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  1. Thanks great idea. I’ve had a google to try and find the gaggia paint code with no luck, I’ll try as you’ve suggested
  2. So sorry for not replying. I’ve only just seen this. Is it still available?
  3. Hey folks, I’ve been away for a while (not away from coffee though 😉) Anyway, my Aunty has asked for my assistance in restoring a 2006 classic. All is going well so far apart from the paint. It’s the metallic coated housing and has a few rust spots on the front edge near the group head. Does anyone know of a paint that matches? Thanks, Diggy
  4. I'll take the black one please
  5. Are either the black or grey cups still available?
  6. is the temp tag tri just for 1 sticker, or for a sheet of 4?
  7. Yep its that straight forward, I did it on mine after I refurbished it.
  8. I have the Rhinowares on and I've no issues, I also suspect they come out of the same factory like a lot of products do just with different branding.
  9. Hey everyone, it’s been while since I posted a problem... So when changing water in my Gaggia Classic I noticed a slimey like film on top of the water (could have been like that for a while but usually just top the water up, this time I removed the tank to was it) so much I cleaned it refitted used for a couple of days, removed the tank again and they layer of film was there again. It looks like the silicone tubes are full of the build up too. Has anyone else come across anything like this? the silicon tubing I fitted was sold as food grade so I didn’t think it would be that breaking down, but I’m not sure now?
  10. Whoops yes, I meant to say leave it for 30 minutes after you've tuned it off again. That is what I did
  11. I had this, you just need to dry it out, If I remember rightly just disconnect the earth and leave it to heat up for 30 mins or so. just don't touch the casing and you'll be fine just turn it on and off at the wall
  12. I've got an MC2 and although it is a PITA to get dialled in, once dialled in it isn't a bad grinder (for a beginner set up) it works great alongside my 2006 Gaggia Classic. Don't give up on it and treat yourself to some decent beans
  13. Oh My God Take my money!!! Oh wait I may need a niche first.....
  14. Nope not the barista... Ok so I know that Starbucks is not the best coffee (infact I think it’s pretty bland) BUT I do get a ‘free’ drink from there most weeksthrough my health insurance. Usually I have some form of iced coffee or icedtea, yesterday I decided to give the newish blonde range a try, I went for aflat white and my god it was awful!!! I won’t be making that error again. When I say awful I mean I’d rather have one of their standardover-roasted flat whites Has anyone else tried this range?
  15. Ahhh gutted I missed this, if anyone drops out for any reason please let me know and I'm 100% in
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