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  1. Hi I just received the Wilfa via post and while I like it the tray/receptacle for the grounds is really messy. Has anyone got a workaround? Unfortunately I may have to return it. Many thanks
  2. As much as I'd like to try the Encore, the Wilfa comes within budget and by all accounts seems well regarded. I'll give it a go for my french press. Hopefully it will be small enough to inconspicuously store in my work locker.
  3. Thanks: they're currently on sale at Ivor Innes (innes.co.uk). Lead times are 1 - 2 weeks but there is a £10+ saving compared to prices elsewhere. Bit the bullet and purchased it at £94.50 including delivery. York Coffee Emporium offer at 60g bag with every unit purchased. Hasbean and Horsham roasters stock it at around the £105 mark.
  4. Hi I have a Mignon which I currently use for espresso but I was considering getting a (hopefully) cheap electric grinder for French press at work - could anyone recommend one? Was looking to spend Any advice folks? Thanks IA.
  5. Hi I just adjusted my Mignon to a grind for French press and now the burrs are not turning. Have I made a newbie error or has it malfunctioned. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Many thanks
  6. Just out of interest what are those interesting-looking test tube-esque storage devices?
  7. I subbed too. Looking forward to trying it in the new year.
  8. I bought through eccokshop.co.uk - Lakeland would not match that price. Call their hotline to confirm this.
  9. stainless steel - it's one of the double insulated ones. Bought to avoid the risk of smashing at work rather than need to insulate. I can be flexible on brew time but the initial grinding and adding of water could do with being quicker as the staff room with the boiler is a distance from my work area.
  10. Is Porlex mini the best available in the sun £40 category? Or perhaps a Rhino? Just looking to grind at work for the odd quick French press
  11. Perhaps okay for a quick French press at work? My differential option is a Porlex mini for £40. Can't really stretch to a knock for the occasional French press at work. I
  12. Any idea of the model of the free hand grinder they mention in the subscription offer?
  13. Did you delve back into French press? Read one of your previous threads regarding that stainless steel Andrew James set up on Amazon.
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