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  1. It’s in no way aimed at you personally Dave and your assumption as to my character is rather superfluous. My point was that a critical component failed and I commented on its lack of durability compared to options in better quality plastic or brass that have lasted years without issue on other similar machines I have used, and that’s still the case. You then asserted that I in some way should not use the machine as advertised and sold in order to avoid such failures. We should not need to nanny a machine to compensate for substandard materials. You even commented on the occasional need to upgrade parts and suggested that this might even be the first sign of such a situation. I commented on the absurdity of being expected to do anything not documented. That is a matter of consumer Law regardless of our opinions. I'm hugely appreciative of all your efforts for the community, but this is not simply a case of trying to get longevity from a machine by doing additional things to facilitate that such as greasing the cam and so on. I’m all for that. The issue here is it appears the only way to protect this component from failure would be to restrict the normal and reasonable usage of the machine, when a slightly more durable item would have negated such a requirement. Hence my statement, fit for purpose. I’m grateful Dave, you have enlightened me.
  2. I believe if it’s on then that’s the preferential setting but it’s a long time since I read the manual. As you say, the other setting is off. I don’t recall any mention of not running the boilers on the preferential setting in the manufacturer’s instructions or sales description. I don’t doubt Dave’s sage advice in any way and am grateful for it as always, though it is difficult to rationalise how a random individual purchasing a machine from any given retailer would be expected to know they need to seek additional advice from a random (albeit expert) member of a specialist forum or risk damaging their machine by following the manufacturer guidelines. We are back to fit for purpose.
  3. For peace of mind, are you please able to confirm whether this is what you meant. Much appreciated. Edit: Just seen your above. So off completely, not on with preference to brew boiler? That’s unfortunate as we have milk in most drinks, it will be on and off all day. Fair enough, if that’s what’s best. Thank you.
  4. Yes, fair comment, though questioning over assumption any day.
  5. Thanks @MediumRoastSteam I am grateful for your input. It’s just coming up to three years old. It’s only ever had Tesco Ashbeck and Essential Waitrose water put through it. We live in a hard water area so that is never an option. The brew group ‘mushroom’ has been stripped and shows no sign of scale. It’s on a smart timer and averages eight to ten hours on a day. There are six assorted cups on the cup warmer but I’m assuming that is not a contributor to heat build up, it being the integral cup warmer intended for that use. There is some inaccurate assumption contained in the thread. The brew cam does get lightly lubricated with Molycote 111 in addition to any backflushing with Pulycaff, though it seems to be a crema inhibitor so perhaps we haven’t used enough. My reference to the new squeak was because it coincidentally occurred when the leak issue began, so I included it for fault finding purposes. It’s clearly a red herring in terms of the main issue. Many thanks.
  6. Of course yes, running hotter, that makes sense, thank you. Could I please check with you for clarity then that when you referred to not running with both boilers on you were in fact advocating the default setting of brew boiler taking preference over service boiler? If so, that is exactly how mine has always been run and presumably then would not after all be considered the potential cause of earlier heat fatigue component failure in this case?
  7. Oh, mine has always been on the default setting of brew boiler having preference over service boiler, is that what you meant Dave when you wrote “It could be you routinely run with both boilers on (you shouldn't, bad idea for so many reasons)”? I read it as you suggesting the service boiler should be off literally rather than subordinate to the brew boiler.
  8. But ECM don’t mention it and that is the relevant point, along with component durability. Of course none of that is your responsibility to educate people in the absence of manufacturer documentation to that effect and I applaud your efforts for advising of the potential pitfalls. I have genuinely enjoyed and appreciated your content for years. Clearly I haven’t watched all of it!
  9. Thanks for the link and the advice. I would always rather ask a potentially silly question than risk doing something wrongly. I’m always glad to being cheer to those in need! To my recollection, nowhere in the manufacturer instructions or sales information did it mention that running the main feature of the twin boiler machine at the same time might lead to premature failure. But they wouldn’t, would they? Manufacturing with a brass connector costing little more, or even a more durable plastic one, would resolve that potential and seemingly known issue. Simple over engineering. Good for ECM, they do indeed have a good reputation. My experience clearly differs on this occasion. We use a timer too, and a kettle. The ECM water tap never gets used. Anyway Dave, your experience is appreciated as always.
  10. Yes, good call Dave, brass it will be. What a shame ECM cheaped out on that as a couple of quid more on a machine at that price would hardly have put off the buyer The plastic was bound to fail first and a leak be the result no matter how quickly it was subsequently found. Even with an annual look, I’m not sure brittle is something visible to the naked eye, though of course a slow leak would be so after some time. As you rightly stated these things can deteriorate rapidly, though I have to say my previous industrial machine managed ten years with a plastic joint which didn’t ever fail so perhaps it is a prosumer machine component quality level concern? Do you know please if it’s an 8mm fitting and where might be best to source the correct one? The tube appears around 7.5mm on the Verniers. The other question is which way should the joint be orientated? Presumably the tube with the large plastic protrusion is the one that projects out at a right angle with the other two running continuously? Many thanks.
  11. Correction, it looks as though it’s a three way connector that has failed. Still cheap brittle plastic though.
  12. Thanks gents, we got the covers off today and the cause is extraordinary. There is a cheap plastic joint in the tube that has become so brittle it has split apart having clearly leaked slowly over quite some time. I can see no reason for its presence other than a Friday afternoon builder choosing to join two short lengths rather than use a single correct length. Even more so because it clearly has a shorter finite lifespan than the tube it is employed to join. A disaster waiting to happen, and reduce the lifespan of the machine both electrically (it clearly puddled around the wires and there is a faint whiff of old electrical burning) and the integrity of the chassis. In this case there appears from peering down with a torch and by the rust tinged leaking coming from the holes near the switch to be resulting corrosion damage to the machine floor, which at best would require a complete strip down to address and more than likely would never be the same again. It’s not something I could do. That is extremely disappointing on a machine that cost £2.5k and a shocking manufacturing defect. Sorry if I sound perturbed, it’s a bit of a shocker.
  13. I wonder if anyone might be willing to guide me please? Our ECM Synchronika has developed a leak as per the photo below. It seems the expansion valve(?) outlet is blocked, the drip tray is dry, and the brew lever arm has developed a squeak. Back flushing with Pulycaf has not helped. In years gone by I would have happily tinkered but my health no longer permits both physically or cognitively. I have forgotten most everything I used to know about machines. We can probably do some minor taking apart here if guided or it will have to wait until after the lockdown when BellaBarista are fully back up and running. Any help hugely appreciated.
  14. I concur. We were waiting on a second class parcel from a friend that was a slightly unusual shape and it was in the mail eleven days!
  15. Ooh, these arrived today! I wasn’t expecting them this quick, very exciting. Given recent postal delays locally, I’m dead pleased these weren’t affected. Saw the label so no guess here. Looking forward to these, Drop are great. Thanks to all involved.
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