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  1. 'Rich Merchant' from Redber is well worth a try. I don't think I've seen it mentioned before, but I would be surprised if a medium/dark lover didn't find it agreeable.
  2. I find that the dough after shaping is quite dry -and a bit floury - before i load into the bannetons which have been rice floured. I guess I should chuck the seeds into the banneton,as getting them to stick to the shaped dough is a tough job. Will see what transpires on the next bake.
  3. I may need to be more generous with my seeding, also maybe try less flour on top of the loaf. At least I get to munch all the roasted seeds that fall off :-)
  4. I use round glass pyrex casserole dishes, upside down so I just load the dough on a bit of baking paper. Has the benefit of being able to watch the loaf rise before taking the bowl off after 25 mins or so. What's the secret to getting seeds to stick? I love pumpkin seeds especially, but few stay on once I've sliced the thing... do you use a smear of yoghurt?
  5. As above, Red Roast, Sweet Bourbon and Jampit good, Mediterranean Mocha also. I found the mystery 10 a bit meh.
  6. I think I started the other thread. I would say its a good all rounder. Quite chocolatey, but with a hint of berry brightness. Seems to be best to me at 12 to 14 days post roast. Don't be tempted to try it before a week has passed ;-)
  7. I think its a fairly safe bet....ordering some now. Chatswood remains my Rave favourite, maybe this will be the new top dog. I'll pass on the halloween blend.... can't risk my machine getting haunted.
  8. Just seen this new addition... has anyone tried this yet? Only available wholesale previously. https://ravecoffee.co.uk/collections/coffee-bean-blends/products/espresso-blend?variant=8721089593398#parentVerticalTab1
  9. Chatswood and El Salvador Los Pirineos from Rave both hit the brief. Big chocolate with a hint of orange rather than the other way around.
  10. Baby Driver. Very enjoyable and well done; essentially a music film featuring bad guys and car chases. For once, I was even happy with the Hollywood ending.
  11. On King Street. I visited last August, and was impressed enough to grab my friends and return an hour later for seconds. From memory, Laspaz machine and James Gourmet beans. Very good cup, and nice bacon baps and portuguese tarts on the day. A recent startup at the time, and deserving of success, with nice atmosphere and friendly chap behind the bar.
  12. I popped in here this morning. It's tucked in the Natwest building, and easy to walk past. I think their success will depend on repeat trade, especially as there is a bigger and better located Starbucks just 100 yards away. I asked for a flat white to go, made from the Caravan 'Daily' blend, as I also bought some of these beans to try at home. The coffee was decent rather than excellent, though I won't know how good a job the barista did until I make one at home ;-) They have a nice shiny Linea PB, but I forgot to check the grinder. Rookie reviewer mistake. They seem friendly folks, and I wish them well.
  13. In my experience, Hasbean roasts are more light/medium than dark, and you might find more chocolaty richness elsewhere. I used to like Hasbean Brazil Perfeito, but they no longer seem to produce it. Their other blends didn't do much for me, although they are a good supplier they are just not really to my taste. Part of the coffee experience is trying these things out of course....
  14. Covveekid

    It's a mystery

    I had saved some of these in the freezer, and it is quite a nice cup... can we get the answer to the 'mystery' yet? Seems a bit of a lighter roast compared to others I've had from CC.
  15. Loser model? Don't be so hard on yourself! :-D
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