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  1. definitely have a screenshot of it, will give them a couple more days and then report or take other actions.
  2. I only knew of SSP through forums, and knew they should be expensive. $110 is still more than double the factory burrs, which seemed like a premium enough price to me at the time. I still think asking a straightforward question to the seller should be research enough, given that it was clearly a large store (1st page of Google, tons of SKUs), where I thought the odds of an outright lie were very slim, especially over such a small amount (who would risk their reputation for that?). In any case, I only referenced DE because I saw they were forum sponsors and felt that I should shed some positive light on a very opposite customer service experience in a thread so filled with negativity. It is only relevant by contrast and was only triggered by the banner at the bottom while I was posting.
  3. Yes, I will contest as is and probably win the case via PayPal, but the $110 isn't my biggest concern at this stage. I just want to make sure others on this forum are aware of who they are dealing with and warn future readers.
  4. FINAL UPDATE: They never replied to my email re-explaining the situation, showing them their error, and offering to send them back their mis-labeled burrs on their label. SSP has also been notified and confirmed that they are not their burrs, nor is TES a distributor. At this point there is no innocent explanation left, and they have proven through inaction not to be acting in good faith or to be a trustworthy company. I would call them a fraud, and I do not think that is hyperbole.
  5. Update: SSP has confirmed that T.E.S. is NOT a distributor of SSP burrs. On another note, I would like to take this opportunity to show that I am not some crank who only posts negative stuff. I noticed that Decent is a forum sponsor, and I think they represent the perfect juxtaposition to this customer service experience. Decent Espresso and John, the owner, are amazing - going above and beyond at all times to help and generously give to their customers. These are two different management styles and I can tell you which almost certainly all of us would prefer doing business with. So here is my promo for John and his company (no, I have no financial interests in it whatsoever). Cheers guys and thanks for listening/commenting.
  6. Yes, I think this is accurate, though in this case they were a first page Google result for these Burrs, the only ones I initially saw to have them available, and had the appearances of legitimacy. I am not claiming they sell all fake wares btw, just that they got over their skis on this one and that the likely cause was greed. There are some corner cases with very low probability that it was an innocent mistake - but in those cases I would expect an apology and correction. As of this writing, my latest email, written in response to reactions on this thread, has been ignored. It has only been 24 hours or so, however.
  7. The more I reflect on it, the stranger I feel it is that such a specialist would both appear 1) not to know who SSP is on their QA section (while understanding burr coating, mind you) and 2) confirm that it is SSP in an email- where even if a trainee didn't know what that meant, would ask someone that did (of which there would be several at such a specialist shop). I'd like to be as patient and well tempered as you lot appear to be, but to me this screams of someone who thought that the person on the other side would never know the difference due to the coating similarity and didn't react well to being called on it. I could be wrong, but I think some are making some very generous assumptions to really think their explanation and reaction is innocent.
  8. Per this group's recommendations, I will message them directly via email in the hopes that reason prevails, stay tuned.
  9. Yes, my counter to that would be: 1) I feel it is VERY difficult to make this mistake in good faith. 2) I am familiar with PayPal's process and know that it requires messaging the seller first (which is the initial message you see), before PayPal is involved, so this is in effect the same thing as what you are suggesting, but saves me a step in case my presumption from 1) is correct As it stands, 1) seems very clearly to be the case, but I don't disagree with the sentiment of your statement.
  10. I have since found a different supplier, which wasn't trivially easy, actually, and it seems they should be closer to $235, a red flag had I known, but honestly $110 seems expensive to me already!
  11. Thank you all for your replies, the moderators have helpfully toned down my title, though I do believe it was accurate. Upon further review, I also found a clear self-contradiction that I did not notice on my initial purchase: THEY THEMSELVES DO NOT THINK THEY ARE SSP (SEE IMAGE BELOW). Really, all they needed to do was offer to pay for the post back and apologize, but instead they went the post factual denial route. Pity. https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/en/Mazzer-Super-Jolly-Red-Speed-Burrs-RH-64x37x85mm/m-4248.aspx
  12. TheEspressoShop.co.uk sold me 'Red Speed Burrs' they claimed were SSP brand in an email I sent seeking clarity on the matter (see screenshot attached) After receiving the Burrs it was clear they are not SSP because: 1) they are missing the signature SSP box 2) they are missing the SSP logo on the Burrs themselves (see image attached). Upon disputing the claim with PayPal because of this misrepresentation, the seller 'reports' me without addressing my claim about the misrepresentation (see attached screenshot). Normally, I would just let it go, but it's a matter of principle to prevent others from doing business with this bad-faith company. Here is a similar listing: https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/us/Fiorenzato-MC-F64-Evo-Red-Speed-Grinder-Burrs-RH-64x37x85mm---400000028/m-4552.aspx
  13. signed up and purchased some accessories yesterday. thank you. Keep up the great work.
  14. I went to the site, and it doesn't allow me to order, am I doing it wrong?
  15. Hi all, just found out about DE while in the market for a new espresso maker, and wow, this is exactly what I've been looking for. Science. Coffee. Geek stuff. This is hands down the best machine in the market (conceptually). I'm looking forward to ordering when possible.
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