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  1. Sorry its sold now to @Abcan
  2. Diggy87

    VST 18g basket

    Thanks @Fez it isn't brand new but it is in excellent condition with minimal use.
  3. Diggy87

    VST 18g basket

    Hi @Drellis I have a boxed VST 18g ridgeless basket that I'm ready to list. £18 delivered within the UK.
  4. Looking good!!! Glad she got there safely. Happy brewing
  5. Sold to @Abcan Payment received. Thanks
  6. No problem, I'll get it weighed later and let you know how much postage will be. Thanks, Dan
  7. Thanks for the replies, I did mention in an earlier post that I'd post at the buyers cost and risk (it wouldn't let me edit the original post) I'm also happy if someone would like to arrange a courier themselves.
  8. Any ideas why this isn't generating any interest? I thought based on the price of the others in the for sale section and given that this has a few extra upgrades that those don't have, I expected more interest.
  9. I've also found my Torr tamper out which I will include in the sale.
  10. Still available but now also offered on eBay.
  11. I have a classic for sale with steam wand upgrade, set to 9 bar and also upgraded brass dispersion plate and IMS shower screen.
  12. I have a classic in the for sale section. I also have an Iberital MC2 that will be available if required once I’ve cleaned it out
  13. Hopefully these photos of the inside of the machine help
  14. Yes it does. You will always see arguments for and against it I guess.
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