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  1. Yes, I have one having fitted a group pressure gauge.
  2. I did mine last week and ended up removing the metal brackets from the boiler. Then snapped the glass putting it back together. facepalm I read one method, which didn’t work for me, use masking tape around it to help pull it up. Fold it over itself to feed it between the glass and metal. Unfold. Repeat for the other side and stick the tape together
  3. Joey, have you got anything for a late 80’s la pavoni europiccola?
  4. Must be different on iPhone as that requires an upgrade to paid version.
  5. There was a 2 group in the for sale section a couple of weeks ago.
  6. Ok so after a bit of trial and error getting things sealed and tightened properly I managed to pull an ok shot. Already can tell a difference between this and the sage dtp. Grind has to be a lot finer. Managed to get the group pressure gauge up to 7 bar on the last shot. How and where have people attached their digital temperature probes? Any tips on posting images using tapatalk on here? https://imgur.com/gallery/niLRIY3
  7. Oh. I’d snapped the glass.
  8. Ok so it’s all back together but I’m getting a leak from the sight glass. Everything is as tight as can be. Could it be too tight? I noticed the slight glass wasn’t perfect when I removed it. One of the ends was a bit chipped. Only small less than 1mm off the end. Could this be an issue? I thought with all new washers and seal it wouldn’t be an issue.
  9. Machine is currently in pieces having been soaked in cleaner for a couple of hours. Everything looking a lot smarter. I’ll be putting it back together later on today.
  10. Thanks. I’ll be changing them on Wednesday anyway. Full service and group pressure gauge being fitted. Wish me luck.
  11. Also just had a knock on the door with a delivery from coffee sensor. Ordered Tuesday. Great service.
  12. Thanks for the replies Just pulled my first shot on it. Is it normal for water to drip from the group while it’s warming up? What’s a normal boiler pressure. The pressure gauge only reading about 0.6 bar when steam starts.
  13. Hi, finally picked up a second hand europiccola. It’s a late 80’s model as far as I know with the two power switches. So, ordered a service kit and a pressure profiling kit to fit together. Anything I should know or look out for with this particular model? I was wondering why the two switches/heating elements. Assume it’s to heat up with two then turn down to one once up to temp?
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