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  1. CageyH

    IMS B702TCH20E

    No longer required.
  2. I have bought a 20mm E&B Labs filter, so this thread can be deleted/closed. I could not find the 20mm competition one anywhere.
  3. CageyH

    IMS B702TCH20E

    I am after an IMS B702TCH20E Does anybody have one?
  4. I like my IMS completion filter baskets, but want a smaller one for doing single coffees. I have a 24mm and a 28.5mm, but ideally want the 20mm. Anybody know where I can purchase one? Google has drawn a blank.
  5. 250g of “Peru Dark” from Warrior Coffee Beans in Finland. An unexpected present from the head roaster.
  6. Thanks all. I think I have a plan of action. Look around for a 2nd hand Mythos or E37s while I save up for a new one.
  7. Yes, but which grinder? So much choice, and so little chance of trying them all.
  8. The car is not an urgent replacement. I have just started to think about replacing it.
  9. Nope, it is me that quite likes it. I just make a cup of tea for the Mrs.
  10. Some new Rhinowares jugs, and some Cafe Caron signature blend (2017 best French Espresso blend).
  11. I currently have a Mazzer Mini Electronic with super jolly burrs fitted that I use to feed my Synchronika. I don’t do lots of coffee at the same time, so single dosing would be fine. Budget is a maximum of €1k, but the cheaper the better. New or second hand is acceptable, but being in Toulouse, people are wary of posting things. Initial thoughts are the Niche Zero, but a second hand E37s could be interesting. Who has gone down this path already, and what what your recommendations be?
  12. Do a question, and I relise that this may not be the best place for it, but it is still part of my Journey. The current grinder is a Mazzer Mini electronic, with super jolly (?) burrs fitted to reduce the grind time. What would be the difference (apart from €560 missing from my bank account) if I were to buy a Niche zero? I don’t really want to drop large amounts of cash on a grinder right now, as I am planning to replace one of the cars soon.
  13. I am wondering if part the reason is going from a conical grinder to a flat at the same time as changing the machine?
  14. For which one? The Pro is out of stock, unfortunately.
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