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  1. Hi Jonathan, Is this still available? If so, I will take it at asking price.
  2. Nothing better than fitting new seals on a Londinium. Good job đź‘Ť. Out of curiosity, how long did it take you?
  3. New cups courtesy of @joe.baristabeen wanting to try loveramics for a while.
  4. @Cuprajake, if you need some pointers feel free to PM me.
  5. Could I please also take the Loveramics flat white cups as well? Didn't see them initially.
  6. I'll take the Loveramics black 10oz latte cups if that's ok?
  7. My bad, must be the lunar I'm thinking of.
  8. Do the calibration weight that it comes with?
  9. LMLM has always been high on my wish list, the only drawback for me at the time, and the reason I do not own one now was the fake paddle. Now with the new "connected" feature I can overlook that minor bug bare and the LM has escalated up to the top of my list.
  10. So close! Kafatek MC1 on the left and Versalab M3 with M4 belt and pulley upgrade on the right.
  11. I will also be interested if @daveandmairidoesn’t buy.
  12. Thanks both! I'll draft a for sale thread in due course.
  13. Hoping someone could shed some light on a valuation of my Londinium R. Purchased from new in December 2017. It has been fed strictly a 50/50 mix of Waitrose Stretton Hills/Lockhills & Volvic since day one. New Cafelat silicone seals were replaced about 2 months ago as well as well as a new heating element and gasket. There is the usual surface scratches on the drip tray and a couple on the top panel which doesn't seem to show up in the picture. I have previously had this listed for sale, but due to health reasons I became inactive from CF.
  14. The Force Tamper and Barista Swag EVO pitcher
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