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  1. That first part at least, is empirically false. Right now I'm using a ~58.3mm leveller (the cheapest I could find on AliExpress 2 years back) with an E&B Lab basket, and if I use it as you typically would, some of the edge of the puck remains unlevelled, plus grounds get caught in the screw area of the leveller, which doesn't happen with a classic basket. It's this first hand experience of the issue that's led me to start this thread to begin with. I can get around it by putting in some more work, but I don't want to. The quality of espresso was never the issue, just the time it takes to prepare it.
  2. Based on https://www.bluestarcoffee.eu/motta-adjustable-leveler-584mm-8333-p.asp, and the fact that I can find many /585 but no /584 references online, I can't shake off the impression that 58.5 figure is them "rounding up" from 58.4. Any chance you could measure it for us?
  3. Yeah that's the feeling I got. Maybe it's a matter of them being too new and the Chinese knockoff market hasn't caught up yet. I suppose I should concede to spending a bit more time on my puck preparation for a few years and wait for that development, because there's no way I'm ever spending 100€+ on a hunk of moulded steel attached to a hunk of moulded plastic.
  4. Any product page links? If not, what diameter is needed for the Mignon?
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