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  1. I suspect you are part of an international spoon development consortium trying to subtly sway opinion on what are the best spoons. In the race for credibility, you sir shall be awarded the wooden spoon.
  2. I think we need to answer the question whether a soup spoon would be better than a dessert spoon.
  3. I recently bought one and the coffee was delicious. However, it seemed to be noticeably higher in caffeine and after a week of the jitters I have gone back to my chemex.
  4. Matt B

    Coffee from the Cat

    I tried the pineapple candy via moccamaster this morning, and clever coffee dripper this afternoon. It was amazing in both cases.
  5. Matt B

    Coffee from the Cat

    Although I forget which ones I have had (Ethiopian tends to be my favourite so probably those) but every bag from Black Cat Coffee has been very good. I used them as they contribute to the forum and they are local to my parents.
  6. I had no issues at all, great communication and delivered in a few days.
  7. Purchased as a set with a Chemex (which I am keeping), I believe they have not been used (only as a display at an exhibition) therefore as good as new. As much as I love how they look and feel, I take my coffee black without sugar! The mugs are lovely too, but I am rather fond of my Le Creuset ones so I am not sure I would use them very often (as the only coffee drinker in the house) £25 for the cream and sugar set and £10 for each of the mugs. Collection from South Lincolnshire or I can post at the buyers costs.
  8. Slightly struggling with Mystery 11, both through my Moccamaster and V60. I think it is because I am used to fruit or nut flavours coming through but I am only getting..well...coffee with a slight roasted/smokey after taste. It is an easy hand grind though.
  9. Gaggia is still available, price drop to £110.
  10. I am afraid the grinder was bought earlier today via EBay therefore no longer for sale. The Gaggia is still available.
  11. Unable to edit my post, but I wish to explain that I am happy to split £130 for the grinder and £120 for the Gaggia. Also listed on eBay.
  12. For sale is my Gaggia Classic (made in Italy 2001). It has a new steam wand (Silva) and had a new steam knob fitted last year. Other that it has been a great little machine producing some very nice espresso and flat whites. With it is my Mazzer Super Jolly. Built like a tank with years of use left in it. Minor blemishes to the paint work, but otherwise in great conditioned. Both have been regularly cleaned and looked after. £250 for both, collected from Sleaford, Lincolnshire. The Gaggia comes with 1 portafilter, tamper, single and double shot basket. The Mazzer comes with its origina
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