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  1. If this were a roasting coffee bean, ramp up was slow, Ist crack barely audible, poor development, visually rough and unpalatable. I can not find anything and that includes my mail box! It is difficult to use and does not inspire me to stay and browse what used to be a useful resource and entertaining place. I have tried the 'burger' and find even that has been misspelled. But guess what, under the burger, the 'donate' button works! No surprises there then! And not an fn chance . If the sites owners want me to assist in making their www fortune they will have to do better than this dogs dinner. The site will certainly not be getting the visits from me that it did under the old format.
  2. Cafe Imports published a similar resource today. https://www.cafeimports.com/north-america/blog/2019/05/17/the-cafe-imports-coffee-variety-glossary-and-gallery-free-educational-resources-available-now/
  3. This morning I found this useful online catalogue for coffee vatieties. https://varieties.worldcoffeeresearch.org/varieties
  4. A couple of pics of the current crop of SL 28 and SL34 being grown on the lush slopes of Meru on the east side of Mt Kenya. Note the uniformity of size and ripeness of the cherry as well as the 'cared for' general appearance of these healthy shrubs and the land. Expectations are high, the last (fly) crop cupped 83 to 88 and this main crop, all being well, should exceed that. I hope that these 'cherries' will find their way into 'What the Postie brought me' , Today's Roast' and 'Whats in my cup this morning' threads!
  5. Many years ago my family went on a similar jaunt to your Badger Watch. Pitch black in the middle of a very large forest. The baits were in place and silence was observed. After a couple of hours a cough was heard. The lights were slowly brought up...cameras were reached for.... and the leopard was on the bait. The cough was the leopard. No problem with bat watchers that night, nor any other I suspect!
  6. A cautionary tale and tip! When I was dismantling the machine I took a great deal of care, particularly when working with the boiler. It always had several layers of old towel to prevent knocks dents and dings etc. When not working on the machine everything was wrapped in bubble wrap etc. Last week came the big day of putting everything back together. I decided to start with the sight glass mounts as I figured this would be easier before attaching the boiler to the base. When these were removed, my spanners had no problem reaching in from the bottom of the boiler. Reassembly was different. The bottom bracket was fine, but the top one was a pig. I could not get enough of a turn to be able to remove spanner and continue. Strange as when taking it off I did not have a problem. What I had to do was use different spanners of the same size alternatively. This meant one of the spanners was to short and was fully inside the boiler and I was have to grip with just finger tips. It resulted in several slips off the nut and jerks so that the spanner collided with the inside of the boiler............. Oh dear. Brackets mounted, line up tested with the glass tube--------then I saw the dints from the inside out. (expletives deleted ) I was gutted. The boiler had been near perfect and I had really goofed. Cost of new boiler...£230 plus carriage....more expletives! Back in the day, I was a skuleboy trombonist and I can remember dents being removed from brass instruments quite often. Google was my friend and I found a local trumpet maker. A week later the boiler is back, and like new. It was not cheap, but it was a whole lot cheaper than a new boiler. AND he had to make a tool to do the job. Apparently the boiler metal is about twice as thick as a brass instrument and that presented a few problems. He did show me the tool, so if any one fancies a go at dent removal, I can give you a description.
  7. If you get a load of sludge in suspension, allow it to stand for a minute or two, then a (literally) drop of iced water will help it settle.
  8. Collected rather than Postie delivered. Should provide a few hours amusement for a couple of forum members and myself!
  9. A final fling. With Sandy Toksvig. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00051qc
  10. From your list you will find that the following have minimum orders: D R Wakefield Mercanta (Possibly) Coffee Hunter Also Inter American And Nordic Approach have no minimum order but they do impose a surcharge of $US 50 on orders below 300kg Olam Speciality (formerly Schluters) are welcoming to small batch roasters and will sell 1 sack with no minimum order. They acknowledge that the roasting scene is changing. They currently have a 30kg Brazilian in stock. Cafe Imports are Germany based but warehouse in the UK. Very helpful and small roaster friendly. Slight disadvantage is that you have to buy at $USD and pay in Euros. Using Transferwise has been easy and economic for me. (https://transferwise.com/) Small Batch Roasting offer a very good service ---small batches --- but at a price. As a rule of thumb, buying a sack direct from an importer is going to be 40/50% cheaper. Research! They also use DPD as a courier. Good and bad there, depending on your location. One of your problems is going to be transport. A sack is transported on a pallet. Not so bad when its a tonne, but expensive for a single sack. Do some local research and see if 30kgs can be transported cheaper by couriers such as DX. You may find your locals can arrange transport cheaper than the importer /warehouse. Research to see if there is a coffee warehouse near you. I know D R Wakefield have sister businesses in Scotland, perhaps there is an opening there, and one that avoids the minimum order? I found them rude and unhelpful when I tried too buy larger quantities, but being local, you may have better luck. Note, it is highly unlikely importers will split a sack and re package. You may be able pick up 'end of batch' lightweight sacks that have been opened for sampling. Perhaps something to consider is teaming up with other similar roasters in your area and doing a 'greens share' to enable collective buying for price, whilst maintaining variety in your selection. Ps.Note weights are gross weight!
  11. With a bit of a fiddle, (practise makes it easier) lids from these storage pots fit snuggly to the lens hood. A quick push down gives enough puff to lift the doser lid. https://www.wilko.com/wilko-250ml-round-container-4-pack/p/0317346
  12. Welcome and good luck with the Amazon. As you are jumping straight in, be prepared to chuck several kilos into the bin. I suggest you buy 30/60kgs of a reasonable quality but still moderately priced Brazilian to keep the costs in check whilst still having something drinkable when you do 'click'!
  13. Briggs and Stratton Fuel Fit is economic and effective when correctly used. I am told there is a also a product that the military use which will keep fuel good for 5 years. Name escapes me, sorry. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Briggs-and-Stratton-fuel-Fit-992381/261823092054?epid=2254476542&hash=item3cf5df5556:m:mepjO4nUHzi8UVcsXm-nlPw
  14. Are you following the makers instructions re temperature/pressure, pre infusion time and length of time you pull to achieve a given weight? I always find the makers instructions a good starting point or a 'fall back to' when it all goes wrong!
  15. @DavecUK Thanks for your input. As you point out VacPac is expensive, but it is an airfreight option that must be looked at. Importers that I deal with use them successfully. I have bought several with less damage than some jute and GrainPro combis. In fact they have been re-used again to ship via ParcelForce! And it is for high end coffee, so the expense MAY be justified. It is an on-going project that I have been involved in for a couple of years.
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