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  1. Hi, only thing I’ve found is if I get sloppy on the weight and overfill it feels like the basket has been over pressurised and I get an audible pressure release noise when I remove the basket, when you look at the grinds in the basket it looks like they’re swollen and flush with the basket head rather than a nice clean puck. When I pay attention to the weight or go slightly under 18grms life’s good.
  2. Hi, just taken the plunge and purchased a specialita, dialled it in pretty easily, decent accuracy using the timer and .1 sec adjustments and no clumping. Always a fine line between sounding a smart [email protected] and passing on useful information but it’s a definite step up from a feldgrind. Grinding is pretty clean if I grind into a container but i do get overspill when using the sage dtp basket, so I’ve ordered a dosing funnel. When I get chance I’ll upload a video of the grind. Its nice, it’s shiny, it’s new, I’m a fella, I’ve got a new toy, All good. ??
  3. Hi, would you accept £170 for the Mignon posted? Regards neil
  4. Hi the Wife has convinced me to buy new and take the two year guarantee thanks for getting back to me but I’ll pass at this moment in time
  5. Happy to collect I’m an hour from Telford so wanted to see where in the west mids
  6. H where in the West Midlands please?
  7. Hi thanks for the prompt response but I’d be after the simple clip as I only brew at home, I bought my feldgrind of a forum member and had one of your simple clips attached but it’s lost its tension so doesn’t keep hold of the handle. If you do a run of the simple clips please let me know.
  8. Hi I’m still interested as per the last post which clip do you have available please?
  9. I can imagine it’s frustrating waiting for a grinder, I placed an order for rubber sleeves a couple of months back and have heard nothing. My comments are meant to tease you but you’ll forget the wait once you receive one. Quality product and I hope he continues to bring them to the market for a long time to come. If i have to replace my feldgrind I’d happily buy again and accept the wait.
  10. Hi, I used the feldgrind for my V60, perfect, and a lot better than the hario skerton, less fines and the grind is a lot more uniform so i’d definitely recommend for V60. I upgraded to a Sage DTP and the feldgrind is pretty damn good for grinding espresso, uniform grind, quick, easy to adjust and solid and although the cylinder body detached that was easy to fix. I have an order placed at knock for a new rubber sleeve and haven’t received a reply or my order in two months so I can understand some of the comments against knock on the delivery side but you can’t fault the grinder when you have one and you see and feel the design and engineering time that’s gone into it. Would wholeheartedly recommend buying one if you can get hold of one.
  11. Hi I could be interested in this but when I applied the code it removed 24.99 from the eureka but nothing else, is it mix and match and apply at checkout? Thanks
  12. Hi Norvin, could I order one for a Sage DTP please. Thanks Neil
  13. Hi the grinder mechanism on my field detached from the alloy body ( see help feldgrind thread), I used loctite 638. If it’s metal to metal that would work.
  14. Neilbdavies

    Coffee Hit CUPS

    I was waiting to get paid before going for loveramics but couldn’t resist, cups ordered. Thanks for posting.
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