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  1. Hi, I think you need to give an asking price, even if it's just a rough number and you're open to offers.
  2. James Hoffman recently did a review on a load of high end hand hand grinders including this one, which is easy to find on youtube. He said this can do espresso but can be fiddly to dial in and keep dialled in. For what it's worth I have a Feld2 and although I don't find the settings at all problematic, when I've ground fine for aeropresso experiments it's been real hard work, although the results seem good. Can only imagine it being harder on the aergrind what with the shorter arm and smaller body, but maybe @np123 can be more help there as he has both? Edit: just seen the previous pos
  3. Ok I'll sleep on it I think, I already have a Feld2 so this would be somewhat of a luxury but it would be nice for travelling with.
  4. Ahh ok, that was going to be my next question, I just have a vague memory of people complaining about them but I wasn't sure if they were valid complaints or just people complaining to complain!
  5. I've had a Feld2 since release a little over a year ago, and just wondering at what rate the burrs wear on these/ in general? Is it something which is pretty much not a factor for home use or will I need to replace at some point in the future?
  6. Hi, does this have the new metal lid or the old plastic one?
  7. Hi, this looks like a nice product, does it need some special V-60 cone to brew with, or do you put the filters in directly like in a chemex?
  8. veveveve0

    MBK aergrind

    Looking for an aergrind, ordered my Feld2 direct from Knock and honestly don't want the faff again. The price depends on condition, as well as whether it's the original model or the newer one with the metal lid. Preferably black but, as they say, beggars can't be choosers!
  9. Hi Ben, I currently use a Feld2, but have been thinking of switching for the greater portability. Have you ever used a Feld2 to be able to compare their ease of use?
  10. veveveve0

    Rave Daterra

    Has anyone tried the Brazilian Daterra beans from Rave (the expensive ones!). I'm thinking of buying them as a gift but I don't want to be spending extra money for the sake of it if they're not even particularly special.
  11. I'm thinking of switching my Feld2 for an aergrind as I seem to be throwing it into my bag and carrying it round far more often than I'm filling up the hopper for multiple cups. It works perfectly, there might be a couple of extremely minor scratches on the outside, and I have all the spare O-rings with it. Any ideas how much I'd be looking at?
  12. Grinder's arrived and apparently is working well, thanks a lot
  13. Been thinking of getting an entry level grinder for my brother, would you do £70 delivered to Chester?
  14. Anyone cleaned one of these yet? This is my first grinder and I'm not sure about maintenance, does it need cleaning, and if so how? Thanks
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