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  1. I had no issues at all, great communication and delivered in a few days.
  2. Purchased as a set with a Chemex (which I am keeping), I believe they have not been used (only as a display at an exhibition) therefore as good as new. As much as I love how they look and feel, I take my coffee black without sugar! The mugs are lovely too, but I am rather fond of my Le Creuset ones so I am not sure I would use them very often (as the only coffee drinker in the house) £25 for the cream and sugar set and £10 for each of the mugs. Collection from South Lincolnshire or I can post at the buyers costs.
  3. Slightly struggling with Mystery 11, both through my Moccamaster and V60. I think it is because I am used to fruit or nut flavours coming through but I am only getting..well...coffee with a slight roasted/smokey after taste. It is an easy hand grind though.
  4. Gaggia is still available, price drop to £110.
  5. I am afraid the grinder was bought earlier today via EBay therefore no longer for sale. The Gaggia is still available.
  6. Unable to edit my post, but I wish to explain that I am happy to split £130 for the grinder and £120 for the Gaggia. Also listed on eBay.
  7. For sale is my Gaggia Classic (made in Italy 2001). It has a new steam wand (Silva) and had a new steam knob fitted last year. Other that it has been a great little machine producing some very nice espresso and flat whites. With it is my Mazzer Super Jolly. Built like a tank with years of use left in it. Minor blemishes to the paint work, but otherwise in great conditioned. Both have been regularly cleaned and looked after. £250 for both, collected from Sleaford, Lincolnshire. The Gaggia comes with 1 portafilter, tamper, single and double shot basket. The Mazzer comes with its original hopper and tray. Both uk plugs. Only selling as I want to try pour over and drip for a while (I will be living in two locations during the week too.)
  8. Matt B

    Boun Beans?

    Ifound them to be pretty nice, lots of chaff though but lovely flavour.
  9. I purchased a Polex mini to pair with an Aeropress, I have found it to be excellent, giving me some excellent coffee.
  10. 1. Coffeechap 2. Stuartb27 3. Drewster 4. brabzzz 5. Nicknak 6. Inspector 7. Kitkat 8. Mrboots2u 9. Matt B
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