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  1. Sold pending payment to @Dicko1307
  2. I’ll give it until this evening and if I haven’t heard I will call it sold to you. Cheers
  3. I’ll let you know what happens but you are first in line should the above not happen 👍🏻
  4. As you asked first happy to sell at asking price given the interest below? Let me know. cheers, Simon
  5. I haven’t used it for single dosing before so not sure to be honest.
  6. Hi, For sale is my Eureka Atom 60E which I have owned since new. Purchased from Bella Barista in January 2018. Used for home use, consumption roughly 200g a week so about 25kg of beans through it give or take. Cosmetically item is in as new condition with no scrapes or bumps. Will ship with original grinds bin, portafilter fork, bean auger and new 65mm burrs which I had planned to fit at some point as an upgrade but never got round to it. Any questions please let me know. Payment via PayPal (+fees), happy to ship as I have all the original packaging. Selling due to moving to single dosing. Many thanks, Simon £325 ono
  7. Yes just pull out. Have started filling hopper with enough beans for 2-3 days worth of use rather than single dosing like I was on the mignon. Difference in taste is hard to comment on as have changed to B.B beans also. Certainly I would say my shots seem more complex and am getting some nice mottling on the Crema which I haven’t seen before. Burrs seem to be settling down a bit now, getting quite a consistent dose now.
  8. A couple more pictures of the Atom for anyone considering one. Takes about 10s to grind 17g dose and getting quicker as burrs season. Nice and compact if tight for space. The grind container is a nice touch and useful for the morning purge.
  9. So as expected didn't last long with the Mignon, limited with kitchen unit height I went for an atom which just fits. Very pleased with it and great service from BB. Dosing is settling down a bit now I've run a few kilos of beans through it. I've started using their milk buster blend which I am really enjoying. Machine came with the enhanced plumb in kit which should be next weekends fun once I've plucked up the courage to take a hole saw to our kitchen counter
  10. I currently use a mignon and it is a great grinder for the price. This is a bargain. Big step up from an MC2.
  11. Hi there, would you accept £55 delivered? If so I will take it.
  12. Dosing funnel arrived, what a difference when using the distribution tool!
  13. So this evening tried two hole tip for steam wand, much more controllable for now and have good results. Also received my londinium distribution tool which seems to work very well. Had to adjust grind finer to achieve the same output volume and time as without it. Guess the coffee is being extracted more evenly now so can take a finer grind. Pre-infusion of 6 seconds, 17g dose (18g VST) outputting 34g in about 35s. I’m starting the timer at first drip. I feel the espresso is still slightly acidic so looking for tips. I’m going to get a 15g basket as think a lower dose ground finer may help with what must be under extraction? Given my ratios seem right at 17g is this the right way to go to clear the acidic taste? Beans are fresh and good quality: http://www.gordonstcoffee.co.uk/glasgow-roast will ask in store next time I’m in what their dose and time recommendations are although they’re using la marzocco pump machines. Good news is I’m having a lot of fun! Must stop looking at new grinders for now though, would likely end up in divorce! Cheers, Simon
  14. Thanks for all the helpful info. Had a great shot this evening, 17g dose, 34g output in as many seconds. Started timer at first drip. Grab angle seems good now I've got the grind sorted. Milk steaming still unsuccessful, any tips would be appreciated? I'm used to having a good 30s of steaming on the old gaggia. I have a two and a four hole tip for the machine, currently on the 4, will the 2 be more forgiving?
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