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  1. I've only had a few disappointing purchases over the years that stick in my head Various French Presses - I've come to the realization that literally any method used doesn't produce something I would enjoy, totally personal thing though but I've tried and tried. Cheap Amazon hand grinder (For work) - Did it's job, loudly, slowly and inconsistently .... Was better than instant though I recently bought an 18g VST and an IMS competition screen and am loving them, VST seems to have elevated the shots compared to the OEM basket and I'm sure the shower screen does more but the stand
  2. Hi all, I've been doing some research but have gotten a bit overwhelmed with the amount of data and I think my case is slightly different as I have soft water. Basically, I bought a Crem One Dual Boiler and I'm looking to plumb it in, when I'm doing this, I think it would make sense to put in a filtered tap as well, that way I can get filtered water to my kettle and use for drinking etc. I was looking at this kit https://www.finerfilters.co.uk/deluxe-undersink-drinking-water-filter-kit-with-1-m-1-micron-rated-finerfilters-fc02-filter.html I wouldn't be using the saddle valve, I
  3. Hi everyone, About a year ago I started a youtube channel featuring food and coffee, I took a bit of a break but recently I've gotten back into it and the focus is now really more on coffee. My latest video is an unboxing and review on the Stagg EKG pourover kettle, go check it out PS Sorry about the accent 😘 Thank you
  4. Jinsin456


    Was tamping over the edge of the counter on the tamp mat... Something slipped and I fully one inch punched the countertop while throwing my half tamped portafilter on the floor. Sore hand and coffee everywhere
  5. I have the original Oracle and I think what would help in your situation is to set the machine to Flow rather than time (Can't remember exactly how to do this but it's in the settings somewhere). Sit your cup on the scales empty and zero the scales. Program it so that a shot output weighs ~40g and now that weight is set. The shot clock will still appear, adjust your grind setting until the desired time is reached and go from there. Probably not the greatest way to do it but it works very well for me.
  6. Where to start.... I love to cook and bake etc, team that with coffee and it's safe to say my kitchen is my favourite room in the house. Just got into road cycling last year and love it, managed to lose 3 stone in about 4 months and do a few events so that's been really good to keep motivated. Hate it in the winter though so that's led to the gym to try and keep the weight off, I'm not enjoying the gym at all Photography / Videography, getting back into this after I ended up doing work for a local magazine and it became a job which I then didn't enjoy. I'm trying to focus more
  7. I'm still actively using mine and love it. Last year I made the Christmas turkey in it using a recipe from Chefsteps. Legs are cooked for 24hrs and the breasts for 12, it came out amazing, juiciest most flavorsome turkey I have ever had. Have also done a lot of steaks, meat joints & fish. As mentioned before, a plumbers blowtorch is a handy thing to have for searing. I use a Rothenberger (sp) surefire 2 with Mapp gas (Apparently it burns hotter).
  8. There is a mechanical setting somewhere behind the auger fan. The white glove service guy adjusted the dose on my first one when he set it up as he said it wasn't dosing enough. I'm not sure what he did but he used an allen key in about the auger fan, iirc when the fan was removed. I can't find any info about this but mine consistently doses 22.5g +/- about 0.2 which I can live with.
  9. I got the single basket included with my Oracle. I've used it a couple of times and it does dose less and stop auto tamp etc just fine. Seemed to make a decent espresso albeit not very much of it due to it only being a single shot. I'm sure I've read somewhere that if you bought an Oracle before they came with them that they will send you a free one as they were released after the original Oracle was already out. Have a look and see, I don't think I dreamt that lol.
  10. Right so the Mrs has decided that she's into tea now so for Christmas I'm getting her the Sage Tea Maker (Partly because she wants it, partly because I kind of fancy it too ) She's quite into decaff at night and has been using plain typhoo decaff teabags. I'm trying to find a loose equivalent that will obviously be a lot better but along the same kind of flavour profile. Apparently looking online for tea is an absolute minefield and I'm really stuck at where to look :-/. Any help would be grand. She doesn't like 'perfumey' or 'flowery' tea so anything along the lines of Ea
  11. Another totally random tip but a medium Keep Cup fits perfectly under the portafilter and is also the perfect travel vessel for a 2009 Ford Focus as it actually fits the cup holder. Completely random I know but stuff I couldn't find when I was searching.
  12. I'm tending to find now that I'm getting a consistent volume of coffee on the 'Flo setting' and the only thing that's differing is the time but the machine will stop early or let it pass the default 30 seconds so that I always end up with my 1:2 ratio +/- 2g. Before I would either have to manually stop the machine or it would flow too slow and I would end up with the shot automatically stopping about 1:1 which I found wasn't pleasant. This annoyed me as it meant I would have had to set the timer to about 50 seconds and manually stop every shot. Flo setting seems to have cured this.
  13. Hi guys, After my last thread about my Oracle and subsequently having to get it replaced I figured I would start a positive thread. Due to the issues I was having with mine I done a lot more research and got a lot of good advice so I thought it would be good for me to share some of the things I've learnt during this time and give an opportunity for everyone else to do so. Most of the things I've found have been somewhat described in the manual but not really fully explained so with a bit of trial and error I think I've managed to work them out and hopefully this thread will sav
  14. Thought I would update this thread after a few weeks and I am very happy to say that the replacement Oracle is doing a great job. Grinder is now set between 16 and 20 full time now and making great consistent shots. I'm now getting 1:2 for every shot and it's only varying by a few seconds every time but most of the time it's bang on the 30 sec mark. Thanks again to everyone who helped me with this issue
  15. My routine now is that I run a full shot through the empty portafilter into my cup when I start the machine, this way I warm up the cup and the portafilter. By the time I've ground the beans and purged the grouphead everything is nice and warm for me making a shot.
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