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  1. Thanks v much will pm you @cloughy ...
  2. Figure it’d be handy to have a read through...
  3. As above please; struggling to find a link or hard copy anywhere... thanks in advance
  4. Thanks inspector; however I took Jony’s advice & ordered one from HasBean ;-) £22 appreciate the offer though;-)
  5. Thanks all for quick replies! Much appreciated. does anyone have a 18g vst they'd like to get rid of...?;-)
  6. Hi All just picked up an expobar brewtus 2 db machine (thanks d_lash). I’m now keen to start learning with non generic baskets; happy for advice & offers of what you would recommend re IMS or VST please. thanks
  7. Thanks Dan! A pleasure dealing with you:-) ... & thanks for the extras too ( & the cream cheese !!) :-D
  8. Hi @d_lash, whereabouts in Devon are you...? I wouldn’t mind having a proper look please.. thanks
  9. +1 for the oak lids! They're nice. Unless you wanna just sell me yours...?;-)
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