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  1. Sorry @RoyB & @Heather B I completely missed your replies to this thread. I have now just this afternoon sold the machine elsewhere so it is no longer available but thanks for the interest and I hope you find a Pavoni soon, they are great fun to use! Could a mod please close the thread, thanks!
  2. Hi @TomHughes thanks for the offer but I think on reflection I'm going to hold at £500 but I would like to sell to you locally. For full disclosure it cost me £450 with the wonderful custom handles and tamper, the pressure kit cost £170(in Feb), funnel £30 then assorted spares etc and I'll include a black grindenstein knock box too so cost to me is nearing £700. It's had light use over just a few months. You could pick up and obviously check it out yourself but I don't think you're likely to see such a deal locally again. I've loved using it but necessity means I have to move it on. I hope you are willing to accept! Cheers
  3. Well isn't that convenient, almost like its meant to be... As I said above I listed at £500 (which is a fair bit less than I've spent on it since buying for £450) hoping for a quicker sale but I might be able to move a little bit, what could you offer?
  4. Yeah so I ran it with the temp piston for a while then swapped to the pressure one when I got that kit. When I did that I just used a piece of metal tape to stick the temp probe to the side of the group, much like a temp strip, only picture I can find is of the probe just tucked where I eventually taped it. I never struggled for steam power, its one of the reasons I went for a professional when it came up for the bigger boiler! Where abouts are you based @TomHughes ?
  5. So up for sale is my lovely pre-mil La Pavoni Professional. Bought 6months from Joey it has had fairly light use for about 5-10 coffees a week. Every few weeks I've popped the shower screen and piston out for cleaning and a light re-grease and its been descaled two or three times if I remember correctly. I bought a brew pressure kit for it which helps hugely pulling consistent shots and allows you to easily try different profiles. It has beautiful custom skateboard handles for the bottomless portafilter, tamper, old lever and boiler cap. I was not able to remove the handle from the old lever but am including it with the old piston as well which has been modified to accept a temperature probe right down to the piston head which is extremely useful for getting the hang of warm up times and when is best to pull a shot! There is a small amount of light rust under the drip tray that like Joey I have kept lightly oiled to inhibit. I planned to treat and paint it but never got round to it. Check the previous listing linked below for pictures from when I bought it to see that it has not got worse. Included is: - Machine with brew pressure kit - 49.5mm tamper and bottomless portafilter with skate/resin handles - IMS Precision Basket - Niknak Funnel - Group Head heatsink - Old lever, piston & all fittings to install - Digital Temp sensor - Assorted Spares (baskets, seals, washers etc) Selling due to financial reasons at the moment, I'm trying to cut down costs and I can't justify keeping it as much as I would love to! I bought for £450 6 months ago and would like to ask £500 for it. Which I hope is a bargain considering the kit and funnel cost me not far off £200 to add! I would much prefer it picked up from Leeds or for cost of fuel I would happily deliver/meet within a decent distance to ensure safe delivery rather than trust couriers. If it were to be posted I would charge a tad extra to purchase some proper packaging the buyer was happy with and all risk would be on the buyers part. Struggled to add pictures so public google drive link below. Thanks for looking! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1U6WQTwNAFxU_A9Nt67zzshP7V0MJN5gD?usp=sharing Old listing here:
  6. Just throwing this out there as to what people think it might be worth and I guess someone might show some interest. Due to current financial reasons I'm thinking about selling my lovely La Pavoni that I bought in December last year from Joey who had serviced it and done some of his magic with portafilter, lever and tamper handle. I'll link the original thread below so it can be easily seen for pictures. Whilst owning it I have purchased and fitted the pressure profile kit which is great, it would also come with the old lever and piston etc which Joey modified so the temp probe can go right down to the piston. There's also a few accessories like a Niknak funnel, spare seals and baskets etc. What do people think it might be worth? Better to try and sell as one or split and sell say the machine, pressure kit and tamper seperately? Any thoughts welcome!
  7. Yep sold the naked one but the double is still available @PeterinWales
  8. Yep I've been using an aergrind with my La Pavoni for a while now and will have to a fair bit longer till I can afford a Niche! I tend to be at around 0.9 - 1.2 on average at the moment I think
  9. Those yagua scales look like they might sit on the La Pavoni drip tray quite nicely! Been half looking for a small set with inbuilt timer for ages.
  10. If we can use older photos I'll stick this one in and hope it isn't ruined by the compression! I took a bunch of shots of my beautiful Pavoni for my own enjoyment and hoping they'd be of some use to @joey24dirt who did such an excellent job on the mods. It's a task keeping it shiny thats for sure but its a pleasure to use, especially at the moment!
  11. Ermm lots of places in Leeds, to mind Laynes, Fika, Archive, Coffee on the Crescent all often have it on guest/batch and will have retail bags as well. There are others I can't think of right now! You can swing by the roastery too, often he does half days where you get a free espresso with any bag!
  12. Me too! Ahh Chapel Allerton is nice. If you havn't already try Echelon coffee, small roasters but worth trying in my opinion! On the same estate as my work and I use him a lot.
  13. Welcome to the forum.? Also Leeds based myself, spoilt for choice coffee wise here! Where abouts is it you work? Intrigued by which roastery it is haha - Steve
  14. If you've searched the forum you've probably seen these already but if not, this is what I did when I had my mignon a couple of years ago! Perspex tube with sugru on the bottom moulded to the shape of the collar so it was a good tight fit then had a weight that sat inside and I cut up a collapsible funnel from Amazon I think that worked a treat when hit to blow out grinds! Apologies for quality of the pics only screenshots
  15. Weekend delivery of a superbly shiny funnel for the pavoni from @Nicknak a perfect fit for the ims basket which is nice!
  16. Nice that my flat whites from the pavoni are starting to look more presentable! The wand is taking a bit of getting used to.
  17. Anyone started using these yet? If so what have you found? Going to open mine tomorrow
  18. Some of the Django coffee deal for me. Can't say no at £16.50 a kilo! Always a decent service from them, ordered late Sunday, arrived this morning!
  19. I've got some light rust just under the drip tray on mine and tempted to treat it and paint within the tray just with hammerite or some such. Although seen someone here suggest that isn't the best. Atleast it's hidden by the drip tray if its not the best finish!
  20. Looks like a good machine! How are you treating the base? Are you painting yourself?
  21. This looks awesome, nicely done! I'm just getting used to using my pavoni and have got some really pleasing results but would really like to do the brew pressure mod!
  22. That's to be expected! I don't think they can be compared to the cheap ones on eBay etc at all, far more superior! I'd be interested in one for my Pavoni? Height isn't that important as it doesn't need to fit a particular grinder so I guess something like 2-3cm.
  23. How much would a 49mm one be @Nicknak ? Thats if you would be prepared to do another!
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