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  1. The catch with any softening filter is how hard the tap water is. The harder it is the shorter the L through before stops softening. That's for any size of filter really. To be honest I don't worry too much about when I fit a new one. Our water is classed as very soft. I have had a scale problem on the DB. Essentially when I descaled I wasn't removing all of it. Actually as I bought a refurb machine as I wasn't that sure I wanted one it has probably been like this since I bought it. I doubled the descale time and the change to boiling noises from the steam boiler is very noticeable. Steam is a
  2. I don't agree with @MWJB on the differences between ratios of 2 and 3 with a fixed time. It's an area that I always look at when trying a new bean. EY% may not change but taste can. I'd put that down to different dilutions of the various constituents that cause the taste. I have found beans that need 4 but not fresh roasted. When tuning a new bean I might set the grinder too fine and 30sec gives a rather short shot so I extend to save wasting the beans. 5 secs not that much different to where I would tune to but 10secs rather different and might go anyway as far as taste goes. MM is very
  3. ajohn

    BE Results

    The only way to find out is to go there and try it. The idea of weighing out is that ratio mostly determining taste, time has less effect unless altered pretty dramatically. Some for instance use 40sec and probably other numbers. I use 20sec for my wife with a particular bean that I use at 30sec. A lot conclude from the web that a ratio of 2 is a magic number. Sage manuals where info is given suggest one of 3 via mentioning ml. Best thing to do is try several and find out. It depends on the bean and taste. Biggest thing concerning taste I found on the BE was preheating the machine.
  4. When people mention machines I often have a look around about them for suitable upgrades if and when I might need one. This one is a machine I wouldn't buy as I'm sure I'd get fed up with it and wonder about getting something else. Upgrading from a DB is tricky for me anyway, a lot of that is down to having usable tap water that doesn't need an excessive amount of descaling. The £1000 price point is IMHO a tricky one. £2000 can have it's interesting aspects as well. This is why this machine exists https://coffeeequipmentreviews.wordpress.com/2019/04/10/acs-minima-overview-production-machi
  5. LOL I suspect I should have just taken the tank out and put it back in again but changed the filter as well. Message gone. It's strange really as the tank doesn't ever come out unless I descale. I did that getting on for 2months ago. When I was using the descale message it took a lot longer than that before the tank came out. My tank gets 2L of water added pretty regularly - not far of daily so not so concerned about tank cleanliness as some need to be. It gets a good clean when ever I descale. I did get slight coffee indigestion for a while recently. Turned out to be due keeping a
  6. Life with espresso machines isn't that simple unfortunately. There is a user review of this machine on home barista. A google on the machine brings it up near the top. One subject that crops up is heat up time. Might be worth a read for you. Late for me now as wife wants me up early in the morning. John -
  7. I'd rather this thread stuck to the DB. Mine is an old machine that doesn't use the new filter and as it's never come up before so a little strange. Suggest you start another thread but on the BT. John -
  8. Anyone come across this message on the LCD? New one on me. Never come up before even waiting for the machine to tell me to descale which was when I changed the filter and usually do but descale more often now. Any ideas? John -
  9. What Dave is implying is that it's not as simple as that. Few points Run a commercial grinder for too long and the motor will overheat. Many state on to off intervals. This is to prevent the motor from continually getting hotter and hotter. They would be rather a lot bigger and even heavier if they didn't rate them like this even if the motor had a permanent cooling fan. Best effect involves running in with it set too espresso levels so there will still be a running in period more or less what ever people do. It will still IMHO need kg's of beans to fully run in. A couple of kg
  10. Sketchup is one of the easier 3D packages to get into and widely used. It looks like it's gone somewhat payfor / purely useable via a browser for free. A bit sad that. There may be something else available due to the change. The opensource free stuff evolves but not sure what state that is currently in but searching opensource 3D printing will bring options up. The more capable will probably be mostly keyboard orientated. That does look like a decent printer of that type. You should be able to find details of initial setting up easily on the web. All are pretty similar in that respect - l
  11. Could turn out to be the worst option possible given problems that can crop up when buying stuff. Sellers would be using the same rules as well. No fees like ebay and easier to find coffee specific items than gumtree. Captive market full of buyers lusting to spend their money. Maybe lock out until some one has added something to their profile and also posted in the introduction section - count the profile as one post Then they only need 3 more. Perhaps give them a bunny point if they have added their gear to their signature - save having to ask when questions crop up. LOL I re
  12. You may need the plastic part behind the shower screen if it doesn't look like this https://www.sageappliances.com/uk/en/parts-accessories/parts/sp0020052.html It holds the grouphead seal in place. Some have had them split - Can't help wondering if due to overtightening and have a spare anyway. John -
  13. They seem to have changed the beans they use going on my last drink in Starbucks. Previously an americano was much like costa. I stop at these places as I am thirsty. The drink with very little milk in is mmm Ok maybe but not really. This Starbucks was entirely different. Not sure but may have seen mention of a blond roast or such like. Anyway I'd have to say it was a decent blend what ever it was. John -
  14. You might get better responses if you clarify what you mean by I currently have a Sage Barista Touch and I’ve come to realise that the experience isn’t quite the same as a more traditional machine like the Classika. The Classika is not a traditional machine. It's a single boiler dual use. Just mentioned not being critical about it. Other single boiler machines may be an HX, heat exchanger passing through a steam boiler to heat brew water or a type seldom mentioned, a dipper. Steam boiler water is routed directly to the grouphead. What style of drinks you might want to make comes into
  15. There is enough information in the machine's manual to tell you what the use of that style of single boiler means in terms of use. John -
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