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  1. As said before - if it tastes good, don't overthink it. If you think the distribution of the grinds is off (for whatever reason) you can shake the cup, stir in the cup or portafilter or do any combination of it you like. A puck leveling device can be nice - I use one but I'm not sure it really helps distributing the bottom part so I also stir in the portafilter (WDT) before I use that.
  2. I’m on my way now!
  3. I would love to buy some classic small black Airscapes - does anybody knows if Rave sells them?
  4. I got it from a friendly tech who was visiting a shop I happened to be in.
  5. I got a KvdW screen. Looks nice on my V. Sorry, upload of images doesn't seem to work for me today. First thing I noticed was that the surface is much smoother than the surface of the IMS WM35. The puck sticks to it more often, and the outside cleans better with just a flush. I still use the Espazzola though if I want to clean it properly. Does anybody knows the hole size? (IMS states the pattern, number of holes and size on the inside as well as the size of the holes of the woven mesh) The dispersion looks nice (but I don't know if that makes a difference)
  6. I'm trying to think how that could be possible.
  7. I can tell you the combination Niche Zero, Vesuvius and matching M towels is stunning!
  8. ok thanks. I guess I stopped reading that when the layering part didn't seem to be … lets call it practical (I don't even own a set of Kruve sifters, or want to use them first.)
  9. Ok - missed that, can anyone point me in the right direction to read up on it?
  10. tohenk2

    O o h

    Congratulations on pulling through! I recently came to know about the Rotapro (it is new in the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, Netherlands) and wanted to share with you about it. Maybe it has some merrit for you. Think of a Dremel, but then in a way, way better quality, that is used to clear bloodvessels when a stent is not possible straight away. It might spare you opening the thorax and having a bypass.
  11. Sorry - can't resist... The "wires" distribute . Stirring with them is also called WDT (Weiss Distribution Technique - named after someone on a forum who discribed it.) The ONA-OCD types with 3, 2 or 1 ridge flatten the top. Usually they also tamp. Distributing is debatable -they might distribute a bit but no way near as thorough as the wires. (OCD is the best known, has superior quality and feel and started a trend - but the Chinese produced plastic ones before that, so knock-off is to harsh for those or the similar ones from Costa's or Mahlgut etc.) BTW Socrates Coffee measured the impact on TDS and EY%. In their tests the wedge type came out better in that regard than the clovertypes.
  12. just in case somebody sees one of these somewhere (but maybe it needs to be a seperate thread?): Dear Customer, Recently, the Fiorenzato M.C: Srl company had a robbery for a huge qunatity of coffee grinder as follows: Model F04E, serial number from 368154 to 368253 . Model F05GA, serial number from 368929 to 369028. Model F04GA, serial number from 369691 to 369790. Model F64E, serial number from 368419 to 368518. Model F06GA, serial number from 369226 to 369274. Model F63KA serial number from 369593 to 369617. Model F64EVO, serial number from 368254 to 368278. Model F64E XGi, serial number from 368279 to 368303. Model F64EVO XGi, serial number from 368519 to 368543. In case that You receive any offer from a different supplier outside of our official distribution net, please verify carefully the serial numbers, asking them in advance: if they were the above ones, please contatct us immediately. If the offered products were without the silver label of the serial number, it is high possible that the goods comes from the robbery. In this case, we beg you to contact us urgently. The coffee grinders without the label of the serial number or with the above mentioned serial numbers aren’t under warranty because they haven’t been treated with any quality procedure. Thank You in advance for Your cooperation. Fiorenzato M.C. Srl
  13. Congratulations to Paul and Kristel Pratt with the 2019 Prize for Best new product from the SCA (Consumer Coffee or Tea Preparation & Serving Equipment - Non-Electrical)
  14. I have a spare Vesuvius crate. If anybody wants it (free) I can take it along. The bottom is a bit damaged but can be repaired easily, the rest is good.
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