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  1. Calypso Coffee Company on fleet street, only went a couple of times but had a nice filter each time. If heading away from Torquay, the Almond Thief in Dartington is great and couple of good places in Totnes and some great places in Exeter.
  2. Hi, been living out in New Zealand a couple of months now and hand grinding for espresso is really starting to irritate! I know the Baratza Sette had a pretty poor reliability record, but are the more recent ones any more sorted? I had planned on buying a used commercial grinder, but they make a load of money out here (used Super Jolly seem to be about £350). Prices for a Sette 270 comes to about £280 I have wanted a Niche, but held off buying before we left, trouble is, with delivery and import duty etc that is going to come in about £800 which is more than wanting to pay for a Grinder. Any help greatly appreciated
  3. I ordered a few times and think just depends how long before their next roast day, I think one was almost a week to be dispatched. However, I was so impressed by how good the coffee was the wait is well worth while. Maybe it would be helpful if it mentioned on their website roast days so you knew when to expect your order.
  4. Hi, As I'm heading out to New Zealand next week for an extended amount of time. I am wondering what is the best long term (1-2 years) storage for my single group Brasilia Portofino, boiler is around 2 litres. Am I better leaving the water in boiler and HX which has been boiled or take the element out and drain it down, my only thought with the latter is there will still be more pockets of water in various parts of the machine that I'm not able to get to and can't easily get the HX empty as don't want to be stripping it all down. The machine will be left in a warm location so no worries about frost etc. Not wanting to sell as will be back at point. All the best Patrick
  5. Off to New Zealand for a year or two, so the espresso machine will be going into storage. Still wanting good coffee, filter will have to be new drink of choice, will be drinking V60 and French Press I would imagine. As per title looking for the best budget hand grinder. I've looked at similar threads to this and the Porlex mini seems to come well regarded? Is this still the recommended hand grinder? Ideally would like to spend around £50 but if can get something significantly better would spend up to £100. Thanks in advance Patrick
  6. terio

    Cartwheel Coffee

    I'd say exactly the same, had a couple small bags that were delicious and just started the kilo of Guatemalan this morning. All have been brilliant! The natural Honduras was fantastic, wish I hadn't faffed so much waiting to order a kilo, as was away and now it is sold out.
  7. Rimini 59mm Burr Grinder with Doser. I changed the burrs when I first got this and have probably ground at most 15Kg with them, it has a simple stepped adjuster where just rotate the collar. Some slight peeling of the paint on the right hand side and missing the lid to the doser. Looking for £35, did me well for 6 or so months until I upgraded. Pick up Only from Glasgow G12.
  8. Great write up, I have been wondering for a long time if this would work with my Eureka 65mm, glad to see that it is possible. Appreciate you say that there has been an improvement, would you say the improvement is worth the cost and time, or is it only very subtle? Probable like most, I keep wanting to improve and get better coffee and this could tick the box. Have you noticed the motor struggling at all grinding with the bigger burrs? Patrick
  9. Seeing this looks great, and I've seen the ready made shot timers before. I was wondering if anybody could point me in the direction of a battery powered timer with a hall sensor, please? I have found count up/down displays with a sensor that are battery powered but not a timer. All the timers and sensors I have found need wiring in, I'm sure it wouldn't be the hardest thing to do, but battery power and no faffing with the electrics is a lot more appealing. I also don't need any additional functionality, just the time the shot takes. Cheers Patrick
  10. I bought one of these tampers in the link below at the start of the year and have been really impressed with it. I also bought a VST basket at the same time, this tamper wouldn't fit in my old basket when i tried out of curiosity. As other have said, I bought a "58mm" tamper when I first got my machine and it wasn't 58mm, it measured similar to your current one does. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Italian-Walnut-Competition-Coffee-Tamper-58-5mm-Wood-Handle/401464748388?hash=item5d7929e964:g:luYAAOSwy4hUT6BV:rk:2:pf:0
  11. Hi, I've read all the Niche posts with a lot of interest and seen a lot on how impressed everyone is with the Niche, both the grind, the lack of retention and general build quality. I currently have a Eureka 65mm with a doser and accept the faff that brings. Would the step upto a Niche in purely grind quality terms justify the expense of purchasing? I appreciate it would be a lot quicker and easier than my current set up, but would I be able to get a significantly better coffee than my current grinder. It will be used for espresso with a Brasilia single group heat exchanger machine. Any help greatly appreciated Patrick
  12. Hi, sorry for delay in replying. The solid lens hood looks great! Especially with the cap, I have to use the plastic bit from my scales to stop the beans popping out. As requested, here are a couple of pics of the grinder with the lens hood. I may well copy you and get a solid one. All the best Patrick
  13. Hi, I thought that I had replied to the thread ages ago, clearly not! I ended up ordering the 49mm from amazon, it fits pretty well. I took the metal ring for attaching it to a camera out and now fits in pretty snuggly. It would probably benefit from being glued in, as following another recommendation on here I bought a drain unblocking plunger from Screwfix to blow the old grounds out. This means sometimes it comes off when blowing out the shoot, but fine in normal grinding with beans in. Hope one of the ones you have ordered fits, all the best. Patrick
  14. Hi, Appologies if this has been covered, I tried having a look and the majority came up with info for Mazzers grinders etc. I have a Eureka MDMCA 65mm burr grinder which I believe is the same as a Simonelli MDX. The opening that the existing hopper fits into is 52.5mm, which size lens hood would be best, I think my options are either 49mm or 52mm. To my mind 52mm seems closest, but having never seen a lens hood in the flesh, I'm assuming the size corresponds to the plastic threads and the rubber looks as if it might be a little wider? As the hood will need to fit within the existing opening, perhaps the 49mm would fit best? It won't be possible to stretch it how I have seen them installed on the other threads. Any help greatly appreciated. Patrick
  15. Hi, Just thought I would say, I took a punt on the Cafelat E61 seal. Snug but fits! I bought the blue one, but think I should have gone red, as handle could be a bit closer to the 6 O'clock position. Also changed the O ring that sits behind the shower screen. Seems all good for now so hopefully thats a job done. Although, I will buy the red seal in the next couple of days so that the portafilter fits in at a better lock in position.
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