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  1. Sorry to bother but me too please? (keyboard wanted to type “pleads” but I’m not that badly off for coffee at the moment, just looking to try something new).😉
  2. God they must be hell to dust! Nice collection.👍
  3. Hello Luke, A photography and Coffee guy, I like you already, welcome.
  4. Yes, I love my convenient little Sage Bambino Plus but the future looks expensive.
  5. Well I’ve received the new machine and the difference in the steam wand and water output is like night and day, so something wrong with the boiler in the old machine would be my guess. I’m not magnificently skilled with the steam wand, but I could manage to achieve good milk foam before. Different story with the new steam wand, steam jets are quite forceful, but it’s workable. Fingers crossed for the back flush.
  6. I’ve had some lovely coffee with this today. Cocoa and salted peanut notes, with a really nice velvety mouth feel. Big thanks to The roasters.
  7. Lab Coffee Works in Uxbridge, a bit nouveau rustic with heavy wooden tables and stools. They do a lovely cappuccino, have the usual fresh cakes, and muffins but it’s main attraction for me, they sell green beans and roast your choice beans while you wait. Only 3 choices, single origin, but they will roast your choice in the shop roaster while you have your coffee. It may be a novelty but the beans were incredibly flavourful.
  8. The machine went mental after I used the cleaning cycle today. I put the disk and tablet in, pressed the buttons from the manual instructions, it back flushed but didn’t feed through the portafilter and afterwards the cleaning cycle lights kept flashing no matter what. I even factory reset but nothing worked and it was randomly firing water through the brew head. i phoned Sage who told me to send it back to Amazon, so its sorted with them now and a new machine is arriving tomorrow.
  9. Amazon when they had the offer of £50 cash back from Sage. Doubt I’ll see that now it’s being replaced, oh well. Thankfully because it’s Amazon it happened lunchtime and new one arriving tomorrow. Fingers crossed this time, for it’s size and price I’m happy with the model.
  10. I love this machine, got it as a gift, 3 second start, you even can alter pre infusion time. Auto or manual steaming, I usually steam the milk manually myself, but it’s quite good on auto when there’s no time. Best of all the footprint is tiny, perfect for the countertop. Then 3 weeks after receiving it I get a cleaning signal, and used the cleaning disk. It only back flushed, and didn’t feed water through the portafilter. Afterwards the cleaning cycle buttons kept flashing, wouldn’t stop and randomly pumped water through the brew head. i tried a factory reset, that didn’t work, so Sage told me to return and replace it. I only hope the new one doesn’t have these problems as it’s perfect for my kitchen, the coffee is really good and the milk from the steam wand is great.
  11. Hi,,I’m a newbie, the forum is such a good resource for inspired Coffee purchasing I bought 500gms of Coffee Compass Columbia Swiss WaterDecaf (no discount). Amazing, scorchingly fast delivery, they smell gorgeous, the only problem is with my machine. i was bought a Bambino Plus as a gift a couple of weeks ago, and today it demanded a cleaning cycle. That’s when the coffee hit the fan, and it’s now permanently flashing and randomly spurting water through the brew head and I have new Coffee but no machine! Anyone else tried these beans? I’m going to have to live vicariously for a couple of days and would like to know what to expect when I finally get to put bean to grinder, thanks.
  12. Kallyloo

    UK Based Roasters

    I don’t know if anyone has come across this company frontlinecoffee.co.uk ? I haven’t placed an order yet but from the website info they’re a small batch, roast to order company that supports frontline services in the UK with 100% of their profits. No single origins just blends, but I might give them a try next month as it’s a worthy cause.
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