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  1. Thanks Toby! I'll check out those password box issues for sure. As for the re-reviewing, you're the second person to mention that to me already. It's definitely a feature we wanted to have but had to eliminate in the end for budgeting reasons. Hopefully if there is a V 2.0 we can get it added in
  2. Hi Davril, I am glad you like the concept. Initially I designed the app to only be used with the coffee that I roast, however have since realised it may have broader appeal and considered opening it up. It would be rebranded, new website, new business model. Idea was to take a 20% cut or thereabouts of sales made via the website, similar to what The Right Roast do. I think my coffee would stay separate in order to not have any conflicts of interest. I actually had the coffee diff idea too, I know Vik a bit and that avenue is definitely worth exploring. An no need to apologize, your
  3. Thank you. I know of one US based app called Angels Cup or thereabouts that does something along this line. The issue with adding all coffee is really with the mess the database may get in. If people are manually entering the coffee, we may end up with 5 versions of the same bean with slightly different spellings for example. And connecting all the roasters to the database automatically would be a herculian challenge. Although admittedly, this would be a remarkable app to have! I would like to have at least 20 or 30 European roasters on board at first, meaning we should have 150 coffees o
  4. Hey guys, I would be forever grateful if any of you have a spare 2 minutes to help me with a survey I've put together. It's totally anonymous and there is a nice 25% discount code on completion for my roastery, Eighty Seven Plus. It is regarding a new concept I've been considering for our coffee tasting app. https://forms.gle/qVKvxCGZ62d2wytD7 Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey guys, glad to see this post is back up! Hi Toby! Yes, I understand its limitations currently, am thinking of a new model actually which I will elaborate below. In the meantime what are the issues you've found? Would love to hear them. I agree, scope is narrow right now. I have an idea for a second version of this app, likely a rebrand in fact and a new business model. I'd like to get roasters from all over Europe to sell coffee via my website (a new coffee marketplace), and deliver direct to the customer. All of that coffee can then be available on the app I have devel
  6. Ok cool, I'll edit the original post and put here too. If it gets removed then I do understand, don't want to be seen as a spammer in any way. My roastery is Eighty Seven Plus, and you can view/download the app on this page. https://eightysevenplus.com/coffee-tasting-app/ For now it only works with our coffee, although if the app is well received I think I may open up to different roasters across Europe too.
  7. Hi guys, I've been a very long time lurker on this forum but generally don't post very much. I actually own a micro-roastery in Kent specialising in high scoring coffee and we have just released an app that I think some people here may find useful. It allows you to input your aroma and flavour descriptors of our coffee then compare with other app users as well as a coffee pros. I am actually not quite sure what the rules are regarding this kind of thing so I will refrain from giving any specifics unless someone call tell me it's ok to do so?
  8. Hi everyone, I’ve been a long time lurker but thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Matt, and I operate a small batch roastery in Kent. I look forward to being a contributor to this great forum.
  9. Can we add Eighty Seven Plus?
  10. Bank holiday sale at Eighty Seven Plus this weekend. 20% off everything, code is HOLIDAY20.
  11. Hey guys, I have a fresh roast sr 500 that I used a lot while living in Perú. I'm now back in the UK, and would like to use it here. Anyone use one on UK power? The hz difference concerns me a bit, I know I can get a transformer for the voltage.
  12. Hey everyone, I'm Matthew, and am new here. I wanted to get an idea from you guys if you think my idea is worth exploring. I'm British, but have been living in Peru for the last 7 years, and have good access to co ops and various coffee farmers here. I'll be returning to the UK within the next 12 months, and wanted to get an idea of the market for offering green beans for home roasters. Do you already have good access to beans? Would you be interested in buying high quality imported beans from Peru and other areas of South America, in both small and large quantities? Anyway, I l
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