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  1. Just got mine from Bellabarista! Put it to work already, I love it
  2. Hi, I added a post yesterday (https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/46456-gaggia-classic-completely-rebuilt-pid-pressure-gauge-bottomless-pf-vst-basket/). Today I cannot see the images I attached anymore and can't find a button to edit the post. Also, this morning after the forum upgrade my Tapatalk app was disconnected and I can't seem to find a way to log back in from there, is this something related to the update that you guys are already aware of? Thanks
  3. I am selling my 1995 Gaggia Classic. It has been completely rebuilt, cleaned and repainted, all seals have been changed, along with shower screen and during the rebuild it's been completely descaled. I love this machine and spent countless hours making it the way it is now. Comes with original portafilter and basket plus all the accessories/mods that I added: New Edesia bottomless portafilter VST 15g precision basket Rancilio Silvia Steam Wand PID and new K thermocouple Pressure gauge You'll also receive the PID box with all the instructions in case you
  4. Beautiful piece of machinery!
  5. I use one of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mini-Digital-LCD-Thermometer-Temperature-Sensor-Fridge-Freezer-Food-Turkey/351766872904 right behind the brew head, kept in place with a cable tie
  6. The temperature I measured on my '74 is between 50 to 60 degC at the time of the hiss (at about 1bar of pressure). I normally then switch to 1 and leave it until it gets to 83-84 degC then pull the shot. Time about 15' from when I turn it on to when I pull the shot.
  7. Now on to making coffee with it! (although I briefly used it before installing the gauge and it was brilliant)
  8. Although it sits close to the shoulder of the boiler, it doesn't actually touch it, as the image may suggest.
  9. Latest update: it works! I finally bought the 12mm adapter that is a lot shorter than the 11mm. This does not block the water flow and with a bit of threadlock there is no leak now: success! Thanks everyone for your help!
  10. I am using Chrome, tried different browsers but didn't make much difference :/
  11. Hi, I noticed that the forum session is particularly short (so short that I get logged out while I'm writing my posts, and after I login again it redirects me to a blank page and my post is lost). Is there a reason for it to be so short? It is very annoying and if I have a long post to write I'd just give up after a few tries. Thanks
  12. So the addition of the adapter nut and length of the glass tube blocks the upper sight glass return: it causes a vacuum in the tube that prevents air from moving into the boiler until enough pressure is built up to push the air through with water. As this did not happen with the old glass, it means this tube is slightly longer. I read somewhere that there's about 3-4mm difference between the old and the new oem replacement. I'll shorten the tube and try again with the new 12mm adapter.
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