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  1. I finally was able to dial in my grinder perfectly pulling a really good espresso. I was using the Crafthouse coffee's Industrial Espresso. Using 17.5g 30 seconds out yielding 35g of espresso. This was using a setting of 10 on my Sage grinder pro (for reference) Now..... I took advantage of Crafthouse' 30% off deals so ordered different beans. Im currently trying their Nicaraguan Los Regalos which i cannot seem to get right. The best ive got is 18g in 22 seconds out yielding 36g of espresso. This was setting 5 (half of the previous bean) Can beans be that much different with regards to grinding etc???
  2. Crippy

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    West country: https://www.origincoffee.co.uk/ https://www.olfactorycoffee.co.uk/ https://yallahcoffee.co.uk/
  3. https://www.origincoffee.co.uk/products/casona-geisha-natural?variant=12965747687497 so even though I have moved the burrs I should still be grinding at a setting of 1-2. That doesn’t seem right to me as other threads I’ve read have never needed to go as low as 4-5 and that’s without moving the burr settings
  4. Hi guys, im still really struggling to get close to a 1:2 ratio. Can’t really understand where I’m going wrong. i measure 18g. Grind at a 4 setting on Sage pro grinder (have already moved the top burr to setting 4. break clumps up and put into portafilter. Tamp then put portafilter into machine and go. Closest I’ve got is 20secs at 36g out. Starts off at a slow speed as you would expect but then quickens up so fast. Will try and get a vid up shortly
  5. Thanks for the input guys. Will come back with more info when I pull another shot. i do notice that I have a little water on top of the puck when finished but nothing major. I read that this can be caused by too fine a grind but if I went coarser then it would just be too quick. Will try and get a video next time. this is the coffee I’m using:
  6. Coffee is Origin Ebenecer. Roasted a week ago. Could go down another 2 settings but that would be it. It sort of trickles to start with like syrup but then seems to pick up a lot of speed. Have looked through some vids on YouTube and none speed up anywhere near like mine do. Would never be able to run a shot for even 30 secs I don’t think
  7. Currently using a Sage pro grinder with a Rancilio Silvia. Dose 18g in a VST basket. First 10-12 secs of the shot pours nicely but then speeds up so finding it really difficult to get a 1:2 ratio. Any ideas on why this is happening?
  8. the grind setting is on 1. Even using my normal coffee I’ve never gone higher than a 3-4. i use Origin coffee btw. Always use by 3-4 weeks from roasting
  9. After quite a few months of learning to pour a decent shot on my Silvia matched with a Sage grinder pro im having problems with getting a decent decaf shot. I recently bought an 18g VST basket which has massively improved my shots with normal coffee as im able to dose more coffee so my ratios are better. However, when trying decaf i dose 19g and get 38 out in like 10 secs. This is on the finest grind setting too. Wont be using the decaf for that much longer as its only for the wife whilst shes pregnant. Also, if i do want to upgrade the grinder what would you guys recommend? Thanks
  10. Hi mate, Where did you get the kit from?
  11. these are the beans: https://www.olfactorycoffee.co.uk/collections/coffee/products/jackrock-seasonal-espresso Im measuring out at 16g. Grind number 8 on Sage pro grinder. Will try a finer grind tomorrow and the penny on top of the puck. Also, anyone know where i can get a dosing cylinder? Look pretty handy to get lumps out of the grind without making a mess
  12. So.... I have my new tamper and scales. Finally on the right track although my coffee still tastes rubbish. Tastes like Costa... burnt and bitter. Tonight i measured 16g and output was 32g in 20 seconds which i know is too fast but i thought over extraction causes a bitter taste? I know i will get there in the end. I also almost always get the shower screen screw mark in the puck too. Any suggestions or good videos to learn from? Thanks
  13. Ok, so now have a scales and tamper. Im defo on the right track now and getting decent espresso's. However...... my milk frothing is p1ss poor. Burning the milk and not getting the required texture. Is there a good go to vid on how to steam milk correctly.
  14. Haven’t been weighing anything or timing. The grinder has a timer on it so you can choose the grind size then the time for how long you want it to grind for. The thing that’s bothering me is that I can’t even get a shot let alone a decent one. It just trickles through and usually more from one spout than the other. im sure I will get the hang of it soon ordering a proper tamp today as the one with the Silvia is pointless as it’s too small for the basket
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