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  1. I have a classic for sale with steam wand upgrade, set to 9 bar and also upgraded brass dispersion plate and IMS shower screen.
  2. I have a classic in the for sale section. I also have an Iberital MC2 that will be available if required once I’ve cleaned it out
  3. Hopefully these photos of the inside of the machine help
  4. Yes it does. You will always see arguments for and against it I guess.
  5. I’m afraid I didn’t see the offer so I’m not sure what the offer was, but it be willing to meet you in the middle at £150 @Ilaher
  6. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas Surely someone wants to part with their Christmas money ? reasonable offers will be considered.
  7. Just for transparency @Bica60s has messaged me with a couple of questions. No negotiations or offer have been made.
  8. Ok I’ll open this up to postage at the buyers cost and risk. Obviously I’d make sure it was packed up the best I could. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the head up and a fair point. How do I edit the post? I’ve a lot different to when I used to be a little more active on here
  10. I’ll leave this up for another couple of days then I may also put it on gumtree, assuring that’s not breaching any forum rules
  11. Apologies, I’ve not yet found the single basket but it does have 1 normal double baskets and 1 pressurised double baskets. If I come across the single basket obviously I will also include it.
  12. For Sale - I’m moving my 2006 Classic on, it’s just not getting the use it deserves any more so it’s time for me to find it a new home. Its had all new seals about 6 months ago Brass dispersion plate IMS shower screen OPV mod Silvia steam wand Silicone grouphead seal Portafilter with single and double baskets I’ll be back flushing it over this weekend so it’s ready to go. Collection only from Derbyshire or possibly from Stoke On Trent if needed Price - £165
  13. Thanks for the interest but I will be selling it 'as is'
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