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  1. I have an M47 so will be able to test them together. One of the initial user impressions mentioned that you don't need to grind particularly fine, in fact they suggested a little coarser than you would typically grind for lever machines.
  2. The initial release of the user manual can be found here: http://www.cafelat.com/uploads/1/5/3/6/15367184/robot_user_manual.pdf I backed a Barista Robot which I believe are being assembled from next week. Hopefully I'll be able to provide some impressions in a couple of weeks time!
  3. Ohh, nice! The price is certainly a bit higher than it used to be, as you pointed out. Still very much on my shortlist but going to continue holding out until nearer the time my Robot ships.
  4. Paul from Cafelat uploaded a few videos explaining the design of the Robot: [video=youtube;XoMa-ULD6_k] [video=youtube;VVJSjgsF-ak]
  5. Thanks to everyone in this thread, you've helped me figure out my grindy conundrum! Given the prices of most options presented it doesn't look like I'll need to save up to get a grinder during the wait for the Cafelat Robot. I can start off using my M47 for espresso when it arrives and by that time the Kinu M68, Niche and other options may have become available. Another idea I have is to take the Robot for a day out. If I can find a friendly coffee afficionado with one of those high end grinders, I could bring my Robot, M47 and some nice beans along to try side by side and compare. T
  6. I have a Kinu M47 which I use for drip every day. And a Eureka Mignon I haven't used for espresso in a few years but was previously used with a Mypressi Twist, didn't seem to work so well for drip hence the M47.
  7. This is really the crux of the problem; I have no idea.
  8. Right, but because it's a reasonable pairing or because he runs a coffee nirvana and he just happens to have it to hand?
  9. Fairly central (West) London. I think being able to actually try for myself and decide whether I can taste the differences in the cup would make a lot of sense. Right now I really have no reference aside from big expensive grinders in nice coffee shops make tasty coffee. I actually plan on using something similar to the Flair, I backed the Cafelat Robot on kickstarter which will be my only espresso capable device for now. Would a simple lever like that even benefit from a high-end grinder or am I just wasting money?
  10. Thanks for your impressions. Keeping an eye on the Niche, too. I did indeed email Kinu but haven't recieved a response since... almost a week? Maybe I'll try again. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Good to know. @ajohn's comments about coated tools just got me wondering. conspiracykeanu.jpg Seems like an accurate summary. I mean, I don't think it looks great but it's not ruled out which is why I put it in my list earlier. I could go up to £2k without having to save up but right now I'm confused whether I need anything more than a hand grinder for a few hundred?! Around 50cm~ height, same for footprint, maybe? I don't want anything huge. Mmm gloopy. Just espresso / ristretto doses with light roasted beans. No milk, etc. Single
  12. I wonder if any testing has been conducted to confirm manufacturer claims.
  13. Interesting, and I can totally see how rounding off sharp edges or slight defects could be beneficial but it seems you could do this with a quick acid bath or something without the need to coat afterwards, unless I'm missing something?
  14. Coating seems extraneous to the point you're making. If blasting / 'pre-seasoning' is desirable to remove small defects why not integrate it into the manufacturing process as a finishing step without the additional cost of coating afterwards?
  15. z4r9

    Round Hill Roastery

    Tore into the bag of Kii AB this morning and was greeted with a strong waft of jammy dodgers. Nice! Put a cup through the Kalita and it was smooth and fruity with a light mouthfeel and delicate acidity. Lovely on a summer's morning.
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