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  1. Thanks for your input. The message was read yesterday. I await his reply, as I am sure others are who I know have written with concerns in the same vein. Tom Hughes has contacted me with apologies for an innocent omission, so not a software problem.
  2. What a great idea this forum is! Over the last three weeks or so I have sent @TomHughes and @Tait private messages with a couple of follow up nudges each. To date no reply or acknowledgement has been received. The messages (from me) are shown as sent. I also understand that other members have experienced similar problems with PM's to admin. Is there some software or other problem, either at my end or yours?
  3. You may also find the minimum order a bit fierce.
  4. Welcome, and I am sure several will look forward to your reports of the Cremina!
  5. I would review the new revised forum rules as there have been a few changes made in the interests of good behaviour!
  6. Note, the dome nut is reverse thread, it loosens clockwise. Picture show bottom to top order and a new felt washer in situ for clarity. @Mm391
  7. Starting from the bottom up. felt washer (hande carefully it tears easily) sits inside the bottom of the sweeper--a washer type thing with sharks teeth and made of alloy metal and plastic it has two locating lugs on top bottom burr that has two recesses for above lugs two washers, one split one normal. Pass on which order but I place the split above the normal. dome head nut top burr use the red arrow on top burr to 'align' mark in red and rotate right to 'lock' mark in red. I hope this helps. Pics available if you need them.
  8. Look for the banners at the top of the page for sponsors---click. I have a few roast sharers who are local to me.
  9. Google is your friend. Try looking at the forum sponsors first. I tried Google, the first one was Horsham Roasters. They had an interesting offer on Costa Ricans, a dual buy of a natural and a honey process. Sorry I can't be more specific as I do not buy roasted coffee! I roast my own! And yes I do have some red honey proceess C-R!
  10. Even weirder...you could have scrolled down the Roasting forum and found....... Falcon Speciality ---new operation! 😄
  11. Really! You two ladies ( @MildredM and @mmmatron) should know better! Do you not realise the anguish you are causing those testosterone deficients who for years have believed that size doesn't matter?
  12. You have set quite a difficult one here..... OK. Working from your liking for milk and not fruitiness (!) I am going to suggest what some may think is absurd. Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees just lurve milk. They are known for fruitiness but to avoid this, I would suggest going for natural process with both and/or washed process that has been roasted to medium dark. The darker end of roasting tends to remove the fruity tastes and emphasis the chocolaty/caramel tastes. As a very broad statement, the natural process coffees tend to be less fruity than the same coffee that has been t
  13. Here ya go..... http://coffeetime.wikidot.com/amazon-dalian-roaster-power-control-mod
  14. This link to the SCAA advice on cupping may help, it's a good read. http://www.scaa.org/?page=resources&d=cupping-protocols&mod=article_inline Below is a Cut and Paste of the relevant part to original question: "Acidity Acidity is often described as "brightness" when favorable or "sour" when unfavorable. At its best, acidity contributes to a coffee's liveliness, sweetness, and fresh- fruit character and is almost immediately experienced and evaluated when the coffee is first slurped into the mouth. Acidity that is overly intense or dominating may be unpleasant, how
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