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  1. Tait

    Tapatalk access

    Can you close it completely and reopen it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Something like this? I found a plugin which added that.
  3. Our new "Like" is now a cuppa coffee! I just liked this. Thank is a Trophy atm.
  4. Well, just good mobile navigation with easy tap targets. Not necessarily a burger menu. But yeah, lots of hoops to jump through these days!
  5. OK, please close the app completely and try once more. It may be working for all properly now but I need feedback.
  6. Thanks, I know about that one. It shouldn't happen again but if course let me know if it does. I was debugging Tapatalk. [emoji1] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. The burger menu at the top right will show you the menu in mobile or portrait view on a tablet. It's a requirement from Google now if we're to maintain our ranking with them to have these kinds of features. New Posts is the first item on the menu. The website is still a website, it just works well on all screens now and adapts accordingly. Hope that helps. Tait
  8. Hi @Snakehips I think I've just updated that setting to work within the last 3 days. Can you check and let me know if that's better?
  9. You should be able to edit it now. I've upped the edit time on posts to 5 days as opposed to the default setting which was 5 minutes.
  10. I changed Unread Content to New Posts to try and help the confusion there. Open to ideas to improve it further of course. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Is this giving you what you need? I'm able to keep tweaking this until we have it so we're all happy. This system is much more powerful, secure, mobile friendly and future proof. Instead of running off just guide me! I'll make a full announcement once i've worked through my growing list of feedback. Thanks everyone for being so great and apologies for the lack of warning. I'll explain in my announcement later. 🙂 <- @Jacko112
  12. I've added something like that to the home page. Is it what you're looking for?! Looks like you are currently topping all the lists!
  13. So all this is yet to happen in the background. When these are done things like Avatars should be visible and if not I can look at bringing them back except those who've setup new ones in the mean time.
  14. This should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience, we're on the case if you need anything else.
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