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  1. A colleague told me this morning he was sick for 3 days on Hollidays after drinking something that came out of a coffee vending machine in a Romania gas station. He said it was horrible, tasted like burnt rubber. (And he actually likes the p*ss that dribbles out of the vending machine at work!) But it sure did keep him awake (and running to the bathroom). He could laugh about it. Sort of.
  2. tohenk2

    Mattress Help

    I've got the 25cm Tempur (180x210) that is quite heavy and use the motor to fold the mattress so I can easily change the sheets. Got no clue where you can get anything similar for your budget.
  3. tohenk2


    yep, to me it is a keeper. Thanks.
  4. I *think* of these 2 I would choose the Bianca. (Only saw them at WOC2018, I did not use them)
  5. @RhysSince you said the trouble began after an update - is it possible to go back to the previous firmware and see if that helps?
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