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  1. It may be possible to get it to work. The machine does contain a flow meter but not a costly hefty chunk of machined metal as used in commercial machines that offer this or is an option on some prosumer machines. It's plastic and fitted before the over pressure valve so assuming it's standard settings haven't been altered it can work providing the brew pressure doesn't go over 10bar. A brief excess is ok as little water flows. My machine was a refurb and some one set it to ~9bar. Main reason for not trying it as I will have to reset it. There was a recent post on another machine wher
  2. The worst problem with items from China can be first orders and samples fine and then ...............................
  3. If you do go down the SGP route don't be tempted to go down the burr adjustment route mentioned a lot on youtube. Odd grinders may need it doing but not willy nilly as they suggest. All they are doing is changing the setting numbers for the same grind with risk of adjusting too fine at some point and wrecking the burrs. It can be done if needed but needs rather a lot of care or a grinder dismantle. Several comments that are around relate to earlier versions. One was plastic grinds impellers wearing out - yonks ago and the other was shimming the burrs. Those haven't bean around for some t
  4. What faults? The grinder may just need a good clean unless you have been messing with burr settings and run them rubbing against each other. There is too much garbage on youtube encouraging burr adjustment. It can be needed maybe on odd grinders and machines but there is a correct way to do it. My BE grinder was wrecked by me. Didn't tighten the centre burr bolt enough and came loose. Taught me what fines tasted like and the adjustment stopped working. Sage replaced it just out of warrantee. The new grinder clumped a bit but more coffee through it should fix that.
  5. Some people have an entirely different view of the Sage grinder. It's not as bad as many suggest. When it was my turn to upgrade I wouldn't have touched a Mignon with a barge pole. They have updated them now though but to be honest I would still be uncertain. Sadly though others need more pound notes. 40% of a DB really is something. It has a number of features that few match even without the discount. I believe the Minima has some of them now such as not saying fill tank when a shot is being pulled or pumping cold in when steaming. DB's have always been like that. The big difference is
  6. Interesting do you weigh in on the flats or use them hopper on? I found a distinct taste change between the 2 options. 2 grinders both 64mm, Mazzer Mini and a squat Ceado. A difference between those 2 as well. The Mazzer was better at maintaining the dose weighing in but that may have something to do with the bean I drink a lot. The Ceado tended to be rather clumpy and build up on what I will call their antistatic device was a problem. I tried 2 light roasts on niche and no problem with notes.
  7. Perceived wisdom on burrs and 3 single dose grinders https://www.kafatek.com/
  8. Niche improves over something like 10 to 15kg of coffee. Pretty rapidly over the first kg or so. I could find you a video that says conical is all about flavour and aroma. Having used a SGP, Mazzer Mini and Niche I'd be inclined to say the first thing needed is consistency in the preparation area so that there is little to no time variation to achieve some ratio. Next is what ratio you actual produce and try. The other aspect is that different machines / features used on them can also change the taste to ratio relationship. The quantity of grinds used is yet another effect. Ha
  9. Just descale the machine regularly and forget it. At some point if not done often enough you'll find out why it needs to be done. No problem if the machine is under warrantee. Some one may come and fix it and suggest you do it once a month or Sage may just replace it. When you drink coffee from an espresso machine when you are out the water that goes though will have been filtered and chances are the machine will be serviced from time to time. My wife uses pods and a Lavazza milk frother. The frother produces nice soft peaky foam and heats it but I don't know how hot it gets. Foam
  10. It's clumping on the tamper because it's pressing grinds harder up against the edge of the basket than the smaller one. I get the same thing with a 58.4mm levelling tool. What I should do is find my 58mm one and offset it to the side of the basket and rotate it while keeping it in contact as nothing clumped used like that. A 58mm tamper can be used like that as well by polishing with it offset. Flattens right to the edge. I now use a 58.4mm and that leaves ug of loose grinds that I just blow off. No different to using the 58 offset really.
  11. Add one if you want one. Pin. They dropped the hole some time ago which causes a bit of a problem on a DTP as no 3 way to get rid of the pressure.
  12. Odd but BE again. Manual mentions emptying the drip tray before maintenance and yes water will go into the drip tray as that is where back flush water needs to go. This is using the machines back flush program though. I'd assume they haven't changed that. There are pauses and etc to allow the tablets to dissolve.
  13. It's an interesting area. We had a gas stove with pretty brass burners. Makers suggested cleaning and brightening them by soaking in vinegar. Works too. Etches them a little. Really all machines should be examined internally periodically looking for powdery residues around joints. Might not be scale as all water has certain things dissolved in it. I have a used machine that I wanted to try. One of the things I noticed was a white line around the water tank. Unlike Sage machines no easy descale so will need spanners and a snake camera to see what's going on in it. Always used with b
  14. And brass, Sage limit what the brew and actually the hot water pass through.
  15. He's having fun with you and using rather treated water that can't form scale or so he insists.
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