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  1. @BadDad Saw you were interested in the osmio review thread.
  2. Enjoy this cover of Blackbird.
  3. @DavecUK should be able to help answer that. ?
  4. 1. NickG 2. CMT3 Thanks Adam for acting as coordinator and Dave for the discount.
  5. Couple of bar towels arrived this morning. Thanks Mildred & Joey.
  6. @TomBorealis mine has a slight mark where the lid sits and small mark on the inside of the bottom tube. Also my rubber band is a bit odd shaped.
  7. Picked mine up from the post office today. Couple small imperfections but still happy with it.
  8. Placed my order for one, hopefully get it for Christmas
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! @joey24dirt unfortunately not. Looking at grinders and my wallet is crying. @AndyDClements will try and pop into smokey barn, thanks for the recommendation. @aaronb Thanks, will definitely need to pop in to these places and yes the water in Norwich is pretty bad. Will have to try using bottled water. Thanks.
  10. I've ordered a v60 kit from amazon, So waiting on that. Been drinking instant and using a Tassimo machine but thought I'd come on here and read up more about making a decent cup of coffee. Thanks.
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