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  1. Very nice! Its on my want list, and thats probably where it will stay
  2. Hey, Expensive is certainly one way of putting it lol Ive only got the smart grinder, if I knew what I do now I would NOT have brought that along with it looking to upgrade soon to either the Eureka Mignon or the Atom, I want to use a VST basket and all I've read online is the smart grinder is no good, I was unsure if the mignon is good enough though, thats when I started thinking about the Atom
  3. Hello All, Ive been looking around this site for a few months now, but haven't posted anything and made an account a few weeks ago, But anyway, I have a friend who has the sage barista express and he made me the odd coffee (which I liked and thought the machine was pretty snazzy) anyway I ended up buying a cheap £50 delonghi machine, thought it was amazing until I had another of my friends coffee's so I got on eBay and a barista express popped up for £300 so I purchased it, had about 3 months with it really liked it, and then I started reading about the dual boiler having commercial size porta filter etc, and started wanting that, the next thing I've brought one. now im obsessed and looking to perfect my coffee making skills Thats pretty much my story Mike
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