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  1. If you like hot, try Flower Brand Vesuvio (Ground Habanero peppers) - It's nice and cheap (around 2 EU for a small jar).
  2. What type of low water detection do you have? (Photo?)
  3. If you set the steam boiler (aka service boiler) temp to 130C and it got to 140C ... then possible things to look at are: - doublecheck you entered 130C (and not something much higher) - the measurement of the temp (Thermostat fault) - the programming of the PID? (If you set the bandwith or something else like reaction time at a setting too large it could cause an overshoot) - ...
  4. I polished a KvdW tamper for a friend. I used a big cotton pad on a drill press with polishing paste. I use a Made by Knock black Heft 585 (I can't find it anymore on their website, but IIRC it is some treated black metal, not a surface finish, but it is sort of matte) and a Torr Toys Black DLC coated 58.4 tamper. I put them in (Motta) wooden holders to prevent scratching (works).
  5. A colleague told me this morning he was sick for 3 days on Hollidays after drinking something that came out of a coffee vending machine in a Romania gas station. He said it was horrible, tasted like burnt rubber. (And he actually likes the p*ss that dribbles out of the vending machine at work!) But it sure did keep him awake (and running to the bathroom). He could laugh about it. Sort of.
  6. tohenk2

    Mattress Help

    I've got the 25cm Tempur (180x210) that is quite heavy and use the motor to fold the mattress so I can easily change the sheets. Got no clue where you can get anything similar for your budget.
  7. tohenk2


    yep, to me it is a keeper. Thanks.
  8. I *think* of these 2 I would choose the Bianca. (Only saw them at WOC2018, I did not use them)
  9. @RhysSince you said the trouble began after an update - is it possible to go back to the previous firmware and see if that helps?
  10. Coffeebeans are not always the same. It takes only one (or maybe two) burnt bean(s) to spoil a cup. If you use a blend you could get more or less beans from one variety or the other. If your grinder has stale grinds and you do not purge ... or if you forgot to clean etc. etc. The obvious clash of toothpaste taste or food (fine garlic dinner the night before?) was not the case, but indeed those things can make a difference as well.
  11. tohenk2

    Cat lovers

    I found the official site with the legislation, registration is mandatory since november 2017, castration and sterilization since april 2018 - so old news 😉 And breeding cats is allowed if you are a registered breeder. https://www.vlaanderen.be/castratie-identificatie-en-registratie-van-katten
  12. tohenk2

    Cat lovers

    I went to Belgium this past weekend - and heard they are getting a legislation of having to register all owned cats (chipping them) and then those cats are mandatory neutered/castrated/sterilized. No breeding is allowed. Any cat captured that is not chipped will be chipped etc. if anybody wants it, else it will be put to death after a while. So, if true and this gets upheld, in 30 years or so there will be a lot of foreign cats in Belgium.
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