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  1. I have the original Oracle and I think what would help in your situation is to set the machine to Flow rather than time (Can't remember exactly how to do this but it's in the settings somewhere). Sit your cup on the scales empty and zero the scales. Program it so that a shot output weighs ~40g and now that weight is set. The shot clock will still appear, adjust your grind setting until the desired time is reached and go from there. Probably not the greatest way to do it but it works very well for me.
  2. Where to start.... I love to cook and bake etc, team that with coffee and it's safe to say my kitchen is my favourite room in the house. Just got into road cycling last year and love it, managed to lose 3 stone in about 4 months and do a few events so that's been really good to keep motivated. Hate it in the winter though so that's led to the gym to try and keep the weight off, I'm not enjoying the gym at all Photography / Videography, getting back into this after I ended up doing work for a local magazine and it became a job which I then didn't enjoy. I'm trying to focus more on the video side now after buying a drone and the photography is happening as a result of taking videos. It seems to be working. Anything outdoors, was out most weekends camping, canoeing etc but haven't had a lot of time to do that since buying a house. Have promised I'll make time for it this year as I had some really good kit that needs to be played with. I'm sure there are more that have been put on the backburner but these are the ones that spring to mind
  3. I'm still actively using mine and love it. Last year I made the Christmas turkey in it using a recipe from Chefsteps. Legs are cooked for 24hrs and the breasts for 12, it came out amazing, juiciest most flavorsome turkey I have ever had. Have also done a lot of steaks, meat joints & fish. As mentioned before, a plumbers blowtorch is a handy thing to have for searing. I use a Rothenberger (sp) surefire 2 with Mapp gas (Apparently it burns hotter).
  4. There is a mechanical setting somewhere behind the auger fan. The white glove service guy adjusted the dose on my first one when he set it up as he said it wasn't dosing enough. I'm not sure what he did but he used an allen key in about the auger fan, iirc when the fan was removed. I can't find any info about this but mine consistently doses 22.5g +/- about 0.2 which I can live with.
  5. I got the single basket included with my Oracle. I've used it a couple of times and it does dose less and stop auto tamp etc just fine. Seemed to make a decent espresso albeit not very much of it due to it only being a single shot. I'm sure I've read somewhere that if you bought an Oracle before they came with them that they will send you a free one as they were released after the original Oracle was already out. Have a look and see, I don't think I dreamt that lol.
  6. Right so the Mrs has decided that she's into tea now so for Christmas I'm getting her the Sage Tea Maker (Partly because she wants it, partly because I kind of fancy it too ) She's quite into decaff at night and has been using plain typhoo decaff teabags. I'm trying to find a loose equivalent that will obviously be a lot better but along the same kind of flavour profile. Apparently looking online for tea is an absolute minefield and I'm really stuck at where to look :-/. Any help would be grand. She doesn't like 'perfumey' or 'flowery' tea so anything along the lines of Earl Grey is unfortunately out
  7. Another totally random tip but a medium Keep Cup fits perfectly under the portafilter and is also the perfect travel vessel for a 2009 Ford Focus as it actually fits the cup holder. Completely random I know but stuff I couldn't find when I was searching.
  8. I'm tending to find now that I'm getting a consistent volume of coffee on the 'Flo setting' and the only thing that's differing is the time but the machine will stop early or let it pass the default 30 seconds so that I always end up with my 1:2 ratio +/- 2g. Before I would either have to manually stop the machine or it would flow too slow and I would end up with the shot automatically stopping about 1:1 which I found wasn't pleasant. This annoyed me as it meant I would have had to set the timer to about 50 seconds and manually stop every shot. Flo setting seems to have cured this.
  9. Hi guys, After my last thread about my Oracle and subsequently having to get it replaced I figured I would start a positive thread. Due to the issues I was having with mine I done a lot more research and got a lot of good advice so I thought it would be good for me to share some of the things I've learnt during this time and give an opportunity for everyone else to do so. Most of the things I've found have been somewhat described in the manual but not really fully explained so with a bit of trial and error I think I've managed to work them out and hopefully this thread will save anyone who's just bought one a bit of time. Starting with the process in which I now make a coffee, this method I've found gives the most consistent results. - Allow the machine to heat up fully after starting. - Run a full empty shot through the portafilter into the cup to be used (I find this saves on water for preheating the cup and the portafilter and allows you to ensure that everything's clean) - Purge steam wand (If using). - Remove portafilter from the grouphead and thoroughly dry with a dry towel. - Start steaming milk. - Grind beans. - While grinding run a shot for about 5 seconds to make sure everything's clean. - Empty pre-heated cup (Very important ) - Insert portafilter and lock. - Insert cup and scales and pull the shot. - Remove portafilter, knock puck into the knockbox and rinse using the double shot button (Find this useful as it saves water and makes sure you remember to run clean water through the group after every shot) - Place portafilter back in grouphead, if making another I will run a full shot through into an empty cup again. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another tip I have found but couldn't find too much info about was the time vs flo setting on the machine for shot duration, this has made the single biggest difference in automating my shots. This is changed in the main menu when the machine is off. It's a case of changing the shot volume from time to flo. You then must go into the menu when the machine is on and set the shot volume. I done this using scales for a 1:2 ratio (The Oracle doses ~22g so I aim for 44g out). The issue I was having with using the time method is that the variation in shot time would differ and would cause me the have to watch the scales and try to stop the machine at the right point everytime whereas the flow method seems to adjust the time to suit. I'm usually within a few grams of the 44g target using this method and time varies from about 27 seconds to 32 but the machine will stop it perfectly every time. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The top burr of the grinder can be changed. The factory default is set at 6 out of a possible 10. To change it manually you have to removed the silver handle and the burr will just turn. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To clean the burr I have found a technique that works well for me. - Remove hopper and clear any whole beans away from the top burr. - Insert the grinder and flick the switch to actvate (You'll need to press the button on the back of the grinder with something small (Allan key fits perfect) *Pressing the button on the back is probably not the recommended way to do this but it saves having to empty the hopper of beans and then re-install it to have to remove it again* - Run the grinder until empty (Cover above the grinder hole with your hand or you'll get bean fragments everywhere. DO NOT PUT YOUR HAND NEAR THE BURRS. - Vacuum everything (I use a cordless vacuum with the nozzle attachment. Vacuum the burrs throughly then clean everything wotht the supplied brushes and then vacuum again. - Clean everything else as normal. - I generally remove the shower screen every few days and give it a rinse. Any other tips and tricks would be great to add to this thread. Thanks
  10. Thought I would update this thread after a few weeks and I am very happy to say that the replacement Oracle is doing a great job. Grinder is now set between 16 and 20 full time now and making great consistent shots. I'm now getting 1:2 for every shot and it's only varying by a few seconds every time but most of the time it's bang on the 30 sec mark. Thanks again to everyone who helped me with this issue
  11. My routine now is that I run a full shot through the empty portafilter into my cup when I start the machine, this way I warm up the cup and the portafilter. By the time I've ground the beans and purged the grouphead everything is nice and warm for me making a shot.
  12. A good shot is pretty much identical to what it was from the old machine but I seem to be getting consistently good shots from this machine with minimal input from myself as opposed to about 1 in 5. The speed seems to be pretty constant but the yield varies which I was expecting.
  13. So, got my replacement oracle yesterday and I'm pretty confident to say the first one was defective. Same beans in the new one are coming out with a grind setting of 22 (haven't touched the top burr) amd shots are a lot more consistent. 6 shots in and ranging from 40 - 50g in 30 seconds or 44g in 27 - 31 seconds if I'm doing it manually. Very happy now. Even with young beans it seems to be coming a lot better. Got another bag of SO roasted on the 10th, was planning to hold onto these a bit but ran out of the others, and it's every so slightly fast but I have a lot more to spare on the grinder now to compensate for this
  14. I had originally planned to stick with one bean but when I was getting the poor results originally from the Italian job I assumed it wad because it was a blend so that's why I switch to a SO to see if that made any difference but it didn't. Due to the built in grinder and tamper it's pretty difficult to change anything on the Oracle with regards to grind, the dose is fixed and can't be easily adjusted. I don't think the razor tool would really tell me too much and even then it would be a bit of a nightmare to adjust. I've been going on weight of dose as logic dictates it's going to tamp to the same pressure so if the weight is correct then the hap should be OK. I'm happy with the pucks they're dry and have the imprint of the shower head and are coming out whole. I can measure the gap between the tapped grounds and top of the basket to see if it is in fact 0.25“
  15. I'm using Rave coffee which is a decent coffee going with what's been said on here. The same SO has been used successfully on an Oracle too. With Rave, the price drops when you buy in bulk so the SO I'm using at the moment is £5.25 for 250g or £16.50 per kg. We are using about 1kg every 10 days so I would have to buy a 250g bag every 2 - 3 days so buying a couple of kgs at a time for free postage seems the most cost effective way to do it.
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