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  1. Want to add our thanks too @Norvin We have used ours for every single shot since you made it for us, it's the perfect size and works wonderfully. Like a beautiful artisan tamper stand made for us a decade ago by a friend's father-in-law, your hopper shall forever remain an integral part of our espresso routine. A very happy new year to you and thanks again.
  2. Have to say these are cracking machines, we have had ours about a year now. Whoever buys it will not be disappointed.
  3. Had an espresso this morning that screamed Colombian with that balance and slight nuttiness, but it also had hints of citrus and floral acidity in the background. Might just be poor barista syndrome! Anyway, the gaps we got when it was sampled very early in are very much now South American.
  4. Arrived very well packaged. Couldn't wait and pulled a shot, needs more rest. Subtle red fruit just peeping through, raspberry, loganberry, but also a blank space where it's a bit soon after roast for espresso. Will try a pour over tomorrow, but have to be patient whilst it rests. Huge thanks to all involved once again for the chance to try such lovely and diverse coffees from roasters we might otherwise never get round to ordering from. Edit: Have lovely strawberry tones on the tongue a few mins after drinking this in a FW.
  5. Yes, just a little left. Been coming back and leaving it a bit longer. Will have a brew tomorrow and report back if anything new.
  6. Thinking this definitely suits brewed better for my taste. Enjoying, but still adjusting, V60 pour overs.
  7. Also not getting the best out as espresso, though can tell it's very nice coffee. Have had drop before and it was phenomenal brewed, so that's where we too are heading.
  8. That's really kind of Joanna and very informative. Thanks Joanna! We rested ours and had a further delay but are on it now. Espresso only so far and still dialling in but first signs are that it's lovely.
  9. Dropbox! Yeay! Good you had some backup. I'll get my coat .........
  10. Thanks @fatboyslim so much. Arrived safely and resting a day or two.
  11. @fatboyslim Thank you for all your hard work. That was a massive undertaking on your part and very much appreciated here.
  12. Ghostrider

    Christmas Blend?

    The Has Bean Christmas blends usually appear on 1st December. I noticed Pact have their blend out already, though I personally don't rate them particularly beyond being acceptable. I think roasters seek a certain profile in a Christmas blend. That is of course not to suggest it doesn't exist at other times of the year, just that they aim for specific flavours as desirable to most during the season.
  13. Congratulations to Dale, to all those who will have worked so hard alongside him and the Has Bean folks getting the roast just right. Such great news. James, Gwilym and now Dale. Brilliant!
  14. Our espresso bag is finished now and I have to say it was like a bucking bronco that refused to stay on the same profile almost shot to shot. I really enjoyed some shots and hated others. With our setup, repeatability is relatively easy, so I too am certain the beans changed almost constantly and right through to the end. Do I like that? No. I'm old and weary, so I like to find the sweet spot and ride the beautiful wave. It was interesting though. The filter seems to be such a mixture of things all in one cup and I need to sample more before trying to describe it. We are still playing with it. I intended to try a pour over with the espresso blend and didn't get round to it amidst the ever changing shots. We will, however, try an espresso or two with the filter bag after a brief rest from this today whilst enjoying shots with the IMM from last week. I primarily drink espresso based coffee drinks given the option, and I fully expect not to be able to tell the difference between the two bags either. Unless the filter behaves consistently as espresso. Enjoying the journey.
  15. This is a tough one. Less licorice now and more citrus acidity. Hints of that tomato thing too if pulled really tight. Totally agree, getting two cups the same is not happening. Enjoying the ride.
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