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  1. People often finish up with 2 grinders due to that particular problem. I did once and am heading that way again just due to one bean I drink most of the time. Commercial grinders are not designed for regular adjustment between settings and many are used alongside volumetric espresso machines as well. They generally don't have regular bean type changes. Niche is designed for changing setting for different beans and stepped grinders could be used that way. A Sage Smart Grinder Pro is stepped, that makes it very convenient for typical home use. Commercial grinders with steps are around but there
  2. Cafelat do one but they are more expensive, Googling cafilat Breville 58mm may find them cheaper, possibly on ebay or some espresso parts retailer. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cafelat-Gasket-Breville-machines-Oracle/dp/B088TQ2QT9 These state that they are for Sage's 58mm basket machines https://www.amazon.co.uk/Replacement-SP0001635-BES920CRN-BEP920BSS-BEP920BKS/dp/B08QN32M12/ref=sr_1_13?dchild=1&keywords=Sage+dual+boiler+group+head+seal&qid=1620670959&sr=8-13 Most of the ones on Amazon are for the 54mm basket machines as the model numbers indicate.
  3. There are several videos on fixing solenoids on the Barista Express including cleaning them rather than just replacing. Always worth doing before replacing. A little time on youtube with a search will find them. The problem is maintenance issues that all espresso machines can have if there is too much scale around and inadequate back flushing wont help either.
  4. Interesting. Higher rates than the engineer mentioned to me. They did seem pretty cheap to me. There was a company offering Sage repair but from comments on their web site had problems with Breville. There is a link to a Gaggia repairer now. I didn't keep links. They may just offer simpler fixes in specific areas.
  5. ajohn

    Bean Storage

    I do so don't do what you do.
  6. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Force-Tamper-Automatic-Tamper-Adjustable-Autoleveling/dp/B07RRBBM9S/ref=pd_lpo_79_t_0/262-8216763-2154146?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07RRBBM9S&pd_rd_r=51adf8af-df20-46c7-9eb4-ca5c3fa29de1&pd_rd_w=hUvXf&pd_rd_wg=IqqjJ&pf_rd_p=3366510f-1771-44b5-99e2-20c1889506ac&pf_rd_r=PVQ0VWCB951ZNRCC63XT&psc=1&refRID=PVQ0VWCB951ZNRCC63XT Price seems to vary 🤣 I wonder what the ideal impact energy should be. The Normcore is an interesting tamper. Different head diameters available as well.
  7. Coffee Classics will repair it for you. Some one sorted that out on an Oracle rather recently. There is another place that will as well - search Sage espresso machine repair. Looks like they only did Gaggia at one point. This may be why Sage are now pointing people at CC rather than handling it themselves.
  8. Sometimes people make a real meal of some features of equipment. Sounds like the MC2 had a pretty fine adjustment and I don't know if it's flat or conical but one technique to get many grinders to a ball park setting is start from touching and adjust out. Once that has been done once or twice it can be done each time. Take a Mazzer for instance some one on here could probably tell you roughly how much the burrs need opening from touching. Maybe others too as it can be a problem first time a grinder is used. I'd echo @Doram on Niche adding especially if you aim to weigh beans in. If you ex
  9. I read it as using as the OP wanted for a kg no problem. Cleaned out then craziness. That can be caused by grinds not clearing the grinds chamber - a little like different settings needed between hopper on and weighing in. Mazzers especially with doser on or antistatic grid removed always clear all but a very small proportion of the grinds when weighing in. Stick a clump crusher in the way and a grinder may not clear all and it can build up, part clear and etc. Oh the other aspect on returns is fit for use. No time limit on that other than wear. The Mignon is not sold for weighing in so w
  10. Barista Express No more than I already have really. Solenoid coils have no volts on them when they are not activated and will have voltages on them when they are - mains voltage. Or at least a large difference.
  11. I think it's 14days not 7 from when an item arrives. If the item is used not a problem if it doesn't function as it should or doesn't meet expectations. It may need a small claims action to sort that out and a 2nd opinion as well. Did you use the grinder with the hopper on before switching to single dosing? All seems to have been ok before you cleaned the grinder.
  12. There may have been no need to replace the solenoids. There is a video on youtube on cleaning them in the BE. One needs a magnet to activate it. 2 video's if I remember correctly. Take care disconnecting larger sized pipes from the solenoid block. There is also one called repairing an Oracle - you wouldn't believe how much rubbish was in the solenoid. These are things espresso machines do - all of them. Maintenance is intended to stop it from happening. Triacs - check they are on when they should be - dvm. I don't know the sequence but what they are connected to should give a clue. Eg th
  13. There obviously is risk but they do seem to be Sage's official route for some of their returns. Everything Sage sell. As mentioned though I chose not to buy a machine that they list as used only one listed as refurbished. Reason simple, 6 month full refund warrantee. I thought a month to return wasn't a good idea on a DB. Thermo - not sure. It shouldn't take long for instance to see if it's clean me and descale functions work. The problem with all really is just how good previous maintenance has been. Sage resurrection seems to be more popular than it was and it's pretty clear that some
  14. I'm not either but the small ball clumps that come out with both flaps in are really rather hard. One flap and some use and that aspect is better. My only concern is a grinder bought for any bean I might want to try - just a single bag of 250g of them. Providing it will cope with that, give good pours and have decent consistency I'd be happy. As it stands currently I'm not. More to do yet though.
  15. I'd be inclined to descale it again and make sure the brew boiler is draining but to clear I think you will find instructions here under diy repair https://outwestcoffee.com.au/ Extra descales are more likely to be beneficial than do harm. My DB was a refurb and it turned out that there was more scale in it than a descale could remove. I did 2 on the trot as I thought one hadn't finished completely. The 2nd one made a rather surprising difference to boiling noises as the machine heated up. Another well ahead of time has done the same again. I think scale on the heating elements messe
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