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  1. Thanks that’s good to hear Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Hey Coffee Forumers I'm looking for some advice on grinder setups. I'm currently looking at the Niche Zero which from what I understand is an espresso grinder that can also do filter aswell and can dial in-between with little hassle. Before I take the plunge I just wanted to get some feedback on whether this machine is more of a jack of all trades type machine, and if I should rather go with a specialised espresso grinder + filter grinder that would yield better results taste wise e.g. a Sette 270 and a Comandante and would come out around the same price (£70 more) Thanks Sent fro
  3. This is just a notion I got from watching a coffee lecture by Matt Perger YouTube. I'm not sure what they did but he suggested that water can only penetrate the coffee grinds by a few tenths of a mm since they're made of cellulose so there is wasted unextracted coffee in the middle if grinding coarser. Might be all bs pseudoscience but it kind of made sense since most of my pours from the first pour if a skip the bloom tastes great but pours after tend to extract lesser good flavours since I'm just rewashing the already extracted outer parts. This is the kind of stuff that makes me que
  4. What's your brewing method may I ask as I've tried the 4:6 and this method which both seemed fine but I'm trying to find a method that would enable a finer grind so there's less wasted coffee
  5. 40 second bloom with a 60% pour followed by a second pour, that takes to to around 2:30-245 which is the usual for me but it did taste overextracted but I can't go coarser so I would probably have to mess with the brew time etc. Yup the sellers agreed to a return which is very nice, I think the Pharos is capable but it doesn't seem to be the jump up from my old espresso grinder as I thought it would be so lesson learned I guess ?
  6. Yep misspoke, by slippage I meant you can't always leave the Allen key in when adjusting if the adjustment I want is under the handle, so when I'm putting the Allen key back in it slips and I lose my setting.
  7. Been realllly debating getting one of those ? Think I've spent more time debating what colour to get rather than whether i should actually get it or not. What colour did you get?
  8. What parameters are you looking for? The only thing I think I left out it brew temperature and taste? The Sette is for espresso, I use the virtuoso for anything pourover What I am saying is this thing clogs more than my Sette and I guess now isn't designed to do drip so ? I assumed this was common knowledge, this is less to do with the damaged adjustment pin and more to do with the design, even on the OE videos the owner has keep the adjustment nut very steady while he tightens it and even when he does slip his adjustments seem to be more forgiving with his grinder hence m
  9. 250ml to 15g in 2:30, it tastes good but nothing amazing, but it is very muddy as well as having large grinds. I was under the illusion that I would be able to get a grinder that could do both or at least switch between espresso and a medium grind which after doing more research it's clear that isn't a good idea. But under the description of the listing it said I would be easy to "dial from Turkish to a caffetierre blend with ease" and this before I did some more research. Even taking this into account this "dust" that you are saying will occur regardless is more than I'm getting out of my old
  10. Using the proper basket (just double checked - i am, thank f***) Followed the videos, there seemed to be contradictions in some of the videos as some of the first ones ask the user to keep the 3 outer screws loose and focus on the inner 4 to maintain alignment while one video says screw the outer 3 tightly and that should maintain a good alignment just by themselves ?, the most recent one says is the one I’m following which is to make sure everything is secure in terms of the 3 outer screws and loosen the inner 4 screws and feel out for any rubbing. I’ve gotten better at the grip but I
  11. Didn't realise the consistency of speed was a factor (duh I guess). Speed is as consistent I can be but grip is an issue aswell. Espresso machine is a sage dual boiler. Darkwoods barrel aged coffee - bought it this week. From the videos I've seen they recommend 3/4 from zero which was fine for the first shot I did with the machine, but now it seems to clog every now and again.
  12. On the contrary I like the seller, he's been very helpful and has been great with communication in regards to his personal dials for espresso. Im just a bit frustrated as a brand new one not including import tax would be £270, unless these issues are standard for all pharos' which Rob1 says they aren't. Rob1 says (even though I'm not under the illusion anymore or getting a grinder that can do both chemex and espresso) that the grinder should be able to do a v60 grind but when I pulled one with pictures the amount of fines and bolders in anything past a 1 from zero is in my opini
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