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  1. Thanks all. I think I have a plan of action. Look around for a 2nd hand Mythos or E37s while I save up for a new one.
  2. Yes, but which grinder? So much choice, and so little chance of trying them all.
  3. The car is not an urgent replacement. I have just started to think about replacing it.
  4. Nope, it is me that quite likes it. I just make a cup of tea for the Mrs.
  5. Some new Rhinowares jugs, and some Cafe Caron signature blend (2017 best French Espresso blend).
  6. I currently have a Mazzer Mini Electronic with super jolly burrs fitted that I use to feed my Synchronika. I don’t do lots of coffee at the same time, so single dosing would be fine. Budget is a maximum of €1k, but the cheaper the better. New or second hand is acceptable, but being in Toulouse, people are wary of posting things. Initial thoughts are the Niche Zero, but a second hand E37s could be interesting. Who has gone down this path already, and what what your recommendations be?
  7. Do a question, and I relise that this may not be the best place for it, but it is still part of my Journey. The current grinder is a Mazzer Mini electronic, with super jolly (?) burrs fitted to reduce the grind time. What would be the difference (apart from €560 missing from my bank account) if I were to buy a Niche zero? I don’t really want to drop large amounts of cash on a grinder right now, as I am planning to replace one of the cars soon.
  8. I am wondering if part the reason is going from a conical grinder to a flat at the same time as changing the machine?
  9. For which one? The Pro is out of stock, unfortunately.
  10. You can order online for delivery.
  11. They are on offer at Homebase (if they have any left) for £350. Unfortunately, there is no Homebase in Toulouse.
  12. I have joined the club. I am the proud owner of an OONI Pro. An awesome bit of kit.
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