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  1. Thank you both for your help, I will contact all the above bodies to ensure I'm covered. We are looking to create a brand of detox/cleansing tea, we're already nearly finished with designing the packaging and have already spoken with a supplier who supplies custom blends. We will include milk thistle , dandelion root and lemongrass in the recipe due to their cleansing properties. The supplier we contacted is Adagio, their teas though are a little expensive and their minimum wholesale purchase is 1 KG, which is a little too much to start with and is supplied loose. The TeaPeople also supply wholesale, would look at those nut their offer is more limited I will get in touch with your contact, Glenn, I looked them up online, I'm wondering if he could help me with getting a few things right such as Blending the right ingredients ( some detox teas taste awful ) and finding a packaging supplier. Marketing and eCommerce I can do myself, I need to get the product just right. Thanks again and if you wish, I'll keep you guys posted.
  2. I'm new to the forum, and I apologize if this has been asked a thousand times, but perhaps you guys can help me get a few things clear or point me to the right place, We want to purchase wholesale tea from a UK supplier, ready bagged, and repackage it under our name for resale, do we need to obtain any kind of food hygiene certifications before we start? I asked around and have been told as long as we don't handle the bagging ourselves, nothing is required. Also, we found a couple of suppliers here in UK that we're looking to purchase a few samples from, but if anyone could make any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. thank you
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