though and I don't know why. But it was really great to learn how to bring out flavour without bitterness in darker roasts
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