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  1. Thanks very much. I'm into woodturning myself so I might see if I can borrow a friend's lathe for a bit (I've not got the workshop space to get mine set up atm) and come up with something
  2. It's been a while but the guide proved invaluable and I've finally got the SJ properly cleaned, painted and reassembled with new bearings. I had a quick play with some cheap beans earlier and it's a world of difference from my Krups grinder. Thanks very much for putting together such a useful resource! There are a few things I'll probably change in time, like adding a couple of doser mods and replacing the yoghurt pot lid with something more appropriate, but for now it's working Some gratuitous pics of the machine in its new Reseda green livery and my very first shot with it using
  3. I picked up a secondhand Super Jolly and have started stripping it down to give it a thorough clean and re-paint before I start using it. I wanted to totally disassemble it to make the painting easier, and also planned to fit new bearings before putting it all back together. All was going to plan until I tried to remove the armature. I've removed the upper burr carrier, unscrewed the upper bearing cover plate, and then from the bottom of the machine, removed the four screws holding the lower bearing carrier to the casting. From the parts diagrams I have found online, it looks as though
  4. Welcome to the forums from a fellow newbie
  5. Thanks all! I'm certainly looking forward to improving my skills and getting myself a decent grinder set up... at the moment the results taste 'ok' but the shots are coming far too quickly even with the grinder as fine as it will go.
  6. Thanks for all the advice, I'll definitely check the adjusting collar and the burrs. I've serviced a fair few woodworking tools already so things like bearing changes shouldn't be an issue for me. Sounds like it might be better to plan to reserve the Mazzer for espresso and keep using the Krups for F/P and pour-over coffee.
  7. Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade form my Krups GVX2 and after quite a bit of reading I'm concluding that if the ideal home grinder exists, it's not available until next summer. That said, I want to get something sorted sooner, and at the moment I'm leaning towards finding a secondhand Super Jolly, which would fit on my one bit of kitchen counter with unrestricted headroom. What I'm less sure about is how friendly they are to single shots, although I'd have a go at either improving the doser or replacing it with a funnel per some of the posts on here if that's the main change that is neede
  8. Hi all, I'm new here and also new to (trying to) make good espresso at home. I've been enjoying good beans, freshly ground for cafetiere or paper filter for quite a while now, since a good friend of mine introduced me to the delights of Monmouth. I've also become quite a fan of Horsham Coffee Roaster, and after a recent move to Oxfordshire, I'm currently drinking something from Ue's wood fired roastery. I've just got myself a pre-2015 Gaggia Classic, and I think it's exposing the flaws in my Krups GVX2 grinder quite dramatically so I'll be looking to upgrade the grinder soon.
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