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  1. Don't think it was and no edited date on this forum software. Or maybe it was but showing a date / time was held off for 5min or so as people will make typo's from time to time. I make some weird ones. Never really understood why it generally only happens of forums. People often feel lost when there are dramatic changes on things like this. I'd suspect a lot of people used the latest post option as I did. Say I hadn't been on for several days, maybe 3 pages or so of those would get me up to date. No interest in them after and a simple refresh reduces the list to more recent ones. The new arrangement need a lot of scrolling through far more screen fulls but in some ways can be used as latest posts was. I guessed I wouldn't be totally happy with the new arrangement but things change and this sort of area is where they are likely to. I'm inclined to feel that the old way was more efficient and eye candy tends to be more apparent these days. More efficient - a simple title and the section it's in can mean I have no interest what so ever in the topic. John
  2. The ability to edit a post seems to be permanently available. Just added a note to one i made hours ago. Unusual. Usually several mins are available to allow people to correct typo's they haven't spotted then the option goes. John
  3. They do here on dark roast but only after I have posted them.. When I copy paste them I'm pasting white on white so can't see that I have done it. John -
  4. I find that one a bit eye searing. The worst one I know for that is this onehttps://discuss.pixls.us/tags/play_raw https://discuss.pixls.us/tags/play_raw https://discuss.pixls.us/tags/play_raw I don't seem to be able to post a link - can't see it anyway on the dark theme. Something may be there when I post Well I did try several times. This site might interest some photo people on here if they like practising their pp. John https://discuss.pixls.us/tags/play_raw https://discuss.pixls.us/tags/play_raw https://discuss.pixls.us/tags/play_raw
  5. LOL they wouldn't even know as wouldn't see anything at all - might wonder about some what disjointed threads though, Not a serious request really anyway. Just noticed from time to time some may jump on some ones back. Mine too, Sometimes they stop, sometimes they don't. Maybe they are having a bad day but shouldn't inflict it on others. John
  6. I'd like to ask about another facility. Feature to add me myself to certain people's ignore list so that they can never ever read my posts. fashion request of course. John -
  7. The theme etc don't show up too well on premium. Thought I would be stuck in for a while. John
  8. No thanks that's too bitty for my tastes. Bit browned out too I see enough beans and those aren't my favourite ones, Roast is about right as they arrive but mine darken and oil up. Too shiny too. No contrast problems other than the green being a bit weak but would prefer those aspects changed on the dark one which I suspect might make a better default. What may spoil the site for me is what ever has replaced latest posts. Not tried yet. Depend on how people use the site. I have so much time available. That's rather variable so little interest in reading all posts, too many of them sometimes. As it was I could refresh when ever I like. I might for instance say that lot don't interest me and refresh immediately. Sometimes current topic type approaches can be a bit difficult to use this way unless some one spends all day looking at them. Seem to be having a bit of a problem spotting differences between , . ; is Ok but : The others are next to each other on the keyboard. I don't look at keys and type but sometime get a little screwed if not sitting central to the keyboard - like now, wife is breathing down my neck to get ever so close to pointless on the telly. John
  9. I toyed with the idea of telling you where to stick your pole John
  10. Green doesn't show well, go to topic listing rather dim, same next unread topic. On that score, all I have noticed. For some reason I can't drag drop the rather small attached image. Well it looks like it will be attached. Not somewhere as needed in the post John
  11. Yes something I sometimes do pole instead of poll. Usually spot that sort of thing but sometimes don't. Whoops - name shows white while entering a post and then goes too dark when the post is made. Said is correct now - software magic. Maybe quotes need to be grey. They are except while posting - personally I feel that needs the same theme as the page it's being used on. Whoops - name shows white while entering a post and then goes too dark when the post is made. Just made 3 edits on purpose. Cut and paste did the paste but not the cut. John
  12. Just tried that Mildred. One way didn't work. Getting the + sign up first then highlighting did but I only highlighted as far as ajohn Just noticed no sign of who said. Not sure if there should be or ........... 2nd edit. It's there but way to dark to read. Maybe it needs to go white as per the other text. John
  13. Thanks as that can be useful. I recollect coming across a site where the quote button wasn't needed but no problem and maybe the same thing can be done from several posts. Might be asking too much though. Working on software is a tough life you know. I've had years and years of it, fortunately also being able to stray regularly. Don't know but maybe a pole would suggest that the dark theme would be a better default. I feel only the paper white brigade could object and suspect there aren't many around. John
  14. The dark theme looks much better to me. Think I like it. This is what I get Drag and drop and no size problems even using 90% jpg quality I left the posting area in to show that ideally this needs to use the same theme. IMHO John
  15. LOL How did I miss that. I'll try dark for a while. On this post I tried a quote from my own thinking maybe if I highlighted part and then hit quote only the highlighted part would be quoted. Highlighted "Have looked bottom left" Anyway of doing this? John
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