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  1. Sometimes we will upgrade or update the site and Tapatalk won't have released a compatible plugin. This is currently the case. Never fear, help is here... If you have issues with Tapatalk then don't worry. This website in PWA mode is better than Tapatalk in many ways, if you add it to your phone or tablet home screen: This is better than Tapatalk if you add it to your phone or tablet home screen: iPad or iPhone Launch “Safari” app. This does not work from the “Chrome” app. Enter into the address field the URL of the website you want to create a shortcut to. Tap “Go.”
  2. Lots of people get banned everyday, mostly spammers and new signups abusing the forum. I'll think about making some sort of policy for announcing permanent bans of active rule breaking members. Thank you for the feedback guys.
  3. There isn't a compatible version but there will be soon. However, this website is a progressive web app (PWA). This means, if you add it as a shortcut icon to your home screen it will behave like an app. Keeping you logged in etc.
  4. Evening all, Captcha was on to prevent DDoS attacks. They've subsided now so i've lowered the defences a touch, which may help Tapatalk etc. The daily slow patch is an offsite backup I run which I can and will make less disruptive asap. Should be normal now, @Rhys and @Mildred can call me also if there is anything weird going on.
  5. Tait

    Freedom of Speech

    There are some automated rules in place which will moderate posts that receive enough complaints and then a moderator would have to choose to reactivate them. If you stick to topics which don't upset people then no-one will report your posts.
  6. Perhaps you were moderated, this seems to be working.
  7. I'll look into this. Are you guys in the UK? I'll check settings, I have actually updated Tapatalk recently.
  8. Yep sorry, I didn't get an alert this time. It's fixed now - it should restart when it falls over and it shouldn't be falling over. I may need to upgrade the server as it may be happening when ram tops out (did this morning according to the logs).
  9. Hey guys, I sorted it. We're using ElasticSearch and it was blocked by the firewall for anyone who was interested! It should be resolved now. Sorry for any disruption. 🙂 ☕
  10. It does sound good. Policing it may be hard though. I'm happy to update the rules to be more specific about the types of posts that need to be made. What i'd really like to do so is build something of an escrow system with feedback on how transactions have gone. But... that's a big project. I'm open to tweaks in line with what we have but being more specific if anyone wants to PM me them.
  11. You make good contributions to the forum and the community (except when you're lashing out against "the man"). Thank you @Batian.
  12. The forum makes a loss, with the handful of advertising that we have it just helps towards costs. Whilst I've not discriminated with who can and can't advertise, I've also not removed any open criticism about those advertisers. Don't worry you've chased them away. I contribute many hours and personal funds into this forum. I keep it stable, fix it when it has issues and enjoy reading the posts on it. It makes me feel good knowing I'm facilitating a growing community. The traffic is up! See the below year on year report: Many of you don't know me, it's not a good look
  13. Yep, hey guys this should be working now. I had to run some updates.
  14. There you go guys, things should be nice and stable now! He hopes!
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