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  1. Thank you. I will check that out. I will also see what Sage say. As they had offered an engineers visit it might be worth following up on that and getting the machine thoroughly checked.
  2. Maybe I won’t hold off on that engineer visit. This morning I couldn’t even get my portafilter to fit/lock into the grinder unit. Time to dust off my Pavoni for a few weeks I think.
  3. Sorry for not responding earlier. I have not been getting the notifications to tell me someone has posted something. Thank you all for your input. It seems unlikely that I have accidentally changed the top bur setting, from what you have said. I had a fairly generic reply from Sage about different coffee beans perform differently, the “ground on” date is the important one etc etc. None of which seemed to acknowledge I had been using the machine successfully for 16 months with the same beans. They have finally said that they will send an engineer to look at it. The funny thing is that I have recently had some of the best coffees ever from it. The first coffee dispensed each time is just far to low on quantity. Double shot gives me less than one shot. Each coffee after that seems ok. I will hold off calling out the engineer.
  4. Thank you for your suggestions. When cleaning the grinder I took everything out and cleaned thoroughly including using the grinder pipe-cleaner-type-of-thing to push all the way through from the grinder chamber into the portafilter. I also inspected the felt washer to make sure it was not damaged. I had a point by point procedure from a Sage. Whereabouts is the top burr setting that you think I might have disturbed? That’s sounds like something I should look at. Strange that Sage have not suggested that option.
  5. I have had my Oracle for 16 months and have enjoyed the results. I have always used the same beans with the grinder in the mid 20s. Recently the grinder stopped working. I cleaned it thoroughly as per Sage instructions but now I have the grinder set at 36 and the machine dispenses very little coffee. It can take up to 11 seconds before it dispenses. I can’t set it much coarser (!). Any suggestions as to what might be wrong? As I say I’ve always used the same beans.
  6. As a postscript.... I had a response from Sage as follows "Yes you should have a message on the screen that will ask you to descale the unit however our advise would be not to wait for the unit to do so and simply descale it every 4-6 weeks in a hard water area. Now because you're using filtered water, every 3-4 months should be fine. Ensure that you're also using the sage descaling powder too."
  7. Thanks Ron. I looked out for that message when I made my morning’s coffee but nothing at any point. Making about ten shots every day I would have thought the message would be appearing after over 3,000 shots. Thanks to everyone who responded. This is my third attempt at posting a reply. Let’s hope this one posts successfully.
  8. The question was more to with with whether or not there is a DESCALE NOW” display message or not. FYI I do only use bottled water.
  9. I have had my Sage Oracle for eleven months. I always clean it properly when the CLEAN ME message appears. I have assumed a DESCALE ME message appears when I need to descale it. Am I wrong? Should I have been descaling it before now?
  10. Thanks for that. A useful tip. I will keep an eye on how the grind varies over time and check the nut. not that clear exactly where the felt washer should sit but will take a look when the new one arrives.
  11. I suspect John may have a valid point that the grinder may take a while to settle down. This morning I had to go down to 25. Time will tell. i don’t think there would have been a metal washer as it was not mentioned by Sage. The following was their suggestion on how to thoroughly clean it: Use a hoover to clear out any excess beans after removing the hopper Remove the upper burr Unscrew the nut (clockwise) and remove the spring washer, flat washer and lower burr Use 2 long thin objects to lift out the grinding fan Lastly, remove the felt washer and check for tears/disintegration (delicate) Again use the hoover to clear out residual beans/grind Put everything back in order They have since sent me the link to order a replacement felt washer. Interestingly it is not mentioned on the Oracle list of spares but it is on the Barrista one. Cost 95p plus £2.50 in postage.
  12. Post script ...... just found a felt washer in my vacuum cleaner. It has a nick out of it. Will wash and replace. Will ask Sage for a replacement.
  13. Seconds after posting my reply I received feedback from Sage. They advised I do exactly what I have done BUT they mentioned a delicate felt washer under the grinding wheel below the burrs. I did not see such a washer. I suppose there is a chance that the vacuum might have sucked it up. Whether this would cause the extreme change in grinding settings I don’t know. I have asked them. Thank you again.
  14. Thank you. Following your suggestion I have just gone beyond what might be classified as normal domestic maintenance and removed the nut at the top of the grinder along with its burrs. Completely cleaned it out with vacuum and burr brush. It did look a little clogged up inside the small hole where the ground coffee goes. The grinder now works but, interestingly, using exactly the same coffee beans as normal the flow of coffee was late and very slow. I have always ground at around 12 for the flow to start after seven seconds and the correct amount of coffee to be dispensed. Now I have had to move the grinder up to 35. How odd. I am pleased to say we are now enjoying a nice cappuccino each ...... with no thanks to Sage Customer Service.
  15. I have only had my Oracle (non Touch) about four months from new. Last week the tamping seemed to fail resulting in a mound of coffee in the portafilter and the grinder not stopping. I cleaned everything out using brushes, vacuum cleaner etc but now after a short while the grinder makes the high pitch squealing sound, like it does when it has run out of beans (which it hasn’t) and nothing appears in the portafilter. When I take the hopper off it looks like ground coffee at the TOP of the grinder directly below where the hopper sits. I do not seem to be getting any email advice from Sage despite three emails explains the problem. I am currently in France and have asked them for a full international phone number that I can call them to discuss the problem. No reply. Any suggestions anyone? Philip
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