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  1. The usual reason for the valve error seems to be the level probes. They need to be cleaned. A video I posted earlier shows where they are. I had an engineer in to repair my barista express and he mentioned that descaling or lack or it causes most problems. That very probable includes the level probes. He suggests monthly but I'd suspect that is rather OTT for the dual boiler. I get very soft tap water and rather than using the setting from the test strip I have changed and set it 2 marks harder. I may go one mark harder. The change comes from listening to the boiling noises, I had my doubts about a descale so did 2 on the trot. No more big bubble boiling noises and the steam boiler heated up a little quicker. Things went back to how the machine was when I bought it - steam available more or less as soon as the brew was up to temperature rather than a bit of a delay. That is signs of scale on the heating element. The engineer also mentioned seeing early signs of O ring failure when DB's are opened up. Once a machine is out of warrantee it isn't that difficult to remove the lid and take a look. Much like a certain gent on here suggests doing every 6 months on all machines who ever made them. John -
  2. I'm on about the ones tagged into posts. Don't mind really but guess they aren't paying. John
  3. Do we have to see tapatalk adverts ? Are they paying ? I must have hit unread at a good time - no repeats of the same thread in the list. Several this time. Must we have it like this ? If I read as a result of the first one there's no point in having more. I might find myself reading the same thing twice. Seriously as screen space may be limited for some no repeats would be better John
  4. It's a fact - I usually do Actually I think the hessian fits in well. I could see why some might want it somewhat smaller and I think it could be. John
  5. Only one point on unread. It's ok and I can read the pop up now but after I selected yes do set forum read it didn't clear the screen for me, Had to do it myself via a refresh. I can also imagine that it might not be possible for the forum to do that for me ?? @Tait just curious. I decided I didn't want anything what so ever to do with several branches of software a long time ago John
  6. Not really as I don't follow anything in particular and if I start a thread and it's undated by some one that will crop up in unread. I might use my content as an alternative, Might also allow quick browser links to save posting the same thing again but that only seems happen when Sage machines are selling well. I tried something other than activities for my style of use as the older new posts is very popular with people who often use forums so something was bound to be there. Unread is much the same along side a mark forum read. John
  7. Firefox on auto update and it did just that a few days ago. Checking theme I was using - initial now depreciated dark roast so changed and this reply was lost so doing it again. Having switch theme unread content has cleared by the look of it. Only problem is that the screen now looks rather like the premium one that I tried and quickly went back to dark roast. Browns seem to look ok now. Beans etc though ?? but suppose I can put up with them. Top bar looks ok to me but is the bean flag and it's colours what we will end up with post brexit, John
  8. So tried unread content. Better but wouldn't mind several days of that coming up if needed. But then clicked mark site read. Blank pop up showing just ok or cancel neither of which options cleared the list. This is I suspect how I will use the site along with some forum watching but currently it doesn't seem to be working as it should. John
  9. I've been away from here for a few days so have a tiny dot in my scroll bar showing activities. What I am finding difficult is having to wade through a list of all posts to a specific initial post. If the first one is of interest I read them so not much point in the rest. Makes finding new posts from last time I looked at them rather difficult as well. Normally I could check even a week away from here for things of interest to me pretty quickly as there was just a list of new first posts since last time I looked. Suppose I could just watch specific forums but tended not to do that as it misses things and takes a lot of browser tabs to do it as thoroughly as new posts did. One for every forum section. Also can't help wondering about reactions. Why show them? John
  10. Don't think it was and no edited date on this forum software. Or maybe it was but showing a date / time was held off for 5min or so as people will make typo's from time to time. I make some weird ones. Never really understood why it generally only happens of forums. People often feel lost when there are dramatic changes on things like this. I'd suspect a lot of people used the latest post option as I did. Say I hadn't been on for several days, maybe 3 pages or so of those would get me up to date. No interest in them after and a simple refresh reduces the list to more recent ones. The new arrangement need a lot of scrolling through far more screen fulls but in some ways can be used as latest posts was. I guessed I wouldn't be totally happy with the new arrangement but things change and this sort of area is where they are likely to. I'm inclined to feel that the old way was more efficient and eye candy tends to be more apparent these days. More efficient - a simple title and the section it's in can mean I have no interest what so ever in the topic. John
  11. The ability to edit a post seems to be permanently available. Just added a note to one i made hours ago. Unusual. Usually several mins are available to allow people to correct typo's they haven't spotted then the option goes. John
  12. They do here on dark roast but only after I have posted them.. When I copy paste them I'm pasting white on white so can't see that I have done it. John -
  13. I find that one a bit eye searing. The worst one I know for that is this onehttps://discuss.pixls.us/tags/play_raw https://discuss.pixls.us/tags/play_raw https://discuss.pixls.us/tags/play_raw I don't seem to be able to post a link - can't see it anyway on the dark theme. Something may be there when I post Well I did try several times. This site might interest some photo people on here if they like practising their pp. John https://discuss.pixls.us/tags/play_raw https://discuss.pixls.us/tags/play_raw https://discuss.pixls.us/tags/play_raw
  14. LOL they wouldn't even know as wouldn't see anything at all - might wonder about some what disjointed threads though, Not a serious request really anyway. Just noticed from time to time some may jump on some ones back. Mine too, Sometimes they stop, sometimes they don't. Maybe they are having a bad day but shouldn't inflict it on others. John
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