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  1. Matt B

    Boun Beans?

    Ifound them to be pretty nice, lots of chaff though but lovely flavour.
  2. I purchased a Polex mini to pair with an Aeropress, I have found it to be excellent, giving me some excellent coffee.
  3. 1. Coffeechap 2. Stuartb27 3. Drewster 4. brabzzz 5. Nicknak 6. Inspector 7. Kitkat 8. Mrboots2u 9. Matt B
  4. Hello, could I have code please?
  5. Matt B

    Pact coffee

    Although not for a lever machine, I have had a fortnightly subscription with the micro lots and they have all been excellent.
  6. Makers and Finders was great, although way off strip.
  7. Matt B


    Hello, Fairly new to the world of good coffee after many years of instant. Now I own a Gaggia Classic and a Mazzer Super Jolly. I have my eye on some upgrades soon though!
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