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  1. @Rob666 Are you still drunk?!? Hats off to you, that's a whole week of bubbles & burps! I think mine will arrive before you sober up, probably, but not necessarily, on Tuesday, so tape measure and sobriety may not be required.
  2. No trouble, as I say I researched for a mate a while back, mostly a copy-&-paste of that (as is much of the following). Sorry for long post!! Doesn't need to be complicated, main thing is to have organised records & proof of transactions, can be as simple as a folder for invoices(print copy of every sale invoice) and a folder for expenses(print copy of invoice/keep receipts for all that you purchase/spend) and tally it all up in a spreadsheet/app/software of choice. Plenty of options for software (depending on operating system), that you don't need to pay for, but unless you are doing daily digital backups to your own hard drive, I'd recommend printing copies and filing them with real world receipts. Never have just one copy, all systems are fallible. Whatever you choose, it should be something that you're comfortable using and will be able to maintain regularly, you don't want, or need, to spend hours a week updating the books. Most important is that you have a simple system and use it. That way you'll be able to easily figure out if your taxable income (many things are deductible from the gross profit, including equipment purchase, portion of electric bill, fuel costs) is below the threshold. I once had a friend ask me to help with her tax return, which of course I obliged, she turned up at my house with 4 cardboard boxes and 2 appointment diaries. Two & a half years worth of sales invoices, purchase receipts, no filing system, no staff wage slips, not even in chronological order - just hundreds of scraps of paper and the diaries to help me piece it all together - took me several weeks to sort through the carnage, hence why I caution you to figure out record keeping in advance! Don't let any of this dampen your enthusiasm though!! Have you thought about making other things with your skateboard wood? Offering a bespoke (coffee related) service? Or other non-coffee things like gearstick handles?
  3. I researched it a while ago (for a friend's online business), ebay and amazon work on similar principles but, amazon costs the seller more. Even if you include paypal (with ebay), amazon still had a bigger piece of pie. If your selling on a large scale it starts to level out a bit, but for yourself I wouldn't recommend it. Ebay though, could do buyItNow with occasional auctions to stimulate interest. This site - Artimondo - is a great place to buy handmade things, a portal for artisans with worldwide shipping. They sell everything from Brazilian coffee beans, Italian cakes to hand-painted ceramics, stone&crystal coffee tables, cotton towels in the shape of a cat(not kidding), would be a good place to engage a more refined consumer (read - charge more), and a European audience. You have to apply, and they will then decide if you are genuinely making a quality handcrafted product, before they allow you to participate, oh so very exclusive, keeping the riff raff out!! They do have some exceedingly good 'fine foods', but some of the stuff, makes me scratch my head & wonder what the f?#k, some people have more money than taste. Whichever way you do it, be sure to know which laws apply to your business (distance selling regs), keep your books up to date, and most important learn what can be deducted before tax! Once you have an online shop (etsy or ebay), it's officially a business, my mate ended up with an unexpectedly huge tax bill, because he didn't keep track of business expenses, like lathe purchasing and running costs thereof. Sorry, that all got a bit serious! Not sure if this is what you meant but - I talk to computers for a living (wish it was games but, mostly websites), if I can help, I'd be happy to, send me pm - if you're all sorted, then ignore this!
  4. What year is your machine? switch/element type? I've ended up with a Professional, however, had I bought a Europiccola, first upgrade - I would have added a pressure gauge. Allows you to (at least feel like) have some degree of control over process. There is a direct correlation between pressure and the temperature of the water, and when it boils. Parts individually and kits can be bought: ferrari-espresso, espressoshop, ebay in the UK, and from Europe: Francesco's spares page (above) and https://www.lamacchinadelcaffe.com/en/index.html I think @jimbojohn55 got his from USA, if you have a very old machine the Professional gauge just screws right in. Instructions here http://www.francescoceccarelli.eu/La_Pavoni/Faidate/manometro_ep_eng.htm
  5. I don't think I'm qualified to help you with the dripping shower screen problem, but I do currently have a neglected Pavoni in pieces. Not that I've installed it yet, but I ordered the IMS shower screen from ebay (links are in the thread), and it arrived in a few days, is quite a different arrangement/size of holes compared to the original. Don't know if it will make any difference though. Between the shower screen and the water, are three seals. It's quite quick and simple to release the piston (don't need to remove the group) and pop the shower screen out, to have a look at the 2 gaskets on the piston, o-ring on the shower screen, and shower screen, cleaning them all (lubricating as needed), might help with drips? Worth a try? Whether those seals (and any others) need changing, really depends on when they were last replaced, how often you use & clean the machine. A lot of gunk gets left behind in the group (photos coming shortly!), cleaning is important. You can buy grouphead only service kits from theespressoshop.co.uk, they also sell almost all of the seals/gaskets/o-rings/etc separately, may be more economical. NOTE: Some of the above is only accurate if your La Pavoni is post 1970's and pre 2000 - but cleanliness is for everyone! For expert info see: Maintenance: http://www.francescoceccarelli.eu/lapavoni_faidate_eng.htm Spares: http://www.francescoceccarelli.eu/Faidate/diy-lapavoni.htm Seal Replacement by Dr.Pavoni: http://www.francescoceccarelli.eu/La_Pavoni/Dr_Pavoni/seal%20replacement.htm
  6. Thanks for the update. I think uptake for decaf is always likely to be slower, that's what happens when people don't consume caffeine, slower reaction speed!
  7. Have a look at my thread here, some links to OE pages re differences between v.1.0 & v.1.1, and some pics of the new v.2.0. prototype. If I remember right, those with a serial number on the base are v.1.0., and I think VDD mods only fit v.1.0. Not a bad thing at all, v.1.0. parts were all made in the U.S. and assembled by Doug.G.
  8. Attractiveness is relative, and that is an obscenely good looking collection of grinders in the background! Isn't this(Eureka) what @dfk41 is looking for?
  9. @igm45, can you give some indication if you still intend to pursue this idea or not? I will be ordering coffee this week and as I primarily drink stuff with a buzz, I wouldn't need more than 1kg decaf. I don't want to over-order or take my name of the list, and ruin it all. Not expecting anything definitive, just want to know if it's still a plan? Thanks.
  10. @Rob666 Thanks for the offer. Hopefully it's similar enough, if there are any points you know to be different from standard, mark it so. Dimensions needed as follows (please say if you need any clarification): height (as it sits on work surface): A) work surface ~ top circle thingy; B) work surface ~ handle; C) work surface ~ very top of axle (complete height); diameter: D) widest point (not incl. handle); handle: E) width; F) length; G) thickness of aluminium; axle: H) diameter at very top;
  11. Yay, it lives! I first found them on http://www.theespressoshop.co.uk at £19.44 each - shower screen, basket. Also available on ebay (GBP approx), multipack £26.80, shower screen £13.40, filter basket £13.40. As I've been looking at parts that I might need to buy (depending on the state of Pavoni I purchase, some had no baskets), I came across these on TheEspressoShop, I also noticed that the models for sale on Mr. Ceccarelli's site, had IMS shower screens. Naturally I was curious as to the efficacy of an expensive(2-3x price of regular versions) item, and so came here to ask if anyone had any thoughts. Of course I'm not suggesting that it's a magic shower screen/basket, that would just be silly!! I realise that there are other difficulties with La Pavoni lever models, however, I don't believe management of overheating and improved filtration are mutually exclusive. I have several ideas (that I will try out) to reduce overheating, I have some experience in the areas of heat recuperation & reduction(& ice cream making) that has inspired me, if I have any success, I will post on the forum. I should like to do all that I can (afford), to improve the taste of the coffee in my cup, not sure I'd call it pimpin', shiny new handles (courtesy of @jimbojohn55), on the other hand, are totally unnecessary, have nothing to do with coffee, and absolutely are pimpin'! Thank you to everyone who replied, even if you didn't know(@GCGlasgow, @jimbojohn55) they existed, this is probably why I have not found much info online. @slamm - the information about the Edesia baskets taking an extra 2g, is useful to know. I also checked IMS site, but could find nothing for those part#, & as you say seems likely they are new. As I had a £15.off ebay voucher, that was rapidly expiring and hadn't found anything to buy with it, I decided (with just 3min to spare) to buy the shower screen & basket pack on ebay, only cost £15 (same as regular ones). Once I have a consistent Pavoni coffee routine going, I will do some (not very scientific & certainly subjective) comparisons, and post the outcome here. Hopefully, can save anyone else wasting money, if the difference is negligible. Stay tuned for '[mind-blowing|barely noticeable] difference using IMS' updates.
  12. Really, nothing, not a whisper, nobody has any thoughts on, or interest in, this. So many La Pavoni's out there, and not a one using IMS? Is that because it's not worth it? Will I be wasting my money? Or no-one knew/thought about it, have they only recently become available? If this has been covered before and I missed it, please someone tell me. Will I be guinea piggy, again?
  13. I was editing, whilst you replied! Cheers for the offer, I may take you up on that. I have an idea that would utilise some of my existing kitchen hardware, but it depends on dimensions, if that doesn't pan out (excuse pan pun), I will likely work on some modification of your design, so parts might be useful. I'll pm to let you know if I need parts, alternatively, I'll post pictures of my cunning plan in action. Either way, I appreciate the generous offer, very kind of you.
  14. Great idea! Now that my Pharos is in transit, I'm trying to work out the best way to use it, once it arrives. But I don't have the appropriate worktops for this exact design, however, may use some parts of it. I would really appreciate some measurements, of the grinder itself, if any Pharos owners (@Snakehips, @Rob666) read this, and can spare a few minutes with a tape measure, give me a shout. There are some particular dimensions I need to know, before I can order materials. Edit: just read later post in ForSale, realise now that @Snakehips Pharos has been sold & sold again since this thread, hopefully someone still has one and can help!
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