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  1. Duh. When trying I realized that I can't enter the special menu as well. I will switch to tank operated.
  2. I understand. Different problems, maybe related, maybe not. Not having the machine up close is a challenge. My error seeking is probably erratic, also because of the multiple problems. Communicating this way has limitations - but the answers are helpfull! 1) The time and date do not change. At all. It says 10:54 Thursday now for a few days. All other data, like profile, temperature, pressure etc. does change and is correctly displayed. And no, because the touch button left down is needed to enter the date and time settings I can not even try to alter it. Oh the name issue! I will go look what my machine is called. 2) uh. might have if my wife hasn't cleared it - the photo helps! I don't remember the labels on my display. Hmm. I forgot to reseat the RS232 cable. Will try that as well. 4)plumbed, and filling up nicely. It does fill a bit late for my taste, but it never runs dry. (waterlevel might be around 1/4- before it fills to 1/2+). I filled up the watertank to full capacity to test, and it happened as well. (timeout filling up)
  3. Yes it seems like a lot doesn't it. The display pad left down was already faulty before the fuse blew, filling up time-outs happened as well for a week before. Time and date being stuck on thursday 10:54 is "new". I already reseated the flat cords in control box and display but I do not have a spare around. (Are those cords something that can be found online?) Could the time and date being "stuck" indicate I need a new battery on the Cigar board? Yes I mean filling the service boiler. Sometimes after steaming the solenoid clicks and I can hear the pump engaging after that. Sometimes I can hear something what I think is the solenoid straining to open, no click. In that case the pump doesn't come on. If I switch the V off for a minute and then on again it will click and the pumps starts to fill up the boiler. (If I was slow or not around and the time-out already happened I have to switch off and on with the 240V because the time-out condition won't go away otherwise.) I will try to check the PID settings.
  4. Sorry - copied and pasted some text and don’t know how to adjust to the normal text-size.
  5. Thanks, the 10A fuse does the trick (the temporary ECM powerinlet is rated for 10A, so I didn’t want to start higher) and the V works again. More or less. All profiles are there and work correctly, temperature, pressure, steam etc are good and data on screen is correct. There are a few issues left: -Time and date are stuck -Touchpad button most to the left down doesn’t respond- I need that one to set the time or choose profile 4 (already reseated the cables both in the controlbox and display) - Filling the boiler sometimes times out (particularly when the temperature reaches 94°C or higher when the PID overshoots) (I have replaced the ODE BDA 14,5VA solenoid completely, it did not make a difference). Shutting down and let the complete machine cool down for a few minutes sort of resets the machine, and it fills the boiler again. I can hear a click when the solenoid works, and a sort of straining noise when it does not.
  6. There are a few options, ECM, La Pavoni and Lelit make kits. I was wondering as well, started with someone asking what the flow was with the lowest possible pressure setting.
  7. Yes it does. Shall we continue on PM or on the forum?
  8. Hi Dave, How much would the total be if you shipped it to me? (are recent things like the pre-infusion and wifi installable?) kind regards, Henk
  9. ok thanks. I hope that explains why the second fuse blew. I thought that was on the (factory issue) replacement fuse, but the lettering was pretty shallow, even under a magnifying glass. The first fuse was - well, fused in the powerinlet. What was left of it. Once again, thanks for the reply and effort to help. The group doesn't leak as far as I know. The lever popping up is annoying to me, but it does not pop up that much that there is fresh water coming through the E61 grouphead in the portafilter. I think. (Might block the outlet.) Group seals - do you mean the seals of the boilers? Or the one in the OPV in front? The rubbers inside the E61 were hard after a year or two. The rubber seal of the E61 portafilter was hard after a year and is replaced by a teflon ring by Cafatek. That is still fine after 4 years. I can't tell you why the cam and pins were worn. I do not backflush often. I clean the E61 and lubricate the spindle and cam and pins maybe once every year and a half (and then I put new spindle seals in as well - jus as a precaution. The things are inexpensive.) But I guess the lubrication was not regular enough then. Or the brass of my cam/pins is softer? (I have RVS bolts in my rooftop railing - all but two are fine. Why those 2 are not? No idea. Luck of the draw I guess.) The pins and cam of my now handed down and 20 years old Bezerra Galatea Domus are fine. My 240V cord has a molded right angle connector as well. Both the old one and the new one. Thanks for the link!
  10. I changed the cord, the powerinlet, fuse (with the spare) and the spade-connector that was melted.
  11. Thanks for the replies! 1) possible, the rubber might be getting old after 5 years? I read something about Viton replacements? 2) last time I checked the group the metal bits (cam and the camshaft tappets?) were worn, but I did not have the original parts as spares - would generic parts do? 3) The lever arm was not left up. It swings up (see 2), but does not allow water trough the grouphead as far as I know. Because I do not like the swing I place something in front of the lever. It was in the "down" position when this happened. 4) drip tray could indeed be a red herring. It was emptied, and I do this quite often (I don't like the stuff left on the bottom of the tray, so I do this regularly. At least once, sometimes twice a day). By now I have opened up the machine. The 240V fuse, powerinlet and cord were completely fried. I was lucky that it didn't start a fire. I didn't see anything wrong with the powerswitch, but I don't trust it completely. I put in a new powerinlet (ECM, it falls out, but will do the job for now), a new cord and I used the spare fuse. The Vesuvius came on, brought the boilers to my preset temp. The pump worked. But after 15 minutes or so the machine died again. this time it was only the fuse. So the underlying problem is still to be found, I will check your suggestions. Is the correct fuse a "L 6A 250V"? As to the "still no puddles under the machine today" - No, no reference to earlier leakage. I was just afraid I might see it. The Vesuvius did not ever leak/still does not leak. I contacted Paolo by telephone - he is ok. (more important to me than the machine! but it wouldn't feel good doing nothing about it... ) He asked me to put everything in an email and I'm sure he will look into it when the world gets more nomal again.
  12. Yesterday I got a lot of water in the drip tray. In the afternoon I heard something - at first I thought It was water - and started filming. While doing so I changed my opinion about the noise, it sounded more like sparks. This realization came to late! Before I flipped the switch the Vesuvius went dark. I pulled the cord and left it alone. I will open it up today and will try to see if there is something to salvage ... At least there were still no puddles under the machine today.
  13. tohenk2

    NFC shipping

    I actually filled in 2 before I noticed I should only order 1. (My daughter who lives very close by me also has a Niche). The total went to €18,82 or something like that before I reset the counter to 1.
  14. tohenk2

    NFC shipping

    Ordered! Thanks!
  15. Thanks for the reply John - I remembered a funnel with magnets. Could very well be the one you mention, but obviously I mixed things up
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