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  1. Few from home over the bank holiday recently
  2. Went with a Synchronika in the end. The slim looked great though and I've seen people upgrade the valves to lever which I think I would do too. Not sure about the service/maintenance facility but TwoFiftySquare were a pleasure to deal with. I doubt they'd see you stuck to be honest
  3. Mazzer SJ and an ECM Synchronika. Potential to change the grinder but not for a good while. ECM is a machine for life for me. buy once and buy right!
  4. From an outsider looking in at all this, I understand the zero retention benefit of the niche but how does the grind compare to say a Mazzer SJ? (that's what I have).
  5. Ok so I ordered a water test kit. It's actually for aquariums but it test 6 different properties. NO3, NO2, GH, KH, pH, Cl2. In the image the first strip is of Carrick Glen, the bottled water I was using initially. The second strip is Ashbeck from Teaco and the last strip is my own tap water. Amazingly, it looks like my own tap water is the best of the three. The Carrick Glen has very high values for GH (general hardness) and KH (Carbonate hardness). It also has a very high pH value. Ashbeck and my tap water are very similar. Ashbeck has a slightly higher GH value but everything else is very similar. Think I might start bottling my tap water ala Del and Rodney with Peckham Spring! [emoji849]
  6. I'm in Dingle so the water should be better. Last time I buy Limerick water [emoji849]
  7. Wouldn't be hard for it. Jeez in hindsight I could probably tread across Carrick Glen!
  8. It's was a local one, Carrick Glen based in Limerick. Have a bottle of Ashbeck now and will stick with that. I've ordered a water test kit too to see what the tap water is like here. It might be decent.
  9. I have a synchronika so they're SS as far as I know. I've ordered ecms own descaler which should sort the group boiler but I'll use your citric acid routine for the steam boiler.
  10. What descaler would you recommend DaveUk if you don't mind me asking. Will look into getting some ordered. Amazed at how chalky the residue was and can only imagine what it would have done to the machine had I kept using it.
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