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  1. @johnealey and @Les996 can you let me know if it happens today? Yesterday I was fixing the issue from upgrading which caused new posts feed to bug out.
  2. Grrr... Updated to latest version and was assured it was safe. Will sort asap.
  3. If someone posts 5 useless posts in a row and gets two reports from any two members. If that poster is new they'll get auto soft banned. At least that's how I've set it. There may be new people who have great things to sell that existing members can jump onto. New members who've started or joined 5 convos will likely then get responses which could entice them into conversations and they may become active members for reals. It seems it was working well before. I have a big update to run when I can schedule it in and now two themes to double check so when I get that out the way I'll be up for making some tweaks if necessary. I was going to try and tackle the Ignore Thread requests next though.
  4. Don't worry @Nicknak your closer than I am! 😜
  5. Hi all, You may have noticed the Contributer Badge some people have around the forum. This badge is automatically bestowed on anyone who is both Active and has over 1000 posts. Active meaning they've posted in the last 28 days. Those with a Contributor Badge, (aside from the accolade itself!) have a longer edit time on posts and shouldn't see Ads from Google (just coffee related ones from forum supporters). Have a great afternoon!
  6. OK guys this is done now. It may remember your choices but if you’ve been switched then please set it according to your preferences. I’ll continue working on the other points raised and update.
  7. Hi all, I left it a bit longer and looks like Light Roast has 13 votes and Dark Roast has 8 votes. I'll be switching the defaults so you may well need to switch back afterwards using the option down the bottom of the page (but it may also remember your choice). Dark Roast will stay maintained and I'll leave this poll open. If the trend moves the other way I can always switch it again. For your reference this is only for the theme that guests and initial members will see. I'll try and do this today around midday GMT.
  8. They were a manual sign-up. I can make the question harder. ATM it's just "What is CFUK short for?"
  9. Can you send me the link? The sooner I fix it the better or it'll get messy.
  10. I'm not seeing that. Where is that happening?
  11. This would be an accessibility thing. I can perhaps add something which scaled the forum up. Ctrl and Plus should zoom too if it helps.
  12. I see why you were doing that now. I'll cover these tweaks in a bit. Short term, I'm just looking to set the default for Guests and looking for the Poll results on it. The Light Roast will stay pretty Vanilla and will (should) be upgrade proof. The Dark Roast theme I'll Poll changes on bit by bit for colour tweaks etc until we get there but let's wait until we have a thread for it.
  13. I've taken those options away. It could get out of hand if everyone typed in Rainbow and a nightmare to go around cleaning up. Let's leave the rainbow to the badges area on Desktop view.
  14. Hi guys, I think what I'll do here is check this poll monthly and update the default if the trend changes. Tempted to set the default Monday though. What do you think?
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