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  1. Tait

    Stay On Topic

    Please stay on topic. Off-topic discussions and digression will be moderated (moved, hidden or deleted). When a topic is considered well answered I would like the moderators to lock the topic. Posts aimed at people (as opposed to answering the topic) or topics aimed at people; We'll aim to make sure they are all moderated too. This is a Coffee Forum.
  2. Tait


    You're most welcome!
  3. Ok that's fine, and easy if people register as a business. I can look into that and an automatically added Badge. But... We'll need mods to tag people if they notice it and the person hasn't mentioned it. Many members are trade or sell something, and they also love coffee. Not everyone has an agenda and many are just people wanting to be part of the community. I can add rules in the guidelines for this and instruct mods to flag these users if they don't admit an agenda upfront... It's not going to have a perma one time fix though. New members will all need vetting. I'll see what I can come up with. If anyone has specific things technically I can implement or see on other forums I could do with something to guide me.
  4. Sounds this could be a fix. Can someone please give me a clear description of what the solution is to this and exactly what happened? I'll try and implement a way to solve it. @Rhys did you know about this? I'd love the mods to feed into the solution. I'm still in need of some context.
  5. Rebuilding the search now and I turned off Time Decay. This was a feature designed to hide older posts in favour of fresher ones but that's not really suitable for our needs. Hopefully this sorts it but Search will be down for the next hour or two while it rebuilds. @Rhys is your man if I'm not answering. He'll call me if there is anything major and is our day to day admin. I'll check back in the morning to see if I can find a turd. 🙂
  6. Morning, now you've made a post can you try again [emoji1]
  7. @johnealey and @Les996 can you let me know if it happens today? Yesterday I was fixing the issue from upgrading which caused new posts feed to bug out.
  8. Grrr... Updated to latest version and was assured it was safe. Will sort asap.
  9. If someone posts 5 useless posts in a row and gets two reports from any two members. If that poster is new they'll get auto soft banned. At least that's how I've set it. There may be new people who have great things to sell that existing members can jump onto. New members who've started or joined 5 convos will likely then get responses which could entice them into conversations and they may become active members for reals. It seems it was working well before. I have a big update to run when I can schedule it in and now two themes to double check so when I get that out the way I'll be up for making some tweaks if necessary. I was going to try and tackle the Ignore Thread requests next though.
  10. Don't worry @Nicknak your closer than I am! 😜
  11. Hi all, You may have noticed the Contributer Badge some people have around the forum. This badge is automatically bestowed on anyone who is both Active and has over 1000 posts. Active meaning they've posted in the last 28 days. Those with a Contributor Badge, (aside from the accolade itself!) have a longer edit time on posts and shouldn't see Ads from Google (just coffee related ones from forum supporters). Have a great afternoon!
  12. OK guys this is done now. It may remember your choices but if you’ve been switched then please set it according to your preferences. I’ll continue working on the other points raised and update.
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