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  1. You could pour some water over it before you move the plastic box? That way it is less likely to fly everywhere.
  2. @Northern_Monkey that looks like a cat that has chosen well
  3. Over here in the Netherlands you can take an insurance for your cat(s) that covers necessary operations. You might never need it (I hope so), but it is an option.
  4. tohenk2

    This forum

    Hmm. just out of curiosity - I *thought* left meant comunism or at the least socialism. And Right stands for more capitalism. Making money points to the right, correct? And if to make money there are measures in place - then that is not something left, I would think. Are you really under the impression that "Big Brother" is not watching public forums like this? Since it is public, it would think the opposite. Everybody can watch this.
  5. tohenk2

    BBC Tv Licence

    I don't agree fully with "As conscious beings, we exist only in response to other things." (Bullshit from me: On being educated - I think there was a time when everybody "educated" believed the earth was flat. Hmm. Only to say some "cornerstone facts" are not thought about or checked at all. Yes, I am guilty as just charged by myself and as stated in this paper 🤣. And being educated and being smart are indeed two very different things.)
  6. We have had a lot of cats. (My daughter has two cats that had litters, so there are going to be some kittens soon to accompany the two older cats.) Not one wanted to go near coffee in any form. Or latte. They all seem to hate the stuff, even the kittens when they visited. (I can practically see them thinking "what a wast of good milk").
  7. The ECM set cost me €216,- (shop) I wanted the Lelit unit when it was introduced in Amsterdam (World Of Coffee). I could not order it. I was told it would NEVER be available for something other than repairs. (And that serialnr's would be checked to find any problems with QC etc. It was not only that they just started production and wanted to sell machines and not parts. They realy really did not want it on other machines.) Since then Profitec and ECM have introduced a kit (Profitec with a black faceplate on the pressuregauge and the text Pompa, ECM with a white faceplate and the text
  8. Thanks Dave! The reasons I went with this one are simple: I liked the stainles steel mushroom and it was available. I still might get a Lelit one - and I'm curious why you wish I had chosen differently?
  9. I fitted the one from ECM. The kit contains a stainless steel mushroom and valve system that I used. I did not use the spring and pressuregauge. The lower spring on the V seemed to do just fine as is. I could be mistaken off course. @DavecUK - Am I? And I already had a pressure gauge in place (from Orman, the one in the kit is branded ECM but I think it also is made by Orman.) I think the V measures flow and uses a table to display a corresponding pressure. So if you fiddle around with flow during brewing it might be that the V just has a hard time to stay at
  10. Thanks for the help on this - as described here and shown in the video @Border_all linked to in another thread, it now closes completely.
  11. Thanks! I Didn't see that video before - and it helped. I can now shut the flow completely!
  12. I now have fitted one on my Vesuvius. Sitting at home ... 🤐 It does seem to be able to decrease the volume of water per second. Based on the "Whole Latte Love"videos I expected it to be able to cut down the flow completely. The one I fitted can not do that, not even at boilerpressure only. Don't know if it would make a difference at all, but ... I would like to know if it should be able to shut off. I contacted ECM via their website/e-mail, but got no response yet. I'll try again next week.
  13. I now have one too. It seems to be a v2 (smaller, round knob) and in the "Whole Latte Love" video they said the v2 should be able to shut off the flow completely. Therfore I was expecting to be able to stop the flow completely, but mine does not/is not able to do that. It does slow down the flow, or decreases the volume per second (if measured without puck and only boilerpressure). I already contacted ECM via e-mail, but so far I got no response whatsoever. So - are there other units able to shut down the flow completely? (I set the pressure to test it at boiler pressure only...)
  14. I just see this image of Sasa Sestic smashing coffee beans with a rock while traveling (It was a week old post on Instagram)
  15. I think Catpuccino is right. The flow also depends on the showerscreen you have in place. I use a Kees van der Westen screen, that has more holes towards the center and a different pattern than most. To fantasize a bit: it is for instance possible that someone (previous owner, someone in your household, guest) accidentally pushed the showerscreen up (dosed way to much coffee and wrangled the portafilter in place regardless).
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