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  1. I would suggest to keep count of kg that you have grinded with burrs. If you don’t manage to grind stones or similar foreign object then the manufacturer recommendations of lifetime is good indicator. Different burrs have their own recommendation of kg that they should stay good. Basic steel burrs are cheap compared to coated or titanium burrs.
  2. Hi. I did clean the burr chamber after couple of kg of medium / dark roast beans. The burr chamber looked cleaner than before, because there is not so much loose space and the fitting with new setup is tighter. Bigger burrs and sweeping arms push the grounds better than with smaller burrs. I haven't done the pencil alignment for the burrs, because burrs are new. Maybe after pushing 10kg trough them I could do that - I report back. I haven't had any channeling trough coffee puck, but I use Londinium distribution tool. I don't own kruve https://www.kruveinc.com or similar to provide hard data about the output, but I like it now better.
  3. Fashion and Olympus use same burr carrier for flat burrs, the code for that carrier is 729055. The other part you mentioned is for Olympus conical version, thats wrong one. Parts can be verified here https://nuovaricambi.net/index.php?lang=en Thanks.
  4. Hi, Thanks for correcting details. Yes the product codes are: Upper burr carrier: 2514.0005 - Eureka Fashion and Olympus use same parts. Lower burr carrier: 2520.0005 - Eureka Fashion and Olympus use same parts. Uk resellers list them with different codes, the right codes are: Upper burr carrier: 729055 - Fashion & Olympus Lower burr carrier: 729003 - Fashion & Olympus For your second question I think that the cases are similar and they might use same mold for manufacturing. I have the HS model. There is also different Olympus modes, but cases are same. Comparing from google different product sheet parts might give the answer or some other forum member. If people request separate thread we can do it.
  5. Hi, If you have Zenith grinder already then it’s quite good upgrade to get bigger burrs. The nowadays trend is to go for as big burrs as you can afford - it’s really pleasure to occasionally drink from cafe that do single dosing and have EK or similar big flat burr grinder. If you just disassemble and assemble the parts, it’s not difficult job. You need the tools that been described earlier. If you machine from existing parts, I would still do it. I don’t have refractrometer and can’t provide any hard data, but from taste perspective it’s worth to go for it. There is still option for further improvements to go for titanium or SSP burrs. I haven’t noticed any struggling from motor even from light roast that are quite demanding - we consume about +1kg beans in week. I think that there is still room to drop Hz - rpm if somebody really wants to tune things up and experiment with possibilities. I did post earlier the fact sheets from Eureka grinders with similar motor but different burrs size - small differences. There is still margin price difference for Zenith, but Olympus is supplied with titanium burrs as stock. For new purchase definitely Olympus. Dany
  6. Hi everybody, Been a while from last update. I can now confirm that changing the upper and lower burr carrier make the Eureka Zenith 65e grinder to be able to use 75mm blades without problem. I have been using the grinder after modification for over week so I can tell my own judgements of findings. I did wait for the parts few months, they where special order items. The order/delivery process wasn't trouble free and there was even more delay, but I had time to wait. I can answer trough PM detailed findings about order. I didn't want to DIY too much with the modification. If you look from the photos you can see that there is possibility to modify the existing carriers to fit bigger burrs. You need machining and steel cutting tools. The holes are in same place in bigger burrs. I did order steel burrs with the carriers, because I didn't want to go straight to SSP or titanium burrs if the project failed. I was prepared for failing with this trying. Next update would be the burrs, but that is another story. The cost of this project (upper,lower and burrs) was in GBP under 100. It's doable if you have Eureka zenith 65e or similar and wan't to get more of the existing grinder. Findings when changing the burrs: The zero point when blades touch each other changes little bit, don't ask why. The measurements look identical and blades hight looks also same. Just to keep this in mind and remember before you put everything in place and start the grinder. There is still room for adjustment so this isn't problem. Grinding time went done to 4,5s 18g / it really depends of beans. Light roast takes longer. The grind time is not exactly what eureka olympus can achieve, but still improvement. Retention? I have removed the "clumb crusher / plastic flaps" to minimize grounds building up the chute. The chute could be better designed, maybe metallic chute would retent less grounds? I really don't mind the few grams of retention, I purge before shot. I did do the burrs centering alignment, but didn't do the height alignment. I will do it next time I take it to clean - I use londinium distribution tool that mix the grounds very evenly. Grind sound changed, can't say for sure if it's louder or not. The sound frequency changed to sharper. Taste: Shots taste clearer - specially light roast. Shots have more body. Crema has better mouth feel and it's denser. I drink fresh roasted beans light, medium and sometimes medium-dark roasted. I drink mainly espresso but sometimes americano. Wife consumes milk based drinks and from same beans that we have been drinking she thinks that there is more taste. Old burrs 65mm that where in grinder where under 6months old. I conclude my thoughts, let the photos answer the rest. Thanks.
  7. Hi, sorry for not thanking you earlier, I did check your post same week, I have been offline and busy with life for few months. Few weeks ago I started to search more deeply where I could get the spare parts for grinder for reasonable price. It wasn’t easy to find retailer who filled my requirements and actually sells the parts. Few resellers said that the asked parts are not available directly from eureka end and they couldn’t get them. I didn’t want to spend too much money if this project fails. I did supply the carriers with stock burrs, no fancy titanium burrs for now. I have made the purchase for parts, but I’m still little skeptic with back ordering schedule. I’m not holding my breath but I’m hoping to get them in coming weeks/month, I report back when I get the parts. I try to document the process as good I can. I hope that there would be minimal machining and modifying needed. There is technical information of eurekas new atom series’s attached as link . The data in specifications is promising for zenith to work nicely with bigger burrs. Let’s see.
  8. Below are the measurements that I took when cleaning the grinder. I did use couple of bags quite oily beans and I could see that the grounds already started to "burn" from surface. Thanks in advance to somebody that takes time and measure Eureka Olympus 75e grinder burr holders and chamber. Eureka Olympus 75e grinder codes: Upper burr holder: 2414.0005 Lower burr holder: 2520.0005 There are several places to purchase these spare parts, but they are special order category. Below Eureka Zenith 65e:
  9. Hi, The retrofiting sound great and could actually work. Zenith 65e has smaller motor but actually the difference is quite small in the fact sheet that eureka provides. I think that Zenith 65e has the ability to spin the bigger burrs without problem, and the lower RPM could make good for consistent. Can you measure next time when you take the grinder open the dimension of burr carries, lower and upp carrier? I can take from my zenith 65e for reference. If you have precise measurement tool, that would be great. Both grinders shaft look quite similar in our photos and also comparing them here https://www.espresso-solutions.co.uk/ https://www.eureka.co.it/public/files/catalogo/7/Olympus+Zenith%20on-demand%20(IT-EN)%20-%20M23_00_02-2017.pdf.
  10. Hi, The alignment would just get better in my opinion after cleaning. The extra grounds doesn't help the lower burr carrier to spin freely with high RPM and keep the carrier in axle in good alignment. No need to remove the lower burr from carrier. I suggest that you use non adjustable wrench for tools when removing. The adjustable wrench is bulkier and you easily scratch the grinder with those tools. Take care that you vacuum all the grounds that keep the lower burr carrier from sitting firmly in the bottom of axle shaft(?). There is that edge that locks the burr carrier to place. Then just tight things back. When you have bought the tools to do the job, it doesn't take more that 5min extra. How do you like your Olympus? I'm thinking off upgrading this zenith 65e to it for bigger burrs. Atom with bigg burrs looks also interesting. What's your normal grinding time to 15-18g?
  11. Hi. I took maintenance little bit further. I discovered that grounds are getting under lower burr carrier and should be cleaned from there. Before grounds get too burned that they start to affect lower burr carrier alignment. You need 20mm and 17mm wrench keys. The threads on locking nut that keep the lower burr in place are reversed. You need to turn the 17mm wrench tool clockwise to open the nut. Sorry for short post, but my longer writing went to bittheaven! See more in photos, thanks edit:added one more photo. !
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